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CALUMO integrates your planning (budgeting and forecasting) and reporting into one easy-to-use application. Users can enter data securely to the CALUMO database directly via Excel or Web pages.

CALUMO planning models offer driver-based, top-down and bottom-up planning. This data feeds directly and instantly into your CALUMO reports.  Traditional tools for planning (budgeting and forecasting) are disconnected from Business Intelligence tools.

In most cases, Microsoft Excel is used for planning and reporting. Building simple models and reports in Excel is fast but it becomes difficult to use as your organization and reporting requirements grow.

CALUMO solves this problem by moving your sophisticated business model into a secure cube/Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), In-Memory Tables, and Online Transactional Processing (OLTP) database. CALUMO gives easy access to entire data and report data fast.

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