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About FullContact

FullContact’s mission is to solve the world’s contact information problem.

FullContact provides a cloud-based contact management solution for businesses, developers, and individuals.

Using FullContact’s Cloud Address Book, contacts can be normalized, de-duplicated, merged, and enriched with social pro?les. Users can create custom tags and searches to easily make targeted lists. Every version of every contact is automatically updated and contacts can be shared with any platform or other users.

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  • 5000 Contacts
  • Two-way sync w/ Google(every 24hrs)
  • De-Duplicateandclean Contacts
  • Unify Contacts from multiple Sources
  • Monthly contact updates
  • 10 Free business card transcriptions


for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • Up to 25000 Contacts
  • Real-time Two-way sync w/ Google(every 24hrs)
  • Daily contact updates
  • 50 Business card transcriptions/mo
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    Michael Al-Megdad

    FullContact provides a way to match up the data you already have with a richer profile of information including social handles. It is a great way to gain perspective and additional information on prospects. We like to understand who is interacting with our content across email and social interactions ... we're able to do so by matching an email address to a social handle. This allows us to use our CRM to build a report of everyone who engaged with us on Social AND Email over the last 30 days.

    For those of you using Gmail there is a handy plugin you can use to get more data about the individuals you're email. This is helpful to know when talking to a new client or prospect and gives you nice perspective on them and their company.

    Pros :

    • Our customers use FullContact data to enrich their email data so they can match individuals email recipients with their social engagement. This allows our clients to see one view of email and social engagement in one dashboard in their CRM system. There's a wealth of data that can be brought back including phone numbers, profile, photos and addresses to help round out the profiles of both your clients and prospects. This data can be incorporated into your CRM and also allow for actionable marketing automation campaigns / messages.
    • Pricing is also very reasonable and will depend on the number of contacts that you're enriching.
    • If you're looking to incorporate full contact into your SAAS based offering, they also offer an API to work with. They also offer integrations with Salesforce and Gmail.

    Cons :

    • Data enrichment is only one way ... it does make sense since a list of social handles could return email addresses that could then be used for SPAM.
    • The data match rate is not stellar for business to business marketing. If you're looking for B2C data, you'll be more likely to get a high match rate and the information you're looking for.

    • May 20, 2016
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