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  • Veer doesn’t have the selling power of other microstock agencies, they’re also very slow to review content, and still have a few quirks in their system. But the average royalty per download, until now, is well above average. Extended License royalties are also well above average. This is what makes Veer a respected and well-liked agency in the microstock industry. But all that will go away if the current subscription plan is implemented as it is.

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  • Veer is not an inexpensive stock photo agencies though tey do have a great range in prices. To gain more contributors and more images, they are currently supporting their contributors more than their buyers. Veer is aware that they need more images and fonts for their stock photo agency if they wish to be competitive with the larger more popular stock agencies.

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  • The great thing about Veer is that your revenue per download is generally quite good for microstock with their credit system. However they just went live with their new subscription program in December 2011, so only time will tell if that will turn Veer into just another low-paying subscription dependant site. In their defence though, they listened to the microstock community when implementing their subscription system (after initially revealing a horrendous design that almost everyone bailed out of), so hopefully it will serve both contributor and agency well in the long run. All in all though, Veer is a good microstock agency to be a part of. Don’t expect a flood of downloads, but every now and then you may just get a very pleasant surprise (especially with their excellent Extended License rates).

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