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  • Intacct is a highly efficient cloud-based accounting software created for small to medium-size businesse. Rapidly growing industries that require active financial monitoring such as healthcare, wholesale distribution, and retail can benefit from this software.

    Pros :

    Cons :

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  • "Intacct Review"

    Intacct Use Cases and Deployment ScopeIntacct is used by our organization.  We are also an IAP for Intacct, and provide it as an accounting solution to clients we serve. It is an accounting solution, I'm not sure it addresses any problems.

    Pros : Intacct is a fantastic report writer. Any data that is entered into this system can have a report generated without having to take it to another product like excel to get to the result we need.Dimensions bring features and capabilities we have not had access to in other accounting software solutions.

    Cons : Importing of bank activity is a feature that is lacking.Accounts payable/receivable ledgers & activity do not reconcile as credits to the accounts are not included in the aging.

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    Best tool for middle-market companies

    Intacct Use Cases and Deployment ScopeMy department provides outsourced accounting services. Intacct is our primary tool for middle-market clients with needs beyond basic financial reporting and recordkeeping. With many of our clients being foreign-owned, the cloud environment and custom reporting are just what they need.

    Pros : The custom reporting package is robust and doesn't require advanced scripting training like some other ERP options.The web-based deployment is great for modern companies with remote employees and international business.Quarterly feature updates are deployed smoothly and seamlessly, unlike the tricky upgrade process of other programs.

    Cons : The various modules are somewhat "siloed" off, and some business transactions are tricky to record (reimbursing employee expenses through payroll, recording billable client expenses on corporate cards, etc.). Other programs allow cross-module transactions simply by tagging the data to the correct dimension.Many basic fields are unchangeable once entered, such as employee IDs and GL account numbers. You must always think ahead when adding new data.Cash management doesn't always mirror modern bank

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    "Intacct Review"

    Intacct Use Cases and Deployment ScopeIntacct is being used as an alternative to QuickBooks when we have clients that are larger in scale or who require more in depth reporting needs that QuickBooks cannot deliver.  We generally only implement GL / AP / AR; however are looking to work with additional modules in the future.

    Pros : Reporting - The flexibility of the reporting is great, and allows you to use a number of dimensions that other systems do not allowIntegration with outside tools is huge and adds flexibility when working with companies in different industries

    Cons : Inventory management - The inventory functionality does not allow for a lot of flexibility and seems to require a significant amount of manual processingTraining on reporting - I would like to see training specially targeted to helping users create custom reporting

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  • Intacct

    It is a great software. Please make sure that your set up is done correctly if not you will have a lot of hiccups down the road. They have a great support and online help. If your system needs more detail attention you have to pay if you dont have the package. Overall it flows with a lot of different apps also like bill.com and nexonia which we also use.

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    Flexible and easy to use

    I've been using the Intacct system for over a year to enter timesheets and expense reports and run financial reports. I've also obtained some familiarity with the invoicing capabilities. Overall, I find it easy to use, and am thrilled with its flexibility in creating program and project codes and customizing reports. The system I used prior to Intacct was not intuitive, but when I transferred to using Intacct, I quickly caught on and have had no problems obtaining the information that I need - in the format that I need it. My company takes advantage of the ability to create hierarchies in programs/projects, as well as the ability to customize reports to streamline certain project management-related tasks. I also appreciate that it is cloud based, although this seems to lead to a few quirks in time entry (small delays in loading task field options). The system I used previously only permitted a certain number of users at any one time, but I'm able to keep Intacct open on my computer all day long, and can enter time or expenses as they're incurred, and can run reports without waiting for software to load (or for people to log off).

    Pros : Flexibility, cloud-based, easy to use

    Cons : Occasionally slow to load a few field options, some quirks with scrolling in report request windows

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    Great Cloud Accontng System

    It has been almost 6 months since I started using Intacct. It is really user friendly and easy to navigate in the system. It is kind of tricky to upload all journal entries but once you get the hang of it, one or two days duration of entering data is shortened to two or three hours. I didn't have any formal training but was able to master the system really quick.

    Cons : We are printing our checks through Intacct, inclduing routing number and account number. Somehow the format is not a standard format so the checks printed through Intacct cannot be deposited through any phoneApps out there.

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  • This cloud ERP software has provided me with profound economic proficiencies that are hard to find anywhere else. Ideally, any business professional would wish to have complete control over the financial management software that they are using, right? I feel that this software is quite flexible, and it functions just the way I want according to my business requirements.
    Intacct is amazing and keeps finances Intact.

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  • Intacct is a powerful and advanced cloud-based accounting software designed to meet the accounting demands of for small to medium-size enterprises that are ready to leave entry-level accounting platforms or midmarket solutions.

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  • Intacct is an old, trusted name in the relatively new field of cloud-based accounting. It would be a good solution for QuickBooks upgraders or any small or medium-sized business that wants to start with the core financial modules. Its scalability lets companies grow comfortably in a familiar environment.

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  • Intacct is best fit for organizations who need the sophistication and power of a mid-market accounting package. Accounting firms and value added resellers who want to run the system for their in-house general ledger, sell new services, and support their customers on the product. Ideal for businesses in a wide range of industries, although the organization should have an internal accountant or outsourced its accounting to get the most out of this powerful system.

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  • Intacct targets the SMB market and delivers a competitively strong product. The on-demand accounting software solution is best suited for organizations that have outgrown their original accounting system and require deeper functionality, more flexibility and visibility into their finances and business operations.

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  • Intacct's accounting tools offer adaptive, building-block solutions for businesses of any size. Cost-effective, as-needed services, and cloud deployment and accessibility are strong benefits of Intacct's inventory and asset tracking tools. The ability to build as you go lets small businesses access necessary resources in a way that doesn't put strain on cash flow. However, it doesn't work as stand-alone asset management software with compliance and accounting functionality.

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