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  • Wondershare DVD Creator is an efficient piece of software when it comes to burning video DVDs, creating menus and editing movies. It is suitable to all types of users, the response time is good, the import capabilities are impressive and there are sufficient options integrated to keep you tweaking for quite a while.

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  • DVD Creator does pretty much as the name says.We love DVD Creator for its ease of use and great set of customisable templates. It’s also pretty good value for money.

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  • I have never liked programs with only a few available options to modify settings, or the ones that work just with Templates. If personalization is what you want, this program will limit you somewhat (but you can do many things). In spite of this, this program has a lot to offer and it has one of the most important things that almost any other program lacks. Wondershare DVD creator is fast! Normally, recording videos is really a cumbersome process, so a program that help in that aspect has more than half of the game won. The price is not too high either. To create DVD's in a simple fashion, this is a really nice option.

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  • Wondershare DVD Creator has fast conversion speeds, and is easy to use. Additionally, the software has a wide range of personalization features so that you can add artistic touches when creating your videos.

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  • A competitive software that allows users to make lasting memories by burning high quality DVDs on a variety of platforms, as well as using an extended amount of file formats. Packed with features to provide the best possible quality.

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