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  • Fantastic service, these other guys are crazy..

    We have been using Rezgo since 2012 and use it to manage our many different inventory items (day excursions, party bookings and overnight accommodations), and must say it is very straight forward, user friendly and has fabulous support. The program is very easy to navigate and always evolving (which I would say is a plus as they also acknowledge requests from individuals and truly care about helping to develop in a way that will work for you); the team is always quick to respond if I have a question.

    Pros : They also have a great "co-branding" feature where they can make your "reservations" page or your "book now" page look exactly like your current website, so it keeps the entire look of your site cohesive. As it is all based online, you can access this information from anywhere as opposed to getting a software program that only sits on that one computer in the office.

    Cons : Nothing really - always improving, moving forward!

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    Rezgo 6 saved me thou$and$

    It's always frightening when a software provider lets you know they a releasing a new update but Rezgo gave us over 9 months to prepare for the changes that were coming. I had 11 different clients to look after in the new update so the 3 months in Rezgo Beta was great to get everything in order for the launch date. We had a few issues in a beta and when the accounts went live but the sales and support team at Rezgo were worth the 5 stars I gave them on this review. Every issue we had was taken care of in less than 12 hours and we got all of our client accounts up to date. The new Rezgo 6 is full of great new features and a pleasure to use and manage. My IT staff love it and we have generated over 125,000.00 EUR/141,437 USD in sales since Rezgo 6 has launched. I have tested out a lot of other booking solutions and Rezgo has come out on top each time. The proof is in my sales. I have used Rezgo for over 3 years now. The clients I have that use Rezgo as their booking solution are happy and always give me great feedback so that's why it gets 5 stars. Kind Regards, A very happy MD Liam Sinnott Vivit Ireland.

    Pros : After using the Rezgo software for tours and activities in a Christmas festival I have found my favorite feature in the software. This is the "Move Item/Date" button. This feature saved me thousands of Euro in cancellations and possible charge backs from our bank merchants. I had forecast a possible 3% cancellation/Charge-back percentage but now 2 months after the end of the festival and having the ability to reschedule just over 800 of my customers bookings I was able to decrease that percen

    Cons : The reporting features in Rezgo are a fantastic resource. You can generate booking, revenue, manifest and transaction reports to research and study who, what and where your customers are. However I would love to see this information maybe displayed in graphs or tables on a dashboard. I had to export all my bookings in excel sheets and then convert the stats into graphs using Microsoft Office. The information I got from these reports were priceless so it would be fantastic to have this on a dash

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    Definitely not for the big leagues.

    This software is ok if you are a small business, but if you are planning on expanding in any way I don't recommend it. They recently changed over to a new platform and have been emailing us loads of emails saying a change is coming and that "there is nothing you need to specifically do". Then I wake up on Oct 1st and all the images on my website are down for a full day and we are not a small tour company. I asked them to pay the invoice to my programmers to fix the issues, 2 hours, and they said they wouldn't. I spoke to a rep there who said "You should have been responsible for these changes." I told him if he had alerted me properly I would have. They didn't really seem like they want additional business nor want to please their customers. Beyond that interface is subpar. There are much better Outsourced CRMs out there. Customization is very difficult and will cost you loads with your web designers. Their interface is tricky and filters don't allow you to easily track promo codes. It is also very difficult if you run a tour at varying times per day. Very easy to make mistakes and loose track of customers. If you are a small tour company maybe, but if you are planning to get larger I would look else where.

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  • The small business owner in the travel industry can really appreciate Rezgo. The site offers a simple, fair fee system and includes numerous tools that can improve customer service capabilities for the user. Rezgo even offers assistance with account set up to those who request it.

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