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Link Detox is a stand-alone tool that classifies a domain’s backlinks into 3 categories (toxic, suspicious, or healthy) and supports you in cleaning up your link profile. The interface of Link Detox is so easy to handle, you can discover all the malicious links to your site with a single click.

Locate all “bad” links with our automated detection rules, and get rid of all toxic ones!
When you run a Link Detox report on a specific domain you will instantly notice the new average Link Detox Risk level shown. The report can display any of these below ratings depending on what your average Link Detox Risk score is. It is important to know what your Link Detox Risk level is, so that you can get the insights you need to make specific changes and to monitor improvements of the Link Detox Risk level over a period of time.

The ‘Link Detox Risk Breakdown’ displays a pie chart on the left. You can visually see what risk level and rating has the highest risk out of all your backlinks. On the right, you will be able to see an itemized breakdown of all the different risk levels with the number of links and percentages. This tab also gives you the ability to export as a CSV or XLS.

We analyze your link profile based on a variety of SEO metrics and known problematic contexts. We then provide recommendations for those toxic links.

The Link Detox tool gives you the ability to see what risk rules have been detected for each link. By simply hovering your mouse over the risk level like in the screenshot below.

This is a really great new feature, because it helps you understand why a specific link has been marked at a specific risk level. You will also notice in the screenshot below that the rule column will always display the higher risk rating as a default. 

The Link Detox Tool analyzes up to 60,000 links, each with 93 different SEO metrics, on a set of rules!!!
You won’t miss out on our “advanced SEO metrics”, thus saving you lots of time.

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Ratings Summary

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Domain Authority 56
Alexa Rank 75629
Platforms 66

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Plans & Pricing

Link Detox Consultant


  • Up to 20 Domains
  • Up to 300,000 Links/Domain
  • 24 Link Sources
  • Link Detox Boost  6,000 Links
  • 20 Link Alerts
  • Link Detox Genesis
  • Outreach with Pitchbox
  • EmailandPhone Support
  • No Data Upload Required

Link Detox Agency


  • Up to 100 Domains
  • Up to 1,000,000 Links/ Domain
  • 24 Link Sources
  • Link Detox Boost 18,000 Links
  • 25 Link Alerts
  • Link Detox Genesis
  • Outreach with Pitchbox
  • EmailandPhone Support
  • No Data Upload Required

Link Detox One


  • 1 Domains
  • Up to 1,000 Links/ Domain
  • 24 Link Sources
  • Link Detox Boost 600 Links
  • 2 Link Alerts
  • Link Detox Genesis
  • Email Support
  • No Data Upload Required
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Critic Reviews

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  • At roi.com.au we have successfully implemented the use of Link Detox in over 65 audits and 12 manual link clean-ups. We have reviewed over 750,000 links and with the help of Link Detox, we have significantly improved audit time and efficiency, as a result our clients can often overcome and prevent potentially disastrous Google Penalties.

  • Link Detox provides a way for webmasters to look at the toxic links and most suspicious links and identify type of sites they are linked from. Then at least you have a plan as to which are the worst links and where to target your effort for link removal first. It helped us at least get a starting point where we could request link removals or add them to disavow links files.

  • Link Detox uses user feedback to fine tune algorithms, just like Google does with the paid link reports they have been collecting for years. A good idea if you ask me.

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User Reviews

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    Steve Miller

    Link Detox is meant to give you a list of links that you should be concerned about, highlighting any “toxic” backlinks. It accomplishes this, but only within limits. The problem with any automated system that attempts to detect which links could be toxic bad links pulling down your rankings is that there are often nuances that cannot be easily determined by a program. You’re likely better off if you have a professional look through your links to detect bad backlinks, but if you do not have access to a professional, Link Detox is a reasonable way for a layman to look through toxic backlinks. If you rely on Link Detox too heavily, however, you are likely to miss some bad links and possibly attempt to remove some good links. So, when you use Link Detox, don’t just take everything at face value. Rather, look at each link that shows some risk and review them carefully for whether or not they really seem like spam. All that said, this is a good tool for speeding up the process of backlink analysis, even for professionals. This is particularly true for the continuous monitoring and analysis that can give you alerts for detected new problems. Just be sure to apply your knowledge to the results that it gives you.

    Pros :

    - Easy to use - Gathers a lot of information about backlinks - Can help a layman gain an understanding of what a bad link is compared to a good link - Offers continuous analysis and alerts

    Cons :

    - Can’t be relied on as the sole source for “good” versus “bad” - Serious spam problems can often exceed the monthly limits for backlink analysis for the smallest and next to smallest subscriptions - Higher subscriptions can be very pricy, but generally are only needed for agencies and consultants

    • September 21, 2015
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