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  • Does what it promises, most feature-rich option at this price level, easy to use

    We've used a few other pieces of software, and this is the only one that had properly working inventory management and allocation. The software we switched away from has since added it, but I still feel like this is the most complete package - and I haven't found any bugs. I've looked at other software since (sales calls got me to humor product demos) but I can say this still rises above the competition

    Pros : Proper working inventory controls (you can set the amount of tour guides available, or items available, and it obeys your group booking policies to avoid double-booking) Simple, clean, bug-less checkout process. Many 3rd party integration apps

    Cons : Multi-page checkout process (instead of clean single page) Setting up discount vouchers and figuring out which discount method for the task or offer at hand can be a little confusion at first It might take a little while to get the hang of how best to manage inventory and set up scheduled event slots, but once you understand, it's VERY easy and quick to do so.

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    Not Ready For Big Companies.

    Rezdy and I have a love hate relationship and unfortunate, more hate. Rezdy has a very complex, clunky, cumbersome product setup process and the worst checkout process in history of the internet. See Con section.

    Pros : All the features I needed with some exceptions. Support is good. When tickets are submitted, good responses are given. Team is attentive to help you understand the system and fix bugs. Clean layout. A bright future with a few important changes.

    Cons : Checkout flow must have been designed by a plumber. No offense to plumbers. During the busy summer rental season, my client would receive several calls, daily, with people that did not know how to checkout! Just search Rezdy support ticket number #205248418. Basically, it's a two step checkout. First you select the date, then click Confirm Availability. Then you click the date again, at which point you are given a strange, agenda style calendar to select the duration. After that, the book

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    Great System Great Support go REZDY

    We have now had REZDY as our online booking system for 12 months and appreciate everyday this decision to go with REZDY - the system is easy to use for us and our client sand looks fantastic and professional AND The REZDY team are always there on the end of the phone when we need help.

    Pros : Overseas people can book directly before they visit Oz. The bookings come in while we sleep and it ads another convenient service to our customers

    Cons : The system just flows

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  • Rezdy is an ambitious, technologically advanced, and promising young software company with solid solutions for the tour and activity industry. With a unique vision for connecting people and businesses across the globe, Rezdy offers a neat B2B platform for account holders of many languages and time zones. At the same time, Rezdy is not only a network; it offers powerful product creation, advertising, booking, payment, and tracking tools.

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  • The app is suited to people who operate tourism and travel companies. It would have little to no use outside that market. If you run or own a tour company and find it complicated to accept bookings, then this app may be for you.

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