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  • Didn't Quite Meet My Needs

    I used Checkfront for one month during the free trial period available. The system is not very intuitive and seems a little disorganized. It wasn't robust enough to meet the needs of by business so I couldn't move forward with it. If you don't have complicated offerings or a high volume of offerings then it should work fine.

    Pros : 1 month free trial Tech support easy to contact

    Cons : Not intuitive and not robust enough.

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    Great software for the rental industry!

    The features available in Checkfront allowed me to customize the customer facing booking experience nearly as close as to what we had in mind. Checkfront support is very responsive and are very much professionals with their product.

    Pros : And the final bonus, the price is very reasonable. All this is said one month into initial configuration and use. Will revisit after the busy season and it has been tested under fire.

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    A must have for hotels and tour operators!

    We have been using Checkfront for over a year now and we love it! We thank you for creating such an easy, efficient and innovative tool to use. By just using Checkfront, we know that you have spent a great deal of time thinking about its layout, workflow and us, the users! Recently, our hotel won an award as the World's Best Beach Boutique Hotel (http://www.boutiquehotelawards.com/luxury-hotels/drake-bay-getaway-resort/) in London. We think that Checkfront contributed to us winning this award in several indirect ways.

    Pros : Easy, efficient and innovative tool to use. Excellent layout and workflow. Super user friendly.

    Cons : After using Checkfront for a while, you may become addicted to it! I spend most of my time on Checkfront every day taking care of hotel reservations.

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  • A small company with some great programming skills and increasingly good customer service, Checkfront seems committed to their users and to creating a product that is scalable and functional for small businesses. Their constant upgrades and the high quality of their integrations show how receptive the company has been to customer feedback from its very origins. They offer a sincerity and transparency very rare in business, and the software industry particularly.

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  • Checkfront can be configured to meet the needs of most businesses that book items or services on a daily or hourly basis. Where it falls short is when the booking increments are sub-one hour, for instance if you need to book half-hour or 15-min time slots. The system just doesn’t handle those smaller booking slots well, it seems to be better suited to one-hour plus. That means doctor’s offices, salons, spas and other businesses won’t fit it to be a good fit. On the other hand, tour operators, small accommodations providers, activity bookers, and rental suppliers will find Checkfront works quite well with their booking model and presents a highly streamlined staff or self-serve online booking process. The combination of all of the mobile/SMS and real-time availability features can make a small company look much larger online.

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  • Checkfront cloud app is admired as one of the leading e-business tools utilized to schedule your business practices. They focus on building smart, intuitive and powerful cloud based application which assist businesses in centralization, improve relationship with customers through engagement, attain a reputable position in the market and keep their graphs upwards in online sale and services.

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