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Time Sink is an application that helps you become more efficient. More specifically, it tracks the time you spend in different applications on your Mac and you’ll be able to see exactly where you’re spending your time. Trust me, you may think you’re operating with the utmost level of efficiency, but I’m certain the data will uncover some room for improvement.

Time Sink helps you track how you spend your time on your Mac. It automatically logs opened windows and applications, and keeps track of how long you've spent using things in total (i.e. running), and in the foreground (i.e. actively using). It does this without any user intervention required to start or stop processes - it's just set-and-forget easy!

You can view graphs showing your usage over time, sorted either by date and time (showing a logical view of your work habits), or by total and/or foreground time used, showing which apps and windows get most of your time. You can also create pools, which are groups of associated windows, to allow automatic tracking of activities -- put Safari, Firefox, and Chrome in a Browsers pool, for instance.

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  • View reports as activity over time, or summarized by foreground time (or total time).
  • Select report time periods by entering actual values, or simply dragging on the Reports window.
  • Set the sort order for the Reports window by changing the sort order in the main Time Sink window.
  • Auto-export usage reports every day.
  • Show only currently-tracked applications in reports, or show all applications for which Time Sink has data.
  • Exporting a report is as simple as pressing a keyboard shortcut.
  • Specify which fields you'd like included in exported reports.
  • Prevent tracking of specified applications and windows by adding them to a blacklist.
  • Automatic suspension of usage tracking after a specified idle interval.
  • Add new windows to existing pools, and drag windows between pools as you wish.
  • Show or hide inactive items and inactive pools.
  • Optional auto-reset of application and pool timers each day.
  • Choose between colored or black-and-white menu bar icons.
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  • Overall, the app is feature rich and the interface is amazing. Depending on how you like to work, you can keep it open as a window on the desktop, or send it to the menu bar for a more unobtrusive monitoring.

  • For the freelancer, an application like this, with a little time spent customizing, could provide some really useful data. You might discover some places where you’re wasting your time, or maybe even completely the opposite. Maybe you’ll discover you should be taking more work breaks. The bottom line is that just about everyone could see some benefit from knowing this information about their computer usage.

  • Many Tricks' Time Sink isn’t the only app that can keep track of what you do on your Mac, but it’s certainly one of the easiest to use. It records how long each app (and individual windows within it) is open and how long it's in the foreground. If you close an app or window, the timer stops; if reopen it, the timing resumes. You can add apps or windows to a blacklist so they’re never tracked.

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