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XoftSpy AntiVirus Pro keeps your computer protected against viruses, spyware and malware. Active Protection, advanced scanning, firewall, email protection, malicious website blocking and other advanced features secure your PC.

XoftSpy AntiVirus Pro finds and kicks out spyware, viruses, adware, keyloggers, Trojan downloaders and other malware, It installs and sets up quickly.

You can do a quick scan or do a full system search for malware. As well, you can create custom scans to suit you, and keep your PC protected by setting up regular scans for when it is convenient for you.

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  • It is difficult for XoftSpy AntiVirus Pro to rank well in our review because ParetoLogic has not submitted it to AV-Test for testing. Therefore there is no objective data about how it compares to competitors in terms of its ability to detect and block known and unknown malware. We do not know how well it does against competitors when it comes to disinfecting an already compromised system. Furthermore, the only access to support seems to be via email. The product does not seem to be updated regularly.

  • A good thing about this piece of software is the fact that it works fast without hampering the computer’s performance, yet you should know it seems to skip some of the files stored on the local hard disks. While it checks the processes, registry, system folders, Windows HOSTS file and the selected folders, archives are not included in the scan.

  • We were ready to criticise ParetoLogic’s XoftSpy Antivirus Pro quite heavily, until it surprised us at the eleventh hour with perfect test results and low system resource usage. Even so, there were several things that failed to impress. The software is strictly “no frills,” and more generous features are available elsewhere. We were also irritated by the lack of a proper free trial, when providing one is standard practice in the industry.

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XoftSpy AntiVirus Pro

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