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  • Workfront The Do It All Project Management Tool, ALL IN ONE!

    We have been using Workfront for almost three years and I have over 250 user's to date and increasing daily. Workfront gives everyone high level visibility into their projects down to the smallest detail. We are able to collaborate on the projects, which cuts down on emails and meetings. The reports & dashboard feature of WF gives a high level overview of all projects, task & issue´?¢s. The centralized document management has allowed us to keep everything that pertains to a project with the project.

    Pros : Excellent workflow management tool. Easy to plan, track, create custom forms and collaborate on all of your projects. Easy to customize the reporting and dashboard feature.

    Cons : Nothing major comes to mind, we are happy with our purchase of Workfront and they are improving the application from input from their clients. If you see something you think needs improvement then submit a product idea and they will review and then add into production.

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    Workfronts Felxible approach is a winner.

    We have been using the Workfront solution for over 12 months now, and have found the service and availability of the cloud solution nothing less than excellent. We engaged and deployed in less than 2 months, we 3 onsite weeks with their consultant. Since it has been live, it is flexible enough too change the shape and direction of the change approval solution as we have moved along, moving from project to programme and now portfolio management. Some limitations with linking to MS Project and reporting, but a solid solution. The workfront team are very good to work with, fun and knowledgeable.

    Pros : Flexibility Ease of deployment Availability Adaptability

    Cons : Some limitations to MS Project Reporting of Portfolios

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    Workfront has automated our project management office!

    Since implementing Workfront, we have reduced meeting content from just being a status report. By tracking progress within the Workfront application, we have time to focus on the direction, success and quality of our projects.

    Pros : Most users have been quick adopters, and have positive feedback on the ease of sharing documents, delegating tasks,. etc.

    Cons : There are some customized tabs we would like to add to each project that are not external sites or a dashboard. Hoping Workfront will enhance this for future releases.

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  • AtTask is a flexible and customizable project management software that lets you manage your projects your way. While they don't have the best collaboration tools, you'll have a hard time finding a better software for task management.

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  • If your team requires a lot of collaboration, AtTask is a fitting solution. This is a versatile online project management tool. It is ideal for creating an environment where you and your workers can easily keep up to date with a project's progress. Team members who use this product are likely to feel more in control of their responsibilities and less likely to suffer from the stress that results from the conventional top-down team management style. This product demonstrates how businesses can be more efficient and more personable by applying humanistic values to human resources.

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  • Ease-of-use

    The ease of use for timesheet input for employees was so-so. The ease of use for billing/invoicing was very difficult.


    It met our needs for for time tracking. It didn't for invoicing/using overhead rates, etc.

    Product Quality

    If you are in IT, it's probably good. I'm very disappointed in anaconda version not meeting our needs.

    Customer Support

    It was great when they were charging us an extra fee per year for support. After that, even if we found a bug (and we found a lot), it was very difficult getting answers quickly; it took days of back and forth.

    Likes Best

    I like that it's cloud-based.

    Likes Least

    It's difficult to get set up, but it's geared more for IT/software than for professional service/engineering. They increased our annual renewal rate by 700% and gave us less than 2 week notice to renew.

    You can't see the budget hours easily when viewing the tasks or logging time. You have to dig to find the information. Reporting is not slick enough for our industry.


    Make sure you can set up your overhead rates/billing rates as needed.

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  • What do you like best?

    After having used several different project management tools, including MS project and Primavera, using AtTask is like a breath of fresh air. It is so easy to use and provides such amazing results quickly and easily. You can plan projects and portfolios of projects so easily. It makes resource planning a breeze and so visible - senior management will love you for this. I think overall my favorite thing is the (controlled) viability it provides. People are able to see what they need when they need it.

    What do you dislike?

    Some pages can be a bit slow to load - although this may be location dependent (in NZ).

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    What do you like best?

    I love the ability to re-prioritize my tasks in the order of how I'm going to work on them and then have that visible to everyone on my team. Also as a manager, this is the perfect way to essentially micromanage your teams' tasks without actually micromanaging your team-mates. Cuts down on emails, drive by requests, meetings.....ahh man i love AtTask.

    What do you dislike?

    They need to ACTUALLY offer a free trial. They tell you that it's just too complicated to have people try and set it up on their own. Whatever guys....just let us download it on a trial basis. AtTask would get a zillion more customers this way.

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    What do you like best?

    The projects are easy to set up and format correctly and the Gantt chart is really easy to read. There are so many ways to get reports on your projects! Once you figure out how to pull only the information that you need.

    What do you dislike?

    The idea of having the teams to assign out tasks within the project is great! But as a team member we don't have access to all of the tasks. The reporting is wonderful once you figure it out but figuring it out can pretty difficult.

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  • AtTask is not only a project management solution but it is also a collaborative one. They provide Software as a Service that makes use of a social media platform to improve knowledge workers’ organizational, operational and management skills. They are a multi-award winning project and work management solution provider whose aim is to empower organizational staff through improving their accountability, visibility, empowerment and social collaboration through our software.

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  • Mention must certainly be made of the support the developers offer. They will provide documentation and offer clarifications to all frequently asked questions, lend email support, multimedia tutorials and threaded notes.
    Market reports consider @task as a good project management tool with attractive features but the complaint is pricing is high when compared with similar products.

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