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About Sage 50 Accounting

Sage 50 Accounting is an accounting and marketing management solution that provides you with the tools required to manage and streamline your financial activities and business duties. It offers 3 product suitable for any sized company.

Sage 50 Pro Accounting is suitable for small companies that have one user and handles all their business activities from anywhere and anytime.

Sage 50 Premium Accounting is fit for small companies (2 to 4 users); the accounting software has excellent advanced management tools to support your growing business.

Sage 50 Quantum Accounting is suitable for companies (5 to 10 users) that want an easy way to execute multi-user accounting solution.

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Features & Specifications

Key Features

  • Get paid faster and pay bills
  • Optimize inventory levels and productivity to control costs
  • Efficiently track customers and suppliers
  • Work with unlimited currencies
  • Calculate federal and provincial taxes confidently
  • Use up to 100 price lists
  • Collect, track and submit taxes with confidence


Supported languages
English, French
Serviceable Area
Canada,  France,  Spain,  United Kingdom,  United States
Supported Platforms
  • Web Based
  • Mobile Web
  • Desktop Windows
  • Desktop Mac OSX
  • Mobile App IOS
  • Mobile App Android
Sage 50 Accounting integrates with bill.com and more than 7 other solutions. View details
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Ratings Summary

Metric Score Rank
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Domain Authority 77
Alexa Rank 14694
Integration 50
Support options 100
Platforms 79
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Plans & Pricing

Sage 50 Pro Accounting

Single payment / 1 user(s)


  • Manage customer sales and invoicing
  • Be on top of vendor orders and payments
  • Collect track and submit taxes with confidence

Sage 50 Premium Accounting

Single payment / 4 user(s)


  • Manage customers and vendors from estimates to invoicing with ease.
  • Track inventory and services in unlimited currencies with up to 100 pricelists.
  • Create budgets, track projects, and measure time with intuitive business management features.

Sage 50 Quantum Accounting

for 1 Year / 3 user(s)


  • Boost workplace efficiency with role-based security access for up to 40 users
  • Discover the trends within your key performance data so you can build on successes or make improvements
  • Save on carrying costs with serialized inventory management
  • Includes Sage Business Care

Sage 50 Quantum Accounting

for 1 Year / 5 user(s)


  • Boost workplace efficiency with role-based security access for up to 40 users
  • Discover the trends within your key performance data so you can build on successes or make improvements
  • Save on carrying costs with serialized inventory management
  • Includes Sage Business Care

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Sage 50 Accounting Integrations

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Sage 50 Accounting integrates with bill.com. Bill.com is an on-demand accounts payable app for small and mid-sized companies, with this app yo...
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Billing and Invoicing

Sage 50 Accounting integrates with BillQuick Online. BillQuick Online is a simple and easy to use web-based time tracking, project management and time...
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Expense Management

Sage 50 Accounting integrates with SutiExpense. SutiExpense can be easily configured to meet the unique expense reporting needs of any business, ...
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Sage 50 Accounting integrates with iBE.net. iBE.net is a time and billing software designed especially for consulting firms; it will help them s...
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Sage 50 Accounting integrates with Corecon. Corecon v7 is a web-based construction software suite that includes industry best practices to incre...
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Sage 50 Accounting integrates with VeriClock. VeriClock is an online employee time tracking tool that is designed to help companies save 5% or mor...
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Critic Reviews

  • 73

    Cloudswave Score for Sage 50 Accounting

    Rating based on 15 Critic Reviews

    10 Favorable reviews
    83 %
    1 Mixed reviews
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    1 unfavorable reviews
    8 %
  • Sage 50 Complete is an excellent choice for small businesses. It is a comprehensive system that handles so much more than basic accounting. It provides business with insight, reporting, payroll processing, customer management and inventory control. Sage also offers helpful add-ons such as credit card processing, POS software, documents management and mobile access. Sage grows with your business, with the ability to manage up to 499 employees and an unlimited inventory database. If you are looking for a product to help manage all the tiny details of your business easily, Sage 50 Complete is an apt choice.

