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Sprout Social creative and innovative tools help businesses more efficiently manage their social media and social care efforts. Sprout gives social media engagement, publishing and analytic tools for top global brands including AMD, Nokia, McDonald’s, Pepsi, and UPS.

Sprout’s excellent tools enable top brands and more than 10,000 customers to engage on various social platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. The platform handles more than 6 million social interactions per day and makes it incredibly useful for brands to say connected.

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Features & Specifications

Key Features

  • Social Media Dashboard
  • Analyze link performance
  • View Twitter follower demographics and contact details
  • Get engagement & influence scores
  • Search customers by location
  • Discover customers by interest
  • Monitor competitor activity
  • Social CRM tools including shared customer records
  • Organize Contacts
  • Audience engagement tools


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Plans & Pricing


for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • All-In-One Social Inbox
  • Real-Time Brand Monitoring
  • Publishing, SchedulingandDrafting
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Manage Up to 10 Profiles


for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • All-In-One Social Inbox
  • Real-Time Brand Monitoring
  • Publishing, SchedulingandDrafting
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Publishing Send-Time Optimization
  • Advanced Reporting
  • HelpDesk IntegrationManage Up to 20 Profiles


for 1 Month / 3 user(s)


  • All-In-One Social Inbox
  • Real-Time Brand Monitoring
  • Publishing, SchedulingandDrafting
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Publishing Send-Time Optimization
  • Advanced Reporting
  • HelpDesk Integration
  • Advanced Publishing Permissions
  • 24/5 Support
  • Custom Branding
  • Manage Up to 30 Profiles
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Critic Reviews

  • 86

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  • Sprout Social has several handy features; however, the software stays out of the way and allows a business to engage itself with people and build relationships effectively. By using Sprout Social, a business can benefit from solutions for social media marketing, social media management, social customer service, and social media analytics. The tools provided by Sprout Social help businesses in managing their social media and social care efforts in an effective and efficient way.

    Pros :

    Cons :

  • SproutSocial delivers great value. With its dashboard I can easily access my own and Hotel accounts I manage. It has become a must have Social Media listening tool.

    Pros : The reports generated through Sprout Social is of high value personal and client accounts.

    Cons : Not able to do some bulk upload at this time

  • What do you like best?

    The incredibly clean UI makes this tool a breeze to use for daily social media monitoring. Up to 50 different channels can be added to the platform, making it very easy for a community manager to respond quickly for multiple brands. Teams also have the ability to "assign tasks" to others, so directing users to appropriate personnel is a breeze. The tool also provides a quick aggregated snapshot of your audience demographics, which is helpful.

    What do you dislike?

    A few other reviewers mentioned that this tool good for social listening or larger conversation monitoring, but I disagree. This tool does not allow for heavy listening like Crimson or Radian, but it is not meant to be. The only real drawback I have with Sprout is that it does not integrate enough social platforms (for example, Instagram and YouTube), but hopefully these are added in the future.

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User Reviews

  • 7 In total

  • User review from

    Mathew Riexinger

    A different flavor of Hootsuite, but powerful in it's own right, especially for users who have no clue what their doing and just starting out in the industry of social analytics, metrics etc.. Though the price of this SaaS doesn't seem to really make sense to me, I guess as an everyday end user, the value could be worth more than what I would value it at since I have had the opportunity to use multiple platforms, and actually create my own as well, in the past 2 years.

    The slick overview of each social media site in one glance: Monitor Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google .

    Integrate with: ZenDesk, SalesForce, User Voice, Feedly, Bitly, and Google Analytics.

    If you're new to your career/job or not very tech savvy and need something you're comfortable working with that will get the job done, then all you need to do is determine if the subscription cost equals your own personal value with it.

    Pros :

    • User friendly out of the box, no prior skills, education or certification in order to use this software.
    • Preparing social media posts days before you schedule them to post
    • Schedule or edit each individual post to it's own specific date and time
    • Run a white label social media report with in depth analytic reporting to all your social media accounts you are monitoring

    Cons :

    • Pricing seems a bit steep, but that may be opinion based on experience.
    • An unfortunate amount of user experience head scratching
    • I think the feeds shown can be stronger, I never used it when I used this software.

    • February 6, 2016
  • User review from

    anchal jain

    A tool enhancing your ability about social media management and marketing. It is a tool that enables a user’s profile to engage in various social conversations that would help out to market further and further. Like all the other social media tool provider provides publishing of posts and messages over Facebook, google , LinkedIn, twitter. A platform that helps one to access all the social media marketing websites along with analyze all the returns that come from the social efforts made by the user. It helps in synchronizing all the work along with the scheduling.

