LastPass Software Alternatives

Best LastPass Alternatives

In today's world, chances are you have quite a few different passwords for all of the sites that you visit online.
It's important that you have different passwords, all of high quality, for each of the sites, so that a hacker that gains access to one password does not suddenly have control of your life.
However, managing and remembering all of these passwords is not a simple task, especially given the fact that the best practices are to change your passwords regularly. Fortunately, there are tools available that can help make password management much easier.
LastPass is one of the most popular password management tools available right now, and it has a host of different features.
LastPass includes AES 256-bit encryption, local decryption, syncing, and the ability to create strong passwords for you, automation and more.
They have both free and premium versions available. The simplicity of use, along with the quality of the tool and their service helps to make LastPass one of the top password management utilities available today. However, it is not the only such service.
You may find that one of the LastPass alternatives discussed below suits your needs more.

1) KeePass

Here's a tool that quite a few people have started to use. KeePass is an open source piece of software that is lightweight and extremely easy to use.
You are able to put all of your passwords into a single database, which is then locked. The only way to access your database is through one master key or key file.
This means that the user will only have to remember one password, the master password, to get into the database to access the other passwords. They use high quality encryption, and the entire database is encrypted, not only the password fields. In addition to the strong security, it also includes multiple user keys, the ability to import in different file formats, simple database transfer, searching and sorting, a random password generator, plugin architecture, support of password groups, and more.
Overall, this is a high quality LastPass alternative, and it is entirely free.

2) 1Password

Another potential tool for those who are looking to keep their passwords safe and organized is 1Password.
You can save all of the passwords to the sites you visit, and the tool will automatically fill them in when you visit various sites. It's a strong solution for those who want to make password management as simple as possible. You can have the software generate a password for you, or you can customize the passwords to make them if you choose.
Their Watchtower feature is another nice security addition. It checks logins for vulnerabilities and always lets you know which sites need new passwords to keep you as safe as possible. They have multiple and shared vaults, a security audit, sharing, and it works on a variety of different devices by syncing data. Whether you are on your desktop, phone, tablet, or laptop, they have you covered.
It's simple to set up and use, and it works with Mac, PC, Android, and iOS. You can check out the free trial to see whether it has all of the features you need. They have a varied pricing structure based on the number of licenses you need.

3) Dashlane

Dashlane is another choice that could help you to solve your password problems. It works across all of the most popular platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, and it is encrypted with AES-256 technology.
One of the other elements that help to make this a good choice is that they do not have the key to your encrypted data. This means you do not have to worry about any of the employees having access to your information and passwords.
You can auto-save passwords, and Dashlane will type them in for you, securely, whenever you visit a password protected site. It is easy to use, and you can organize all of your passwords in one location, making management fast and simple. You can download right through the site with a single click. Run the program to install it, create the account, and start storing your passwords. It's quite effective, and it also happens to be free.
However, they also have a Premium plan, which currently costs $39.99 per year. This allows you to sync your passwords at work, home, and when you are mobile. It also features automatic backups for your data. In addition, they have team pricing available if you need to use the software for several people in your workplace.

4) KeeFox

This open source tool is free, and it features instant logins from Firefox.
You can save your passwords with a single click, and the system supports several users. The tool works even for sites that have multiple login steps, making it easy to get onto any of your password protected sites.
The only real drawback is that it works only with Firefox. However, one of the biggest benefits is that it works with KeePass, which allows users to manage more than just the passwords they have in Firefox.
It is a secure system, but since it only works with Firefox, unless you also have KeyPass, it might not be the right solution for all users.
Since it is free though, it can still be a workable solution, and may be a good LastPass alternative.
Two different versions are available for download currently. They have their stable version, which receives the occasional update with new features, as well as a beta version.
The beta version is generally stable, but it may not always work properly. The beta is generally used by those who want to help improve the features of KeyFox.

