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Viper has a range of product to protect your PC for home or business:

VIPRE Internet Security is the award-winning antivirus software that includes a firewall, spam filter and bad website blocking into one powerful package of internet security solutions for complete protection against malware.

VIPRE Antivirus is the leading all-in-one security solution that protects against identity thieves, spammers, hackers and cybercriminals to keep your PC safe without impacting performance.

VIPRE Business Premium helps you take charge of your endpoint security. Our premier business antivirus protection addresses the #1 threat businesses of all sizes face today unpatched software and the biggest disruption to the enterprise IT landscape in more than a decade: the proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace. VIPRE is the virus protection solution for more than 10 million PCs worldwide.

VIPRE Antivirus Business is the small-footprint antivirus and Mobile Device Management software that enables you to centrally protect and manage PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Defend your organization with anti-malware software without slowing down your PCs, and secure and manage the increasing numbers of iOS and Android devices accessing your network.

VIPRE Email Security for Exchange (VIPRE for Exchange) is an advanced, powerful, policy- based email security solution that defends networks against spam, phishing, viruses and other security threats transmitted via email. VIPRE for Exchange provides a layered security approach for secure email inspection, cleansing and management. By using multiple scanning engines for anti-spam and antivirus, while integrating other email security rules, all treatment of messages occurs at the server, not at the endpoint – no client software is needed.

VIPRE Internet Security Small Office is our premier internet security software for small offices or home-based businesses. It includes patch management (automated updates for vulnerable software), a firewall to stop malicious web traffic, an anti-spam filter and bad website blocker. Combined with business-class support, VIPRE Internet Security Small Office provides you with the protection you need to keep your business secure and productive.

Features & Specifications

Key Features


Supported languages
Serviceable Area
World Wide
Supported Platforms
  • Desktop Windows

Ratings Summary

Metric Score Rank
cloudswave Score
Domain Authority 54
Alexa Rank 161323

VIPRE Screenshots

Plans & Pricing

VIPRE Antivirus

for 1 Year / 5 user(s)


  • NEW User Interface
  • Enhanced Social Watch
  • Enhanced Search Guard
  • All-in-one PC security
  • VIPRE Easy Install
  • Real-time monitoring and protection
  • High-performance anti-malware engine
  • Removable device scanning
  • Advanced anti-rootkit technology
  • Email virus protection
  • Secure File Eraser
  • History Cleaner

VIPRE Internet Security

for 1 Year / 5 user(s)


  • New User Interface
  • Enhanced Social Watch
  • Enhanced Search Guard
  • Enhanced Auto Patch
  • VIPRE Easy Install
  • Enhanced Two-way firewall
  • Spam filter
  • Bad website blocker
  • High-performance anti-malware engine
  • All-in-one PC security
  • Real-time monitoring and protection
  • Removable device scanning
  • Advanced anti-rootkit technology
  • Email virus protection
  • Secure File Eraser
  • History Cleaner

VIPRE Antivirus Business

for 1 Year / 5 user(s)


  • Low CPU and memory usage
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Removable device scanning
  • Email security

VIPRE Business Premium

for 1 Year / 5 user(s)


  • Low CPU and memory usage
  • Integrated patch management
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Email security and anti-phishing
  • Firewall protection
  • Malicious website blocking

VIPRE Email Security


  • Anti-spam, antivirus, anti-phishing, anti-spyware and malicious attachment protection
  • Multiple scanning engines
  • Powerful policy-based SMART attachment filtering
  • Dedicated image-spam engine
  • Message disclaimers
  • Reporting and Message Tracking
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Critic Reviews

  • 56

    Cloudswave Score for VIPRE

    Rating based on 10 Critic Reviews

    6 Favorable reviews
    60 %
    4 Mixed reviews
    40 %
    0 unfavorable reviews
    0 %
  • VIPRE Internet Security has undergone a few extreme changes in the past few years, which lead to a more stable and efficient solution. However, there are still a few features missing from the suite, such extensive support for social networks, protection for IMs, P2P connections and so on.

  • Third-party testing demonstrates that VIPRE is better than average at stopping widespread malware but not quite as good at stopping brand-new threats. VIPRE’s excellent malware detection comes at some performance cost, however, slowing down the host computer more than the industry average. The feature list is highly competitive. Help and support are excellent and include telephone and online chat access, which are lacking in some of its competitors.

  • Independent lab results and our own hands-on test results for ThreatTrack Vipre Antivirus 2015 range from decent to dismal. You'll get better protection at the same price by choosing one of our Editors' Choice antivirus products.


    -New interface is attractive and easy to use.
    -Lifetime single-PC license available.
    -Quick install.
    -Includes secure file deletion, history cleaner, Facebook wall scan.


    -Initial full scan took twice the average time.
    -Slightly below average malicious URL blocking.
    -Some low-to-poor results from independent labs.
    -Very poor score in our antiphishing test.

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User Reviews

  • 1 In total

  • User review from

    Tommy Boucher

    In the race of the best Anti-Virus protection, you need to be very careful. There is many aspect that needs to be evaluated; virus detection, performance impact, report, and management feature list, etc. I had to evaluate many different Anti-Virus during the last year, and I have to admit our final choice is not VIPRE, sorry. We had very specifics requirement; No impact on performance, multi-platform (Windows/Mac/Linux), server-side exceptions and client-side exceptions. After testing more than 25 different antiviruses, I can tell it is very hard to find. I’ve also tested VIPRE Internet Security 2016 for Home to find a fit for my home computers, where the requirements are very different. First, the Security suite come with a lot of advanced features, like Firewall, Website Blocker, Edge Protection (zero-day threats), Anti-Malware, Social Watch, Search Guard, Auto Patch, Anti-Rootkit, Email Virus Protection, Spam Filter, Anti-Intrusion, etc! Very impressive for 50$ (based on shop.vipreantivirus.com) for a year, or 100$ for Lifetime. The UI is very clean, and the configuration come by default with the standard scanning schedule, Full scan once a week, Quick the other days. You don’t want to scan too much since it is resource intensive and unnecessary, you already “real-time-monitor”. The Quick scan will scan the most important files only. The Quick scan used 12% of my CPU and 100 MB of ram, during 11 minutes. That's a lot more than competitors, scanning 10x more files. I have 4 processes running: the Anti-Malware Service, the SBAMTray Application, the Plug-in Manager Service and the WebProxy.exe. When you open the UI, you will also have VIPREUI.exe. There is a “Catch Up Scan” option if a scheduled scan is missed, but they will only do a Quick Scan. You may miss all your full. The “Second Layer Scan” will run a full scan in case a risk is detected using a Quick Scan. I like the Battery Saver mode, to skip scans when on battery. The Email Filter (phishing, virus, spam) works with Outlook or POP3/SMTP. It won’t scan if you are using Gmail in IMAP. Updates are checked every 30 minutes by default, but can be customized. There is no setting to skip update on slow network (to save bandwidth), but the signature files are probably small.

    Pros :

    • Timeline – You can see all the actions that were taken.
    • All-In-One, from Firewall to Antivirus.
    • Low performance impacts on my computer.

    Cons :

    • Home version only runs on Windows.
    • Business says Mac and Windows.
    • There is free alternative.

    • December 23, 2015
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