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  • I heart Clicktools

    Clicktools Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe use it to deploy performance reviews and assessment to external partners and members. It is primarily managed and used by our evaluations department and allows us to store information we receive in Salesforce which increases our reporting capabilities.

    Pros : Syncing with SalesforceAutomatic deploymentsEase of building

    Cons : One time deployments are clunkyReminders to complete surveys

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    Our go-to tool

    Clicktools Use Cases and Deployment ScopeIt is being used by one lead in each region. It allows us to collect comprehensive data from our customers and use it as a tool to demonstrate the effectiveness of our training that we have our customers review. I love that the answers are integrated in Salesforce so I can check out data within a campaign before pulling the results in Clicktools.

    Pros : Beautiful presentation.Integrates with Salesforce.Stores a data.Reactive to my usage.

    Cons : Speed - the quality of graphics is high and a lot of info is being pulled, it can take quite a bit of time to produce results.I am unable to open multiple tabs to run several functions within Clicktools simultaneously.Easier/more intuitive graphics uploading.Run reports based on a certain factor (i.e. if there is a particular product we continuously run reports on, I would like to see a chart comparison of how that products scores have varied over time).

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    Clicktools - Clicks not Code

    Clicktools Use Cases and Deployment ScopeClicktools is used by our customer support department to send satisfaction surveys to our customers at the close of a support ticket. It is used by our professional services department to gauge customer satisfaction upon project completion/end of service engagement. Our training and education group sends feedback surveys to students at the end of all training classes. Our internal IT department uses it to gauge user satisfaction when a technical support ticket is closed.

    Pros : Integration with Salesforce.com.Ability to build and link/map surveys quickly.Templating. Branding our surveys is important.The ability to review and analyze survey data within the console.

    Cons : Menu navigation can be confusing at times. e.g., when you select a survey, to get back to survey list I usually reload the console.Initially had some issues with mapping of numeric results e.g., 1 - 5. Had to create formula to map back, seemed cumbersome.Limits on surveys is based on questions on survey not on survey. We do not save any of the results in Clicktools. After integration we delete them to stay under limit.

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  • What do you like best?

    A lot of Flexibility, easy SFDC integration

    What do you dislike?

    for basic license lack of bounce information/lack of integration of bounce to SFDC

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    What do you like best?

    Love the flexibility to add any type of questions

    What do you dislike?

    there is no easy way to export failed forms

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