5) PasswordBox

More than 14 million people have downloaded PasswordBox, and it is no surprise given the number of features it offers.
They make it fast and easy to log in without needing to type anything. Once you have your account set up, you can go to your favorite sites and apps, and your username and password will be stored automatically. Whenever you return to the sites, it will simply log you in.
You will even be able to add your credit card details, which can help to make shopping faster and easier. It is possible to share passwords with a coworker, friend, or family member if needed, and everything is secure. You will always have control of the password visibility.
With PasswordBox, you are also able to create long passwords that are highly secure. It will sync across your devices so everything works seamlessly.
It is a secure option that utilized state of the art encryption technology, PCI compliant data centers, and your readable passwords will never be sent over the Internet.
This could be a viable option for those on the search for a LastPass alternative.

6) Password Safe

Keeping you safe and making the process of managing passwords as simple as possible is the goal of Password Safe. It is free open source software that takes only minutes to install.
It's important to note that this only works with Windows XP, Vista 7 and 8 currently, although this could change in the future.
There have already been more than four million downloads of this software, and one of the biggest reasons, aside from being free, is the aforementioned simplicity.
Users are able to store all of their passwords in a database, which they call a safe. They can also create several databases.
For example, they might want to store their personal passwords separately from those used for work. Once you have your passwords stores, you can choose the Auto Type function so that it will automatically enter your password information on the websites you are visiting.
It is also possible to copy and paste from the safe into the website if you choose.
The software really does keep things as simple and bare bones as possible, while maintaining quality security.
While it is certainly workable and it could be a good LastPass alternative, some users might be looking for some added features that this tool simply doesn't have.

7) Sticky Password

Sticky Password has a range of different features that help to make it a real standout in the field.
As with some of the other pieces of software, it will allow you to manage and save all of your most important passwords and data, and it will automatically fill in the passwords for you. It can also store credit card numbers, which can make it much easier when you are shopping online.
They use AES-256 encryption, the master password is not known to them, it features a password database auto lock, and even biometric authorization using fingerprint scanning.
It works on all of the major platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, and despite all of the features, it is extremely simple to use.
The basic version of Sticky Password is free. The free version features the password manager, auto fill, form filling, biometrics, and highly secure data.
However, they also have a premium version that comes with everything the free version offers, as well as several additional features.
These include cloud sync across devices, cloud backup, local WiFi sync across devices, and priority support. One of the other benefits of choosing the paid version, which is currently $19.99 per year, is the fact that part of the proceeds from the premium version will actually go toward saving endangered manatees.
If you've been looking for a password manager with an animal friendly conscious, then this might be just what you want.

8) Passpack

Passpack has a number of features that help to make it a good choice as a LastPass alternative as well. It works with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari, and it utilizes AES 256-bit encryption.
The software also makes collaboration and sharing with family, friends, and coworkers easy.
Passpack offers several different plans including a free version, Pro, Group, Team, and Biz. Each of these has different features and benefits. The free version allows you to save up to 100 passwords and it allows for one shared users. It allows for a 1280 note size, and three disposable logins.
The Pro version is currently $1.50 per month with an annual subscription and allows you to save up to 1,000 passwords. It allows for three shared users, five groups, 2048 note size, and 30 disposable logins. The Group plan is $4 per month on the annual subscription plan currently, allows for 1,500 passwords, 15 shared users, 25 groups, 4096 note size, and 80 disposable logins.
The Team plan is $12 per month currently with the annual subscription, allows for 2,000 passwords, 80 users, 100 groups, 4096 note size, and 200 disposable logins.
The Biz plan is $40 per month currently. It's a good option for large companies, as it features, 10,000 passwords, 1000 shared users 300 groups, 4096 note size, and 300 disposable logins.

9) Secret Server

This password management software is constantly evolving and adding new features.
Features in the current built include an active directory that allows for synchronization and authentication, API web services, an application server, CRM integration, a Firefox add-on, HSM integration, PowerShell integration, import and migration, session recording, virtual machine support, a web password filter, and a Windows form filter.
They also allow for easy management and organization, disaster recovery, compliance, and real time management. The features in this software solution are weighted toward companies that have a number of employees.
The software has a number of security features as well including AES 256-bit encryption, DoubleLock, FIPS compliance, IP restrictions, password generation, two-factor authentication, and more. You can try out all of the features with the 30-day free trial.
They have four different tiers for users. The Express version includes AES 256 encryption, role based access control, folders and permissions, file attachments, active director integration, RDP/PuTTY support, a web password filter, the ability to work with smartphones and devices, import/export, full auditing and reports, email notifications, automatic backups, and unlimited admin "Break Glass" mode, which is an emergency feature. This provides the administrator access to the "Secrets and Folders" in the Secret Server instance. Currently, the cost is $10 for the annual fee, which they donate to charity.
The Professional version features everything in the Express version, as well as the ability to change network passwords, discover local accounts, CRM integration, "Heartbeat", and the Web Services API. It also features RDP and SSH proxy, and two-factor authentication, IP address restrictions, event subscriptions, require comment, and scheduled reports. It is currently $3,000, plus users and support. This is an option for large companies that are looking for a solution that's a good LastPass alternative for their employees.
In addition, they have Enterprise and Enterprise Plus versions that have even more features. They do not have any pricing information for these versions, and instead request that the interested parties contact their sales department.

