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  • Hoop.la ROCKS our Community

    We converted to Hoop.la for our online community platform during 3Q14 and could not be happier! Hoop.la is used by our non-profit patient community to connect for support about their disease and for educational programs we offer. We are just beginning to scratch the surface of Hoop.la's capabilities and look forward to offering more online chats and further customization to suit our community's needs. Hoop.la support has been there with us every step of the way.

    Pros : Great support staff LOTS of customization available Intuitive for our end users to set up and use their accounts Flexible and scalable

    Cons : Required a bit more tutorial in the beginning than I expected (that may be an end-user Con, not a Hoop.la Con!)

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    What's all the Hoop.la about?

    We´?¢ve been using Hoop.la as a part of our B2B Client´?¢s loyalty offering for almost a year, and couldn´?¢t be more satisfied. For our client, it´?¢s been a great platform for showcasing knowledge about how small businesses can leverage technology to help their businesses thrive. Members have access to stories and wisdom about particular topics, and can interact with each other to share experiences. We have used it to showcase both curated and original content.

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    Hoop.la makes it so easy!

    We completed an exhaustive search for the solution to our secure partner portal. We had a clear list of requirements that we needed, and we shared those requirements with a variety of vendors. We narrowed it down to three vendors. The demonstration of Hoop.la was the third we completed. Because I work for a large, author brand company, the other two vendors were too busy trying to upsell into the larger organization, and didn't take the time to find out what I was looking for and needed. They had an agenda that I wasn't really part of. Not Hoop.la. Their agenda was to understand what we wanted, and show us how to do it. Hoop.la listened to our needs, clearly demonstrated how to do what we needed, answered millions of questions and made suggestions about best practices. The contract and pricing process was simple, the setup was quick and the ongoing customer support is incredible. We had our portal ready to done in record time. A great experience at the beginning, middle and I don't see an end in sight! We use Hoop.la to run multiple partner groups, all of which are interrelated under the larger organization of strategic alliances, but all offer unique solutions. As a result, we opted to use hidden groups that fall under the umbrella of our larger all-inclusive partner portal, but provide the ability for each partner type to quickly access only the information that is most relevant for their needs. We are adding new partners regularly and appreciate how easy it is to add new groups and make them usable in short order. Because we had scoped out a phased approach, we needed the ability to turn on or off features that we aren't currently using - without having to re-architect the entire portal. Even more Hoop.la is constantly innovating, so we are pleased to see new features rolled out before we can even ask for them to be considered.

    Pros : Easy to use once you get over a short learning curve. Our team is not technical, and we have limited technical support from the larger team, yet we had no problem getting things up and running.

    Cons : User documentation could be better, especially in the area of registration and enrollment and theme creation.

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