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Business owners, managers and decision makers visit cloudswave to search for, compare and choose the right business software. You can manage your presence and communicate efficiently with customers using our advertising solutions.

We offer search marketing, pay-per-click and other advertising options to help you reach people at the time they are making buying decisions.

Pay-per-click & Search Marketing
Reach people at the time they are making buying decisions.

Advertise your business and software solution using cloudswave Search marketing and CPC to reach consumers moments before they make a buying decision.

Search marketing with cloudswave is very effective because it places your ad and links in a variety of places, including :

  • Premium positions in search result pages and software directories
  • Ads on your competitor's page
  • Featured in the "Alternatives" widgets and pages
  • The cloudswave whitepapers and Top software listings
  • The Cloudswave Affiliate network

We offer many different ad formats that can leverage user reviews or feature your custom message.

Create an attractive offer for the cloudswave community and affiliates.

Prominently featured on your cloudswave listing, Deals are business owner created incentives used to drive traffic to your website. Capturing both desktop and mobile users, cloudswave deals can increase the likelihood of users selecting your business over the competition. Examples include "$75 for a $100 voucher" for a chiropractor or "$45 for $75" worth of beauty services.

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“The experience so far is great, seamless actually.”

Alexis Piperides. Founder at

“Looking forward to more high quality leads ! It's a pleasure working with you.”

Joanne Pimanova, Marketing Director at WebCEO

“We have been working with Cloudswave for quite a while now, and we see a steady income flow from their promotional efforts, which grows with the time. Cloudswave team members are very professional and friendly.”

Daniel Zaturansky, Co-founder & COO at Powtoon

"Professional and dependable. Cloudswave has become a key partner that helped us grow our user base, and further extend our reach with the community."

Nick La, Founder and CEO at Themefy

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