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  • AWeber gives you the flexibility to manage contacts and customize your own email templates, but not a lot of third-party integration. If you want email marketing without a lot of fuss, AWeber deserves a look.

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  • AWeber continues to impress with its superior autoresponders and rich feature set. AWeber provides businesses with the means to automate the process of delivering professionally designed and personalized emails and targeted messages to their customers and send follow up emails based on a schedule. The platform comes with superior autoresponders that makes customer engagement and interaction easier than before.

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  • Aweber is for anyone who owns a business, especially if the work is online, creating or maintaining an email list.

    Pros :

    Very user friendly

    Amazing customer support

    Various ways to get help (email, chat, tutorials, call, FAQ’s)

    Tons of tutorials

    Email checkups

    Follow up sequence is real easy to use

    Tons of statistics and tracking put in place

    Spam score telling you to change emails

    First month free and cheap after that

    Can create and send emails to several different lists

    Cons :

    To create a sign up form from scratch can be hard

    No free accounts available

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  • AWeber Communications is popular for its superior autoresponders and is a solid performer in most aspects of email marketing. The company offers a bit less when it comes to importing contacts, but that's mostly just a one-time issue for new users.

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  • While lack of direct support for surveys and limited social media marketing capabilities are huge drawbacks of AWeber, you can integrate both these features with your email marketing activities via third-party integration. Other than that, AWeber is a very powerful and feature-rich app that deserves your serious consideration.

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  • AWeber beats the Chimp, hands down.

    AWeber Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe used AWeber to design and send e-blasts (and track them) for our business which was an off-shoot of (for which we also used AWeber). AWeber was very helpful in providing templates or letting us create our own, and it was very easy to track our success with opens and click-throughs. It is MUCH MUCH easier to use than MailChimp. MUCH better UI. 

    Pros : MUCH better UI than MailChimp. For those of you who don't know what UI is, it's "user interface." MailChimp's user interface is horribly confusing. AWeber makes things SIMPLE and you never get kicked to a different website for help, and you can find the buttons. I'm a programmer and I am happy that AWeber is easy for people to understand.Easy to use and understand their statistics and their setup. It's also MUCH easier to program your own template. MailChimp makes it really hard with declaration

    Cons : The one thing MailChimp has that AWeber doesn't is that test where the template code gets sent to about 15 different browser types on mobile and web. You can view which ones break the code or otherwise show the template very funky. That is most helpful and that is the ONLY thing I'd recommend that AWeber changes.

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    Why I prefer Aweber over Constant Contact and Mail Chimp

    AWeber Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI am an independent marketing consulting agency offering website development and email marketing services for clients.  I have used AWeber for my own email newsletters and set up client newsletters on AWeber as well.   Business problems addressed:  Growing a customer database / email list and communicating with prospects and customers efficiently.

    Pros : Gets email past spam filters and into recipients' email inboxesCustomer support is great - love the telephone support when I have a question or am stuck.Makes it easy to identify who has opened emails, who has not, and send emails to list segments based on opens / non-opensAllows you to segment lists by other criteria, such as birthday. We have used AWeber to send out birthday offers to people on The List who have birthdays that month.I like the wide selection of ready made opt in form designs

    Cons : Double opt-in requirements. While I understand the rationale for double opt-in, I wish AWeber did not require double opt-in when importing email addresses from the client's existing client database as I feel we end up losing a good number of people who are existing customers and have given the business permission to email them but who either don't notice or don't take the extra step to confirm their subscription to the AWeber list.The user interface when designing and setting up html newsletter

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    Why I like AWeber

    AWeber Use Cases and Deployment ScopeAWeber is being used to build lists and contact leads, for example newsletters, blog,  telesummit or free giveaway. It is also being used for delivery of follow ups and broadcasts after a product is purchased, for example a coaching program.

    Pros : AWeber keeps your lists organized well and gives you many customization abilities for individual lists.AWeber makes it easy for you to cut and paste from word and pdf documents into the editor without first having to strip code which saves time.AWeber keeps a library of images for you so you can easily insert them each time.AWeber gives you many options to create nice looking opt in boxes and forms with custom branding and images for each individual list.AWeber has excellent customer service.AWe

    Cons : AWeber could use some improvement in the functionality and range of what options they provide in the editor. For example, it would be nice to have more font choices and if the editor would remember font color choices that are most used (it refreshes after saving). Sometimes the editor doesn't hold your font choice and so you have to go back and select your font choice again.AWeber's editor functionality takes a little getting used to. Sometimes you have to line your image or paragraph blocks up

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  • If you need a professional email tool that’ll help you grow your lists and offer live phone support if you get stuck, AWeber is a great email app to try. With a newly redesigned email editor, which makes it easy to pick back up on draft messages right where you left off or turn them into drip messages, AWeber is an email marketing app that does it all.

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  • AWeber has a lot to offer, especially for companies which frequently utilize autoresponders. The autoresponder series setup was among the most intuitive and simplest I’ve ever seen … and of course, once your series is set up, you can allow it to run in the background with no further actions on you part. The WYSIWYG editor has some nice features and recent updates have improved the email design experience significantly.

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  • Aweber is an excellent software package for all website owners. For those taking their first tentative steps into online marketing through using email, it’s a “must-have” choice as it’s so user-friendly. The pricing is competitive and the online assistance is vital if you’re trying to achieve something for the first time and don’t know what to do next. It’s definitely one to seriously consider when building your day-to-day web management toolkit.

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  • Despite AWeber’s pricing, they offer small and medium businesses a variety of potent tools to regularly stay in touch with subscribers. AWeber’s auto-responder and unlimited list segmentation allow businesses to easily scale AWeber for multiple product lines as their businesses grow.

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