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Searchmetrics Suite delivers enterprise SEO and content marketing recommendations, forecasting, analysis and reporting for companies that want potential customers to find them faster more easily, this is known as "search experience optimization".

Searchmetrics Suite monitors more than 100 million domains, 240 million keywords, and the most important search engines (Yahoo, Google, Bing, Yandex, etc.) in 134 countries.
With the Searchmetrics Suite, SEOs and marketers can use their customized recommendation and forecasts to achieve their goals more efficiently.

Searchmetrics Suite helps you achieve optimization with ease and increase market share, traffic and revenue by developing targeted strategies and creating a solid foundation for future cross-channel campaigns.

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  • SEO & SEM
  • Domain Rankings
  • Ranking Analysis
  • Keyword Rankings
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Site Optimization
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  • Search Metrics is a tool that I use often to get a quick snapshot of the online visibility of websites based on keyword rankings. Not only can you get a very accurate feel for how your website is performing over time across multiple countries, but you can also spot peaks & troughs and compare the dates with Google's algorithms to understand whether the website was affected. You can also compare several websites as well as tracking both paid and organic visibility. Another great feature is the winners & losers toplists, which update weekly to show the biggest shifts in visibility across all of the websites that are tracked. The tool can also be used to identify which keywords send you traffic, with current ranking changes, estimated traffic and other PPC stats. Reports are also available with lots of useful metrics to monitor progress and spot new opportunities. There are lots of other features in the tool with more insights into keywords, backlinks, social and content, but access to these depends on your account level.

    Pros : Nice reporting easy to compare sites side-by-side shows historic data allowing you to get a snapshot of a website's performance over time

    Cons : The weekly visibility updates are occasionally late with no news which can be frustrating when you have clients waiting on reports The account levels vary a lot, with a significant jump from 'essentials' to 'Suite' - while they do offer custom packages, from my experience these can be a bit confusing as they are based on a credits system

  • Searchmetrics Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe mainly use the Searchmetrics Suite to monitor our natural search ranking trends as well as the market demand for our top search terms. We also use Searchmetrics to monitor our competitors and their ranking trends in both the paid search and organic search channels. Searchmetrics also helps us to see how our various content pages rank.

    Pros : Large database of companies and search terms to compare with our site.In the research section, we are able to do research on an unlimited number of sites/keywordsPaid and Organic search research all in one place to make research and performance comparisons a lot easier

    Cons : A lot of competitor SEO research sites offer suggestions on how to improve SEO ranking or changes that could be made to page title or descriptions, but Searchmetrics is a research only product and does not offer suggestions.Not sure if all of their contracts have an auto-renew, but ours did and we missed the 30-day notice to opt out and are now stuck in a new full year contract...Adding mobile tracking requires a new contract and is an additional add-on

  • The Searchmetrics Essentials is a very fast toolbox, which gives you a lot of information for an affordable price (starting at $99 / month), especially because 15 countries are included. (Australia,Austria, Brasil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and the USA). Besides that the tool has some strong export and reporting functions.

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    Sam Gooch

    Searchmetrics is a great all-round tool for monitoring and progressing your online marketing strategy. In my opinion, the most value comes from the visibility index, which not only allows you to monitor your organic and paid visibility, but also that of your competitors, giving you great insights into how well your competitors are doing, and exactly when they hit peaks and troughs. Using this data, it’s possible to do some more digging to understand is there was a particular campaign that helped to give them the boost, allowing you to learn from their success.

    Pros :

    • Search Metrics recently gave us an update, which allows you to include Google’s major algorithm updates, so you can easily spot whether a website was affected. This can also come in handy when carrying out a link audit, as you will want to steer clear of a link from a domain that was hit by Google’s Penguin update.
    • Another great feature of the Search Metrics Suite is the ability to use their keyword insights to identify opportunities. By ordering the keywords and by associated potential search volumes, you can quickly see a list of keywords that you already rank on page 2 or 3 of Google for. So by making lists, you can put these keywords on your radar and tweak your strategy to start targeting these keyword topics, by either tweaking your existing content or creating new content.
    • The tool can also be useful for reporting, with some nice graphs that show the spread of your positions, giving a quick snapshot of the average position for your keywords, along with historical data to highlight progress over time.
    • The pricing is quite reasonable, starting from $69 per month.

    Cons :

    • The pricing uses a credit system which is quite confusing. While the search visibility index updates are generally quite reliable (same day each week), they are sometimes late with no information to say when to expect the updates. This can be very frustrating, particularly if you use the data for client reports.

    • November 23, 2015
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