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McAfee Family Protection gives your kids the freedom to discover the Internet safely. With advanced parental controls, you can protect your kids from exposure to inappropriate content, social networking risks, strangers, and other threats.

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McAfee Family Protection

for 1 Year / 3 user(s)


  • Protect your children from objectionable websites
  • Allow your children to view appropriate YouTube videos
  • Manage the amount of time your children spend online
  • Allow children to use Google and other search engines
  • Block strangers from having access to your children
  • Allow access to age-appropriate online TV shows
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Critic Reviews

  • 66

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    Rating based on 16 Critic Reviews

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  • McAfee Family Protection extends itself to Windows PCs, Macintosh computers and Android devices. It has a comprehensive feature set that takes into account websites, music, video, games, social networking, instant messages and email. It has a thoughtful design and works well.

  • With all the levels of protection that McAfee Family Protection provides, it is simple to see why this application does so well in our review. Because you can block out many things that parents may not think about such as news sites, television shows, music and video sites, you are offering a complete layer of protection to your child's life. While we would like to see them add the ability to block web-based chats, we are impressed that they do provide a full report including date, time and content of chats.

  • The McAfee Family Protection Plan is available with support for up to 3 PCs. The price could be a little steep for home users as it does not include any antivirus or firewall for protection from viruses. So, most users will have to purchase a separate antivirus software, which could cost a few extra thousand bucks. It might be a little on the expensive side, but if monitoring content is a priority, this product could well be worth considering.

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McAfee Family Protection

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