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    As an individual consultant I often employ outsourced staff who are involved in designing the Business Plan documents. The biggest problem ww were usually faced with was working in correlation between our work processes. With all these wonderful tools of Microsoft Office, Dropbox, etc., it still could turn into a mammoth of task to complete the Business Plan in an efficient and timely manner. Never mind the mistakes which were occurring because of the multitude of people involved and the documents created. Acquiring iPlanner's Strategy Designer has enabled us to combine all of our work tools into one place. Now instead of creating multiple documents, everything is being directed to and stored in one place. Strategy Designer kind of combines the Microsoft Office and Dropbox. It is very simple to use, hence, perhaps, the lack of User manual. The only downside could be a price. Although, it is very reasonable for larger corporate entities, it may not look very friendly towards smaller businesses. The service works only online which might not be an option for everyone. Overall it is a great product and well worth its money. Also, the support offered by the iPlanner team is very quick and accurate.

    Pros : Evrything is brought together in one place (document). Very intuitive in using - easy to use. Quick responses from customer service.

    Cons : Probably, slighlty too expensive for small businesses.

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    A useful Cloud based collaboration tool

    The iPlanner.NET Strategy designer lets many different members of a team work together to create a single, company unifying document. Cloud based collaboration such as this is particularly useful in that it eliminates the necessity for additional IT hardware such as servers or specialty devices. The cross platform availability is particularly useful when different team members are using different hardware to access the Strategy Planner. Unlike some other cloud based platforms, it´?¢s a great value. Users who wish to work on a particular plan while in an environment that lacks connectivity will have to wait, as it requires a constant internet connective to function. The ability to work in an offline mode and then integrate back into the online mode would be helpful. A definite plus is the export function, where the final document can be in HTML, a PDF file, or Microsoft Word. This makes the document accessible to many more people. I would definitely recommend this product.

    Pros : Being able to collaborate online with multiple people seamlessly is the biggest plus in my book.

    Cons : More information about how the data in the Cloud server is protected would be useful. Cyber security audits are becoming more common in larger scale businesses, and that kind of information is vital.

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    Great App to turn your Strategy into actions

    Hi, I am a Coordinator of the research cell of a Institute and one of my key responsibilities includes building the annual plans and flowcharts to carry out the research and development activities of the department. This is a task which requires a lot of effort and precision and I was always looking for a helping hand and my search ended up at iPlanner.NET by NetEkspert. It's a simple program to handle but robust in its functionalities, iPlanner.NET includes templates and tools needed to create a variety of business plans, including ones for start-ups as well as growth and marketing plans. With iPlanner.NET, you can import financial information from other accounting programs. It also has step-by-step tutorials for each section of the business plan and financial calculators and chart generators to help make financial analysis easy. This tool helped me to carry out my activities efficiently and I also got appraised by my officials. I also encourage my students to use this tool for their project works. Thank You! iPlanner.net

    Pros : ´?¢ International, multilingual approach. ´?¢ Simple user interface. ´?¢ Ability to handle a variety of currencies and templates.

    Cons : ´?¢ Rudimentary set of options. ´?¢ Limited flexibility.

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  • To summarise, iPlanner.net offers a decent service for helping entrepreneurs develop a business plan and manage a team. However, it doesn’t particularly stand out as exceptional or offer any features that set it apart from its competitors. It’s a solid choice, but nothing revolutionary.

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  • iPlanner is a choice to consider for your small business plan writing needs if you don't need specific industry templates outside of food services and technology. The document-creation tools include the important financial calculators and chart generators to help you create the financial section of your plan. Mentor and other professional guidance is available if you need it. Unfortunately, you are required to pay extra for these services.

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