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  • For $20 more than Avast's entry-level suite, Avast Premier 2015 adds a file shredder and automates security updates. That's all. That doesn't seem reasonable, considering the amazing mega-suites that are available at the same price.


    -Good scores in our hands-on antivirus testing.
    -Scans home routers for security flaws.
    -Many bonus features.
    -Blocks exploit attacks.
    -Firewall resists attack.
    -Spam filter blocked no valid mail in our testing.
    -Tiny performance impact.
    -Full-featured data shredder.


    -Failed one independent antivirus test.
    -So-so phishing protection.
    -Some features still require separate purchase.
    -Spam filter missed 25 percent of spam in testing.
    -Little different from entry-level suite, at a considerably higher price.

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  • With its accessible interface, reinforced protection, and advanced settings, Avast remains a prime choice for those seeking a complete and reliable antivirus.


    • Versatile antivirus
    • Accessible and user friendly interface
    • Several tools and settings
    • Excellent detection of threats
    • The new Smart Scan feature


    • High memory consumption

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  • Avast! Premier offers a wide array of tools and features that will not only keep your PC safe from viruses, but also help protect your banking information and personal data. Compared to the competition, its protection rate is slightly low when it comes to zero-day attacks, but the software performed above average when protecting against known threats.

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  • With avast! Premier 2014 you gset everything in avast!'s entry-level suite plus a top-quality data shredder, an easy-to-use remote-control system, and automation for the software updater. However, if you're looking for a mega-suite there are better choices.

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  • Avast is good at what it does, but in today’s flourishing IS market, there are a few things missing from this Premier package. There’s no online backup, no PC tune-up and no parental control in the package. Also, multi-PC licences are just that – they’re for multiple PCs. There’s little provision for the same levels of protection for customers with a mix of PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices (though there are basic and free Android and Mac offerings).

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  • The core product design is good, but a host of bugs meant Avast Premier 2014 ran poorly on our test PC, and it doesn't have enough extras to justify its price anyway. If you're an Avast fan, wait a couple of weeks for the next build, then focus on Internet Security 2014 instead.

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  • avast! Premier goes beyond avast's already comprehensive Internet Security to offer their new Data Shredder, for very permanently deleting sensitive data from the hard drive; remote capability improvements that – at the request of their users – allow automatic connection to enabled friend/family devices; and a new Software Updater feature that can proactively update all the software you’re using that is outdated and/or needing a security patch.

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  • Avast! offers a user-friendly interface, fast performance and great protection in combination with solid features like SafeZone and home network scanning. The lack of a multi-device option is disappointing, especially when compared to other security suites that offer protection for a certain number of (or even unlimited) computers and mobile devices for a similar cost. However, Avast! is a good choice for those who are looking to protect a single PC for an affordable price.

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