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Wuala is a great way to get secure online storage. Users can automatically backup, sync, store, share, and access files online. Wuala has a unique security concept: unlike other online storage services all files are encrypted directly on the user’s computer, and the password is never transmitted. No one unauthorised - not even Wuala - can access the user’s files. Wuala is based on novel technology that was researched at ETH Zurich.

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Domain Authority 58
Alexa Rank 1485454
Google+ 81
Platforms 79

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  • Online Storage: 5 GB
  • SecurityandPrivacy
  • BackupandVersioning
  • Sync
  • StoreandAccess
  • Share
  • Collaborate



  • Users: 5
  • Online Storage: 1000 GB 
  • SecurityandPrivacy
  • BackupandVersioning
  • Sync
  • StoreandAccess
  • Share
  • Collaborate
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Critic Reviews

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  • What do you like best?

    My first experience with wuala was with a USB flashdrive that I bought which was linked with Wuala so that all of my data on this flash drive was backed up to an online cloud account. I loved that all of my data on my flash drive was backed up online because I could then carry it with me in a portable manner in case I didn't have internet access, but if I had internet or if I didn't have the physical drive on me, I could just reach it on the web.

    What do you dislike?

    I disliked that they make your account inactive if you don't upload things for a while. I would rather have an account that will allow me to keep my documents in it for a long period of time without having to constantly update it. Furthermore, when I got on to renew my account and add more files, I discovered that they are now discontinuing secure cloud storage and deleting all files that had been stored on there before. Luckily I have the flash drive so my documents are backed up on that but for people who used the secure cloud storage exclusively, this would be a huge issue.

    Recommendations to others considering the product

    Don't plan on using it for secure cloud storage--they do have another company that they go through for secure cloud storage and if you are a wuala user you get a discount.

    What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?

    This is an effective method of sharing a large number of documents within a company or a group of people because you can upload the documents on to the flash drive and share the drive with others while still having access yourself to the documents online. However now with the new policy of no secure cloud storage, I am not sure what benefits would really come from that.

  • Overall, we liked Wuala. It's a great general use secure backup solution which we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending.

    We liked:

    A great balance between adequate security and genuine ease-of-use
    Flawless in operation
    Simple but effective mobile app
    Good, understandable documentation

    We weren’t so sure about:

    Techies may feel there’s not quite enough to play with
    Pricing rather high for large storage volumes

    We hated:

    No free trial on consumer version
    No support phone number published

  • Wuala is a great choice for those looking for an inexpensive online backup solution with additional features such as synchronisation between computers.

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User Reviews

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    I use Wuala for secure storage on my Windows, Linux (Ubuntu), Android and Apple devices. Their client works very well and give me peace of mind due to the on-device encryption with no transmission of passwords. I would think the big guys (google, MS, Box, etc.) would adopt a similar model!

    • August 30, 2014
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