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  • Great Booking System

    For quite some years we were taking bookings with PayPal in a very time consuming and not really professional way, but we dealed with it. But once we tried to upgrade to 'Business' incredible problems rose. Customers service at PayPal have no idea what they were talking about. Everytime you try to contact them again for the same issue, you alway deal with another person. As many persons I spoke to, as many advises I got. Eventually they simply blocked my account and just left me and my company without any means to take online bookings. So for PayPal, less than zero stars. During research on the Internet for an alternative booking system, I quickly found out that it's very difficult to get a Payment Gateway setup if your living and running a business in a country such as Cambodia. I also found out that so called 'Free' online booking systems are very limited in terms of possibilities and terms & conditions I did not felt comfortable with. Than I came across Trekksoft. I was completely surprised of the 'customer care'. They are very knowledgeable, very friendly and usually replies on various questions are almost instantly. My biggest concern of getting a Payment Gate setup was solved in less than a second. Actually you do not need one and can simply use Trekksoft Payment Gateway. No questions asked and no need to send tons of business documents. The Trekksoft account was setup very easely and after a couple of days, we were online again.

    Pros : Even for the 'Standard' account, lots of possibilities. Very professional appearance. Incredible support team. Not free, but also 'No' worries. Very easy to obtain a Payment Gateway. On the fly tracking of bookings and block dates. Literally taking your business in your pocket.

    Cons : It has a fairly steep learning curve but very well balanced out with the amazing support. Not yet flawless intergratable with Joomla. No Android App available yet. Payout only once a month.

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    Amazing Customer Support

    I took months to find the right company to help manage our growing adventure company. We use many different outlets and marketing strategies so the company needed to have its feet under it and provide enough bells and whistles to accomodate several specific nuances. After many calls, emails back and forth and contacts with various staff members, we finally decided to use Trekksoft and are very happy with our decision even almost 1 year later.

    Pros : Great Customer Service

    Cons : They don't promote for you but I guess that's my job anyway.

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