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Clipperz is a web app for encrypting texts and documents,store them in the cloud, share them securely.

Clipperz lowers the barrier to cryptography, bringing high-level encryption standards to a web service.

With Clipperz, anyone can securely and anonymously manage sensitive data without trusting a third party, and it transforms any browser into a cryptographic engine using Javascript.

The whole Clipperz web app is retrieved with a single page load. HTML, JavaScript, CSS, images, … are loaded into the browser before credentials are entered in the signin/signup form. Clipperz does not automatically reload during user interaction with the application, nor does control transfer to another page. This kind of web apps are usually called single page app (SPA).

There is a very good reason to design Clipperz as a single page app: if additional chunks of source code were downloaded from the server after the login phase, the user wouldn’t have any chance to verify the security of a web application.

Being a SPA, Clipperz may be executed from a local file using the file URI scheme. This gives users the ability to download and verify the Clipperz code once and then run the file locally without downloading a new copy every time they need to use the online service.

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