  • Sage 50 Quantum Accounting is the most capable desktop-based, low-end accounting software available. True midrange accounting solutions like NetSuite, however, are built for anytime/anywhere access and more customizable, complex financial processing.

  • Overall, this is an impressively comprehensive package, with standard features encompassing everything that an accountant in a small firm is likely to need, with the possible exception of foreign currency trading.

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User Reviews

  • 2 In total

  • User review from

    Harry Lee

    Sage 50 and the associated Sage Drive now has a strong solution that covers all the areas required for an SME organisation across Payroll, Accounts and the new Pensions module. The training and support team are excellent, and the product after some recent revamps is now strong again and has many of the features lacking in previous versions. We have 55 users and across payroll, accounts, tax and the new pensions plan the Sage 50 Accounting modules have been effective and easy to use for all of them. The new Sage Drive enables third party and multiple internal users to change and edit however these still need to be backed up locally. There are more planned updates to come, and they are now back on track with the competition across the modules. We have a non-finance user who has picked it up in a few weeks also and so that speaks volumes for how easy it is to use.

    Pros :

    • Sage Drive is one of the missing pieces preventing Sage 50 from competing with the others. All of the modules are good for accounting, and non-account personnel and the sage drive now offers much more flexibility for C-level, management, accounts and accounting partners so update share and report on accounts and associated information.
    • Training and support are good, and we recently had a trainer in for half a day to answer our questions and help with the pension module which is a concern for many small business owners at the moment.

    Cons :

    •  Can still feel a little dated in parts and a little block based on many modules but still effective as an off the shelf accounting package.

    • October 8, 2015
  • User review from

    Nick Jastrebski

    Peachtree accounting the widely used small business accounting software is now Sage 50. There are new enhancements and additional features included with the name change. The rebranding has also led to improved customer support. Some of the features added include the Sage Business Care benefit, Expanded Amount, and Currency Field Lengths and Sage 50 Business Intelligence Enhancements. They’ve stepped up their game in recent years and now offer a robust Payroll solution that was previously not available.

    Another expansion is into the mobile payment sector, with easy to use mobile Point of Sale solutions. Those looking for a basic less expensive solution also have the benefit of free online backup.This is a great feature for the first year as you’re starting out, but be aware that as your company file continues to grow you’ll eventually need to pay for larger backup. Sage backup has the benefit of enhanced cloud security, but as the file size grows the cost grows with it significantly. You can always consider other less expensive cloud options once you reach the 2+ GB threshold.  Sage 50 gives you most of the same features as a pro level version of Quickbooks used to. The basic pro account allows you to track finances, issue invoices, pay bills and manage cash flows. One step above that Sage 50 Premium introduces the ability to manage inventory along with jobs and expenses.

    The highest level “Quantum” allows robust user control, unlimited support, automatic updates, and industry-specific features. Specializations for manufacturing, construction or distribution particularly allow you to gain further insight into how well you’re running your business. If you have 20+ users with any accounting skill limitations, the additional customer support truly is worth it. They’ve really stepped it up in that area, and it’s helped give them a focused edge compared to the support offering of Quickbooks.

    If you’re looking to add on any custom functionality, Sage may be the way to go because they’re much more open to 3rd party support compared to some of the other larger companies like Intuit.  While this system does require a bit more accounting knowledge than Quickbooks to use, it is still an excellent accounting solution. Since some things are a bit difficult to track, most small businesses/entrepreneurs utilizing SAGE 50 still want to refer to their accountant.

    Pros :

    • Full features.
    • Great inventory options and overall on par with Quickbooks.
    • Significant strides in customer support have improved the ability to get started using this software package.

    Cons :

    • Pricey compared to Quickbooks when the features are comparable.
    • QB is the industry leader for good reason.

    • September 26, 2015
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Sage 50 Accounting

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