    Pros :

    • With a great inbuilt customer relationship management system, sprout special can facilitate its users to a greater satisfactory level.
    • Helps in monitoring all the networking activities in details with the regular stats of the exposure of the article or the post related to the work posted.
    • The support of multiple profiles, departments, and involvement of various companies help out in synchronizing and having a linear communication with all the members of the business.
    • The security gateway is the best that could be derived from this cost if paid.
    • The standards offer flexible and specific permission levels and roles.

    Cons :

    • Being one of the best in its kind and what it is offering right now, I faced issues regarding visual platforms that are not aided nor synchronized with any of the platforms.
    • No issue can be sorted of posting over the Instagram profiles and companies of viewers apart from it there are no alerts of the activities that are continuously happening over the social media.
    • Issues related to group posting over Facebook and LinkedIn.
    • There are two types of social streams that are offered by the sprout social feeds and discovery, and the activities are viewed as streams of different accounts and not a particular account itself.
    • It has to be switched between different accounts.

    • December 7, 2015
  • User review from

    Marc Herschberger

    Much like other social media management tools that have gained recognition in the market, SproutSocial provides tools to schedule messages across multiple platforms, monitor social conversations based on topics, keywords and users and respond to post interactions within the platform. The calendar function makes it easy for you to quickly gain a snapshot of the posts that you've scheduled across all of the select platforms and the editing function gives you the capabilities to customize posts with links, previews, images and more. Other tools make sure that you continue to improve your social presence with time suggestions, and follower feeds, and the interface is extremely user-friendly.

    Pros :

    • Sprout integrates with all of the major social media platforms (twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, google , etc.) and simplifies you the scheduling of social content across all of their different posting limitations.
    • Having all of your social media posting in place makes it easier to analyze your effectiveness using it's analytics and the different Smart Inbox tools help you connect with thought leaders and influencers to make your social campaigns more effective and farther reaching.
    • The interface is very user-friendly, meaning that the entire platform can be picked up, learned and used effectively rather quickly by any users.

    Cons :

    • It can be considered an expensive solution depending on the number of social media channels you would like to schedule.
    • With a growing trend of integrating all digital marketing channels, Sprout provides a single solution to an integrated marketing campaign, making it hard to justify if you are also performing email marketing and other campaigns and not using some marketing automation (like HubSpot).

    • December 1, 2015
  • User review from

    Rajat Jain

    Social media has emerged as an essential aspect for developing and maintaining the brand outlook for any consumer-centric business. Businesses can sense the overall feel of their brand, target the existing and potential consumers and maintain a healthy relationship with their loyal customers using the social mediums. Sprout Social allows managing multiple social networks from a single dashboard and comes with CRM functionality in the core package. Mobile apps are available for all the platforms. It is surely feature packed social media manager, but all good things come with a cost to it.

    Pros :

    The dashboard is neatly organized with different tabs on the top of the screen. The messages tab receives all the interactions across the platforms as a feed into the inbox. The messages can be filtered before coming into the inbox based on pre-defined filters based on location or keywords. It acts a ticket management platform as it allows creating tickets from the messages and assigning them to the relevant person for resolution.

    One can not only receive all interactions at a centralized place, but one can even publish content to various social media platforms from Sprout Social. The posts can be scheduled for future as well. This makes sense for the global audience where one does not to manually push the content everytime. One can keep a track of all the activity where the business is being discussed or criticized. It can be integrated with ticket management tools so as to create tickets from messages in real time.

    It also creates beautiful reports showing various engagement KPIs. It also supports URL shorteners which are imperative while posting content on Twitter as there is a 240 character limit on each tweet. It also helps to track who clicked on the short URL and helps in evaluating campaign ROI as well.

    Cons :

    • Some of the social media platforms like Youtube are still not supported by Sprout Social.
    • Scheduling posts provide the option to schedule content only for weekdays and weekends.
    • One can’t set different publishing times for different weekdays.
    • With Sprout Social, you can’t publish on Facebook groups and pages.

    • November 24, 2015
  • User review from

    Jess Messenger

    Not unlike many other social media management solutions, SproutSocial allows you to queue messages, monitor social conversations and respond within the program. You can very easily see a whole snapshot of your upcoming posts for one or all clients and easily make changes, add photos and determine the best time to send out your content in order to maximize engagement. There won’t be a huge learning curve because it’s a very straightforward solution so I would recommend this to any organization that needs to manage multiple social profiles.

