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  • Transmit is a highly flexible and intuitive FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client that's been designed specifically with Macs in mind.
    Transmit is an efficient and elegant FTP client that supports, SFTP, S3 (Amazon. com file hosting) and iDisk/WebDAV protocols that allows you to upload, download, and delete files over the internet.
    What first strikes you with Transmit is that it has one of the most Mac-like interfaces available on an FTP client so it looks great. Everything is clearly laid out with folders on the left and transfers on the right.

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  • Decent OS X FTP clients are a little thin on the ground, but Transmit is a great piece of software.

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  • The conclusion is, if you're searching for a robust, usable and great-looking FTP client, we highly recommend Transmit 4

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  • To sum up, Transmit 4 is both the most aesthetically and functionally significant update Panic has made to its beloved FTP client since making the jump to OS X. The application is a perfect balance of brand new and completely familiar. Everything I tried just worked and I was constantly in awe of just how dang pretty the app is on all fronts.That said, the increased aesthetic appeal is just the icing on a nearly perfectly streamlined cake. The enhanced integration of favorites and the new “places” feature into the more Finder-centric file browsing makes for the best FTP experience on the market. Hats off to the the guys at Panic for really stepping up to take back the top spot in a market that was admittedly starting to fill with more worthy competitors.

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  • Transmit 4 is almost perfect. I say almost because perfection doesn't exist, so my almost is a symptom of something that truly stands out and, basically, has no competitors. It's beautiful.I don't think I've seen such a great looking piece of software gracing my Mac recently. Transmit 4 is what we love about Mac OS X.

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  • I’ve used Transmit 4 for a few weeks and I can without a doubt say that this is the FTP client you would want to use with your Mac. It’s power packed with features, but more importantly, their implementation is so carefully executed, that ever one of them a usable feature.

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  • Every inch of Transmit has gotten some amount of love and care from the developers. Outwardly, there’s a brand new interface with tear-off tabs, Cover Flow and thumbnail views, Quick Look support, and a new Places feature that gives you one-click access to your most-used folders.

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