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  • A Must for Sales/Marketing People using Google Apps + Salesforce

    Cirrus Insight Use Cases and Deployment ScopeBeing a small business, I wear a lot of hats, and any tool that can streamline activities and save me time at a reasonable cost is highly appreciated and valuable. In working with Cirrus Insight, I appreciate their forward-looking approach to their system as it has had small positive steps (syncing contacts and calendars) and huge leaps (templates integration, follow-up tasks/reminders and integration with custom objects) throughout my experience. It saves me a TON of time and makes my work life much more efficient.

    Pros : The ability for the 'smart email' integration in Gmail to continue to recognize the desired Object and Record to document the email to is fantastic as a time-saver and is appreciated by compliance.The reminders are one of my favorite new features as they help keep me from having to hop back and forth to SFDC. BIG TIME SAVER.Integrating my Google Calendar to SFDC is a real help, and it even does a good job of looking up the contact based on the email, something Appirio's tool never quite figured

    Cons : Email tracking - I think they need to step up the UI for the tracking summary. I would appreciate if it opened into a separate page in addition to the in-Gmail app to provide greater insight to the opens and clicks.Tagging - I think it would be nice to be able to create a few custom tags and then add those to emails to make it easier to track just sales/service/marketing emails.I think the next level for them will be to have some tracking code we can put on our website to see how our emails are

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    "Cirrus Insight Review"

    Cirrus Insight Use Cases and Deployment ScopeCirrus Insight is very user friendly, I love that it syncs directly with my Salesforce account, so I am always on track with each account that I'm working on. It's great that the program is integrated directly into my Gmail account, making it easy and efficient for me to log my emails. 

    Pros : Integration w/ Salesforce and GmailQuick syncing

    Cons : Sometimes it doesn't find certain contacts that are on SalesforceSometime it kicks me out, and I have to refresh my Gmail account

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    "Cirrus Insights is the Best App for Integrating Google and Salesforce"

    Cirrus Insight ProsIt removes double-entry of contact record dataIt allows entry of calendar items and invites in google apps calendar directly into SalesforceIt syncs from Salesforce calendar directly into google apps calendarWhen viewing an email in google apps, it opens Salesforce information for that contact in the sidebar of google apps

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  • Cirrus Insights

    I have been using Cirrus Insights for about 5 months and really enjoy the overall ease of the program. The primary use is to take emails of prospective customers and integrate it into SalesForce which takes much less time than entering the information into SalesForce manually. I've also lately utilized the new calendar invite tool which sends an email to a contact showing the available times for a meeting and the individual can simply click the time that works for them and the meeting is created.

    Pros : The ease of use of the program and the calendar invitation tool are the highlights They keep rolling out new functionality on a regular basis.

    Cons : No issues to date, they are very responsive when I have questions or if functionality isn't working appropriately

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    Very Helpful Tool

    I find Cirrus Insight to be quite useful in managing my work and tracking correspondence for various projects. It's a relatively small number of clicks to ensure that my emails are tagged to the correct projects in Salesforce, and thus makes my life much easier in terms of managing work. If I could change anything it would be expanding the Add functionality; currently you have the option to tag a contact and then one more level (account, project, etc), but adding a few more drop downs to allow for additional tags would be really helpful.

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    Very useful

    I have been using Salesforce for about a year and a half and Cirrus for a year. I think that this last tool complements very well what I do in g-mail and Salesforce. Cirrus makes it easy (just one click) to relate your e-mails to your Salesforce contacts and accounts and to see if one g-mail contact exists in Salesforce. The only thing I would like them to continue improving is how all their tools show themselves in the g-mail screen. Sometimes it is difficult to manage the multiple scroll bars that appear; also the contact creator for Salesforce that appears in g-mail does not show properly. Therefore, I think that Cirrus can be perfected and they have already improved a lot and I am sure they will continue to do so.

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  • Useful tool in tracking activity related to email and follow up

    What do you like best?

    Integration with GMAIL and the ability to add contacts/leads on the fly. I also love the feature added recently which allows you to specify a color of appointments and auto associates with contacts.

    What do you dislike?

    Limitations around fields visible when looking at detailed account or contact info, etc. Not interested in spending tons of my time fishing through SF to resolve this either. Still not consistent when recording history to accounts which is frustrating. Would also like the ability to auto attach attachments, with the option of deselecting attachments which might not be relevant and without having to manually click the button to do so. Also, with regard to visible fields, I can't see half of my lead fields. I've noticed as well that when an event is created on a lead, a scheduled meeting, you can't see that event on the lead which results in manual creation of an activity to record the conversation history. Annoying. In the scheduling functionality, it doesn't seem to allow me to auto select where I'd like the activity associated. If it's an opportunity, for instance, I often have to update manually which wastes time and is frustrating.

    Also, something I could do with...

    Recommendations to others considering the product

    Best way to get your team on the same page when it comes to recording history and managing follow up. Definitely discuss ways around change management and implementation. If employees don't use it, then the value is lost. Having the ability to see history isn't about micro management, it's about consistent information sharing so others in the org can have more meaningful and informed conversations with clients and prospects alike.

    What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?

    Tracking of comm history to accounts which provides visibility of others interaction as well as my own. This is absolutely critical as a business. Knowing what's been sent, when and what the results were helps us to keep a connected level of visibility as we all work so very remotely.

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    Game changing way we track email/call activity to Salesforce

    What do you like best?

    Speed, compatibility, easy integration. Reliability is spot on. Support has been very responsive in dealing with a few questions.

    Our management can now easily track user call and email activity. Just as importantly, colleagues can pickup from where the other user left off in the event of absence.

    Ease of use has been impressive with most users needing very little training. If a user is familiar with Gmail and Salesforce, the extension will be easy to pickup.

    User take up has been far beyond expectations.

    What do you dislike?

    The mobile experience compared to desktop requires its own app - would be great if this could somehow be built into the Gmail app.

    A Safari extension would make a lot of sense for those who prefer this browser compared to Firefox or Chrome.

    The ability to hide certain panels from the sidebar would be beneficial. For example, we do not use the email tracking feature however these statistics still appear against each record (e.g. 0 emails opened amongst 0 emails tracked).

    Recommendations to others considering the product

    Would not consider any other Gmail/Salesforce extension. It's a must do.

    What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?

    Solved the inability to easily track email and call activity in Salesforce. Gives other colleagues and management visibility to activity. Helps management track KPI reporting.

    It has also given our users a mandate to track as much email and call activity as possible to meet business KPIs that are tied to remuneration.

    Management have fully approved of the ROI and will be subscribing again next year.

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    Cirrus makes my life possible.

    What do you like best?

    I like being able to seamlessly access my Salesforce data without having to leave Gmail. It basically replaces Boomerang, tracks all of my emails, and saves a ton of time. It's made me into a better salesperson and helped me get a real understanding of how often I speak with clients.

    What do you dislike?

    Sometimes the popups will stay in the window after they've been selected, and I have to reload the page to make them disappear. I wish that there were a way to do a big data migration of everything that happened in my email before I started using the product.

    Recommendations to others considering the product

    Use it for everything! You won't find the value unless you log calls, search, and create leads all in the same place. Be sure to turn on the email tracker so that the marketing team can see the data.

    What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?

    Before I started using Cirrus I was having trouble with data capture for call logging and email. It tracks my emails seamlessly so that my manager can see my work and understand the business. I have realized how much data was getting lost between email chains and our CRM. Now I can create new leads and contacts very easily and add information to their records very easily.

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