    Pros :

    The best thing about SproutSocial is that it goes beyond Twitter, unlike many other popular solutions. In addition to Twitter, you can integrate Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google+. So rather than using many different tools to analyze your engagement and progress across each platform, you can think of SproutSocial as your all-in-one solution for social media management.

    Another feature I really enjoy is the Smart Inbox, which allows you to set up keywords for your client’s brands and have the results delivered to this inbox. This is super helpful if you want to monitor keywords on Twitter or even hashtags on Instagram, especially if you’re running a contest and want all of the results aggregated in one place.

    The reports are very clean looking and provide a lot of great analytics for your team and clients to review in order to improve your social media management.

    Cons :

    Because SproutSocial can integrate multiple types of social media platforms, it is a bit pricier than others on the market. The cheapest plan starts at $60 per month and allows you to handle 10 profiles. For larger firms handling multiple clients and multiple platforms across each client, you may have to upgrade to the third tier team plan, which is a bit pricey at $500 per month.

    Overall, though, I would say it’s worth the investment to have all of your social media analytics right at your fingertips within one easy to use the program.

    • November 4, 2015
  • User review from

    Jill Bridges

    Online presence is everything today. This means having a presence on all of the social media sites and being able to manage all of them. Quite the task if you are forced to do it all from the actual interfaces that are provided by the sites themselves. That is where Sprout Social comes in. This is really a great option for anyone who is running a large business, small business or even trying to promote your own brand. Sprout Social is a social media dashboard. It contains links for Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn and Twitter; Twitter being the major focus. The dashboard is available on PC (browser based), Android and iOS so you can use it on any device. Sprout Social also gives you the option to connect to Feedly so you can share articles off your RSS feeds. The interface is built with six tabs: Home, Messages, Feeds, Publishing, Discovery, and Reports. These tabs are pretty self-explanatory. They give you the ability to discover new people, follow or unfollow people and can let you schedule updates in advance, so you don’t need to be in front of the dashboard in order to post. Sprout Social also has a customizable inbox in the messages tab that allows you to specify what items you want to see. You can add or delete any items that you wish. This eliminates the clutter that can be generated from your typical social media updates while making sure that any mentions that might need your attention get answered.

    Pros :

    • Useful Dashboard with intuitive tabs for navigation.
    • Customizable Messages tab to Filter the things you need to see.
    • Publishing allows you to set up a messaging release schedule.

    Cons :

    • Hefty per month / per user price tag and small number of social networks.
    • Ultimately, as an agency owner with tons of clients, there were much cheaper solutions to meet our needs.

    • October 20, 2015
  • User review from

    Tapan Jain

    It is a great alternative to one of the most famous social media solution Hootsuite and is loaded with a host of features. With its well-designed dashboard, it helps in quick retrieval of the information required and helps in drastically reducing the response time to customer queries. It enables that the businesses never miss a single message again and can keep a track of wherever there is a buzz about their brand or the product. With the integration of helpdesks like Zendesk and Uservoice, it allows to raise helpdesk tickets for messages which require attention. It is loaded with lot of unique features like Viral Post and Queue which differentiate it from rest of the lot. It has its shortcomings which are not a deal breaker to me. So overall, it's a great social media management solution especially when teams have to manage it.

    Pros : The dashboard layout - Messages, Tasks, Feeds, Publishing, Discovery and Reports makes it stand out in the crows. The layout clearly segregates the content and it makes it extremely efficient for the user to navigate through the entire dashboard. It's smart inbox feature in the Messages section let user receive all the messages from various social profiles at a single place. Messages can be then filtered based on social profiles as well. Twitter messages can even be filtered on the basis of a keyword or geographical location. It allows grouping of various profile into groups which is very helpful when the profiles belong to different departments within the organization. One can even assign different url shortener (only bit.ly) to each group. One can schedule the messages for each profile and they get automatically posted on that date and time. There is another feature 'Queue' which lets you decide content publishing times for the weekdays and weekends. Then you can just queue your messages and it automatically gets published at the next available time in the queue.

    Cons : It does not support profiles like Youtube, Pinterest and Foursquare. Also, one cannot attach multiple pictures in a single message while posting through Sprout Social. Only bit.ly url shortners can be used through Sprout Social and a shortener can be assigned only for each group and not for each profile. Linked feeds are missing from the messages inbox and keyword and geographical location search are only available for twitter. Queue is a great tool to schedule your content but it does not provide complete flexibility. One can only chose times for weekdays and weekends and not for each day of the week. Similarly ViralPost sounds like a great feature especially as it takes off the responsibility to figure out the best time to push content for maximum engagement but it is limited to 10 posts per day.

    • September 10, 2015
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