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Workfront (formerly AtTask) is online enterprise work management software that provides a 360-degree view of all workplace activities, helping both team members and management alike to better understand and organize their work, improving workflows and productivity. With Workfront, managers can evaluate potential and current projects, set sound strategic and financial objectives, validate corporate initiatives, and promote and execute those projects that provide the greatest business value.

Workfront is designed for mid- to enterprise-size companies ( 500 employees) from any industry.

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English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Portuguese
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Plans & Pricing

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  • Manage work on the go with mobile apps for iPhone, Android and iPad
  • Track and submit timesheets
  • Create and complete work items

Plan Licenses

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  • Create and manage projects from start to finish
  • Design and distribute status reports and create custom dashboards
  • Manage resources and capacity planning

Collaboration Licenses


  • Submit and track work requests
  • Track progress and collaborate on requests
  • View status reports and project dashboards

Entreprises Plus Upgrades


  • Configurable sandbox environments
  • Data encryption at rest for maximum security
  • Top-of-the-line support for peace of mind

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Workfront integrates with Jive-n. Jive-n flagship product is also named Jive (though the product was formerly named Clearspace...
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Critic Reviews

  • 81

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    Rating based on 66 Critic Reviews

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  • We have been using Workfront for almost three years and I have over 250 user's to date and increasing daily. Workfront gives everyone high level visibility into their projects down to the smallest detail. We are able to collaborate on the projects, which cuts down on emails and meetings. The reports & dashboard feature of WF gives a high level overview of all projects, task & issue´?¢s. The centralized document management has allowed us to keep everything that pertains to a project with the project.

    Pros : Excellent workflow management tool. Easy to plan, track, create custom forms and collaborate on all of your projects. Easy to customize the reporting and dashboard feature.

    Cons : Nothing major comes to mind, we are happy with our purchase of Workfront and they are improving the application from input from their clients. If you see something you think needs improvement then submit a product idea and they will review and then add into production.

  • AtTask is a flexible and customizable project management software that lets you manage your projects your way. While they don't have the best collaboration tools, you'll have a hard time finding a better software for task management.

  • If your team requires a lot of collaboration, AtTask is a fitting solution. This is a versatile online project management tool. It is ideal for creating an environment where you and your workers can easily keep up to date with a project's progress. Team members who use this product are likely to feel more in control of their responsibilities and less likely to suffer from the stress that results from the conventional top-down team management style. This product demonstrates how businesses can be more efficient and more personable by applying humanistic values to human resources.

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User Reviews

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    Cecelia Fresh

    I first used this software when they were AtTask. This wasn't long ago that they have decided to re-brand to Workfront. Although, it doesn't really matter, because when you implement this for your team/organization you have your own branded portal to log in to. At first, I didn't really like constantly logging in and tracking my efforts. It seemed like an extra "task" or function I had to do, which I consider "administrivia" and cumbersome. Though in time, I got used to it and actually came to appreciate how it kept my team members and me on track. And, the director of our division especially liked the ability to pull reports from it to substantiate how much our team was really working and being asked to create various Marcom materials for the product teams. :)

    Pros :

    • This is a great project management software as I stated in the title of this review. I liked that I could go directly to a project and see what tasks I still had to complete and see which version of the Marcom materials was waiting for review or approval.
    • It especially helped for our team, because our company is global and our team is split into four different continents.
    • We have some in the US, some in Europe, some in New Zealand, and some in Dubai. Because of this, version control for the various documents and Marcom materials is super important for us.

    Cons :

    • The consultant that originally worked with our team to implement this software was probably a bit too detailed in getting the projects and portal set up.
    • So for each new "project" that we create, there are WAY too many steps to track - making it more redundant than we needed. E.g: there were literally steps with the projects that say "review draft changes." So it isn't' the most intuitive software when it comes to be "fully automated," and it requires a bit of navigation from the end user.
    • This tends to be a bit cumbersome - especially if you work in a fast-paced environment, because it requires too many steps or what I call "going through the motions."
    • And if you are more of a work smarter not harder type of person/team/organization this will not be to your advantage.

    • April 16, 2016
  • User review from

    Matthew Kermode

    Our European Marketing function has been using Workfront for around two years now, and we are currently migrating to sharing one instance globally, combining ours with the version our US colleagues use. After a thorough evaluation process, we have decided on Workfront as a replacement for several software packages we used for specific functions - MS Project for planning, Access for budgeting, and a bespoke system for raising new work requests. The key benefit that I can see for using Workfront are that it provides a single solution in unique place for everyone, and we can all follow a common practice.

    Projects can be planned, allocated and managed in one place, with visibility for all stakeholders. It also allows for another team member to pick up on work as necessary with a clear view of current status, any amends, proofs, etc. From a personal point of view, some of the functionalities don't work as expected. I have seen issues with importing existing MS Project plans, even with the specific import function.

    I'd like to see an Undo button, and Find andamp; Replace functionality brought in too, especially as this would allow me to duplicate existing schedules and just update the publication name and the dates a lot more easily. I would recommend Workfront as a solution, but make sure everything you need is covered and works as expected.

    Pros :

    • Workfront gives us a complete solution for managing our campaigns and projects consistently, replacing a number of different software packages we used to use for individual functions.

    Cons :

    • Some of the tools don't work as expected, such as importing MS Project plans.
    • I'd like to be capable of seeing the impact of changes in project plans before committing them, and an Undo button would be helpful.

    • March 31, 2016
  • User review from

    Stuart Gordon

    Great work management software that is customisable and easy to use. The user interface is mostly intuitive, and is attractive.

    Since we started using Workfront, visibility of project progress has been dramatically improved across our Professional Service teams. I traffic manage the workload of six teams, each with members distributed across the EMEA region and Workfront is the tool that has enabled me to manage this effectively, gradually improving processes, and hence efficiency.

    Document storage and Centralised communication have helped improve efficiency both within teams and across teams, and post-project reporting has helped refine processes.

    Pros :

    • It is extremely easy to use, and the ability to create custom fields and forms enables me to track the metrics that matter to me.
    • We have developed an end-to-end workflow from client request for scoping, to raising SOWs, to project delivery and post-project reporting.
    • Resource grids that enable me to see how much work each team member has on by day, week or month, and how that rolls up to the team level. I have visibility of who is over-allocated, and who has the capacity for extra work, enabling me to re-allocate work to load balance the team. The granular nature of this data is drawn from task level information on duration and effort, and this is vital as many projects are very quick turnaround (3 days), and often assets arrive late, or requested dates change at the last minute, so I need to quickly be able establish what is achievable, and adjust things to ensure both then client and team members are happy. Work front has been the best tool I have used in helping me achieve that.
    • Great customer support.

    Cons :

    • Reporting using charts should be improved - I currently export a few complex reports to Excel in order to create the charts that I need.
    • The Resource Grids, while excellent, use Flash rather than native code, and hence can be slow to load.

    • March 25, 2016
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