10) Blur

Blur from Abine is a password manager that actually offers quite a few other helpful features including a tracker blocker and an identity shield.
This means that users will only need to have a single login to manage their passwords and mask their identity while they are online. It works on the desktop as well as with mobile devices.
The password manager offers enhanced security thanks to the 256-bit encryption. The only people who will have access to your passwords will be you. Not even the company will know your passwords thanks to their level and style of security.
However, this also means since they do not have access to, or store, your password, if you lose the master password, you are in trouble. Make sure you remember the password.
The software gives you the ability to mask your emails as well, so if a hacker gets into the account of a website that you use, they will only have access to your masked email. You can access the application from anywhere and all of the setups are quick and easy.
When you save your passwords in Blur, you can log into your saved sites with a single click. It works well no matter the device you are using.
Free accounts will have the password management system, masked emails, and tracker blocking described. However, when you upgrade a Premium plan, you will have access to more features. These include device sync, secure backup, masked cards for your credit card numbers, masked phone numbers, and priority support. Currently, the price for a yearly subscription is $39.
If you choose a lengthier plan, it can be cheaper. The current price for two years is $59, and the current price for three years is $79. Since they do have a free version available, it might be advisable to check out the free version first and then decide if you want to upgrade to a higher level for the additional features.
This is designed for personal use, and it could be a good option for those who are looking for a LastPass alternative.


This is a relatively new and as yet unproven password management solution, but it is growing in popularity.
It has strong security, but it still gives you the option to share data with others when needed. It offers personal key encryption, and a simple user management interface. It allows administrators to add and remove members easily, and the administrator will have control over the access and information that all of the team members have.
Searching and filtering is easy, and collaboration is made simpler with the invitations and sharing features. Generate strong passwords and change them regularly so you can maintain your security.
Users have several options when it comes to downloading and using the software. They can choose to download the standalone installation and use it on their own database, or they can have it hosted by Several different distribution channels are available for download - Docker, Ubuntu, and Python.
Those who choose the Community edition, which they will host on their own, will enjoy the strong encryption, team collaboration, and their own server and domain. This is a free download.
The Private Cloud option that hosts features encryption, collaboration, automatic upgrades and periodic data backup. You will not have your own domain with this option though. Instead, it will be at The current price for this service is $99 per month.

12) S10 Password Vault

This software is available for Windows via download, as well as a portable version, which you can run via a USB.  They also have a mobile companion app for iPhone and Android.
It is an easy to use tool that features small and clean windows with simple instruction. It works with programs as well as browsers. You will create a master password to access your vault. You can create your own password or have one generated for you.
You need to make sure that it is long, a mix of characters, and upper and lower case letters. Make sure you remember the master password though, as you will not be able to recover it later.
The software features military grade encryption, folder account hierarchy, and makes it easy to launch programs and websites when you click on the accompanying username and password in your vault. You can copy and paste passwords from your accounts onto the clipboard, or you can have the system log you in automatically.
The software has a substantial number of other features that can make this a good option for individuals as well as businesses looking for a Last Pass alternative
The personal version is free to download and use. Those who want to use the software for their business will need to buy a business license.
The current cost is $35 per user with no expiration date with free online synchronization for a year.

Wrap up:

These are some of the best options for those who are in the market for a quality LastPass alternative. Some of these are best suited for businesses, and some are better for individuals.
Consider what you need and how you will be using the password manager, and then find the one that's right for you.

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