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  • Cadillac PR Software

    Cision PR Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI selected Cision PR Software for our division to use. I also manage our PR agency and have set them up with a user seat in the software. The business problem it addresses is providing monthly reports for our executives to track our ROI and metrics. It also is very useful for building out media lists to pitch to. Our PR agency also distributes our news blasts as they are relevant to certain media lists we have built. 

    Pros : Media List BuildingLooking up Media Outlets or Specific Media ContactsMonthly News Coverage Reporting

    Cons : The daily emails detailing news coverage results are set up with key words and unless you are very specific, it will pull in coverage that isn't relevant to your tracking needs.If the trade publications your company places articles in are super niche, they likely won't be tracked/picked up through the software, and you have to manually add them as they publish.The executive dashboard and dashboard widgets are a little wonky and require some finessing in order to work properly.

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    Avoid Cision/PRWeb/HARO at all costs!

    Cision PR Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe used the Cision suite to distribute news articles about our products and services. The solution was intended to increase the reach of our brand and increase awareness, but failed to deliver much of anything in terms of measurable business results. 

    Pros : Nothing...

    Cons : The product UX looks and feels like it is from 1990.There are bugs in product that aren't being fixed.Very poor customer service.Unhelpful editorial team.Service appears to fail to reach the advertised number of outlets, even for top level premium level of distribution.

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    Cision: Nothing else tops it

    Cision PR Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWith the ever growing and changing selection of media contacts, this was the best tool I found (balancing price, tools, and ease of use) for my team. First and foremost, they regularly (As soon as a change happened for a contact and they knew about it) updated their database. If that contact was already in a list of yours, it would update there as well! It allowed me to create very targeted lists of folks who would be interested in what I was pitching. It wasn't something you can just pick up when you need it. That's what we did and we didn't get the full benefit. If you are consistently using it, pulling from it, creating your outreach opportunities, then you will stay abreast and able to start your campaigns sooner. 

    Pros : Database ManagementList organizationsCRM tool

    Cons : Should regularly interact with the interface. There is so much you can do with it.

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  • What do you like best?

    We use Vocus for the PR Web news release distribution. Creating and customizing the news release is very simple and the posting process is straight forward.

    What do you dislike?

    Though we have their "marketing dashboard" as well, I haven't found it as useful as some other social media monitoring tools. It's a relatively new feature, so as time goes on I'm sure it it will mature.

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    What do you like best?

    Vocus gets the job done. It's brutally efficient for building lists of reporters or analysts and allows for microtargeting by location, beat, publication and other parameters.

    What do you dislike?

    It's too easy for pop-ups to derail the experience on the Web client, kicking the user off and reverting back to the home page without warning.

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  • This is a professional and well designed system which goes beyond mere press releases and integrates itself into your business to help develop and monitor your success in order to improve on it. The service is excellent but the price does exclude a lot of users, which has benefits (a more exclusive list of clients stops your sources from being flooded with unwanted press releases and therefore gains yours more focus) and negatives

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