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PhotoSnack is an online resource that let users create and share photo slideshow presentations along with online photo galleries. By default, PhotoSna... Learn More

Listed in : Photography

Create slideshow for PC / TV / WEB and ddit photos, playlists, and DVD Menus.... Learn More

Pricing Starting From

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Free Plan

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$ 29.99
Single payment / 1 user(s)

Available Features

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15 images/slideshow

with watermark

lower image quality.

HTML5 free slideshow templates

Stylish & fresh design

High customizability

Possibility to add background music to your slideshows

Option to add descriptions and links to your photos

Possibility to add photos from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket and SmugMug

Free unlimited hosting

Share easily on Facebook and other social networks

Simple publishing system

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Easy step-by-step interface for photo slideshow creation

Add pictures, music and comments

Advanced live preview

Change all your slideshow settings as they are playing in real time!

Bring your photos to life with transitions and animations

Customize the transitions or let Photo DVD take care of it for you!

Edit photos: rotated, change to black and white or sepia

Add audio playlists for different background music

Cloudswave Editorial Review

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PhotoSnack Review by Cloudswave

4shared is one of the most famous file storage and document management services with many additional features. There are dozens of similar services. But there is also the great demand for storing the files online, so each of them has its own users. It’s unbelievable, but only 10 years ago it seemed ridiculous to store files online. Today working with the data that is stored on the remote server seems as natural as to having the mailbox.

Why do we upload files online?

People are uploading files online with different purpose. Here are some of them.

Data backup

Sometimes it is important to upload really large files and to have a lot of space for files storing. It is handy to have the online backup of the music, photo, and movie collection. In this case the storage period really matters, because you need to be sure that the data wasn’t deleted because you haven’t accessed it for some time.

Data synchronization

Many file storage providers offer the data sync features in our days. Because most of us have more than one device for working with files (e.g. laptop, PC, smartphone) it’s incredibly handy. The user has the possibility of downloading the files from anywhere and in some cases even have access to the version history.

Easy data sharing

Usually file hosting services offer the easy way of sharing data with the other people. So when the file is stored online it can be sent to the bunch of people without using the archaic attachments.

What’s more is important?

Sometimes additional features really matter. Listening to the music from the user’s own collection online and convenient mobile app for uploading data are among them. Of course the reliability of the service means a lot. The majority of users prefer the file hosting that have been functioning here for some time.

What is 4shared?

Founded in 2005, 4shared is a popular file storage service that offers many additional features and even social ones. It allows storing various types of files in the cloud, easy sharing them with the world, searching for public files uploaded by other users. It is possible to view images, play music and video directly from the cloud without downloading to the local computer, smartphone or tablet (though downloading is also possible). 4shared actually have two main purposes: uploading, storing and sharing your own files; downloading files of other users.
It’s worth noting that 4shared is not the best choice when you need to quickly share some files with the other people. First of all, it is impossible to upload files to the server without registration. Secondly registration is also generally needed for downloading files. Despite the fact that you don’t need to register for getting images, you still need to create 4shared account or fill in your credentials from one of the social networks to download the majority of file types. 4shared 1

Free vs Premium

4shared has loyal restrictions for the free users of the service. Basic free registration allows you to download up to 15 GB of data into your account. The maximum file size is 2048 MB. The files are stored 180 days since the last login. It is allowed to download and upload files totaling up to 3 GB daily (or 30 GB monthly).
Free features include the online file manager, which makes it easy to create folders, to move, to copy, and to delete files, to listen to the audio files and to view the video files in real time. Users can also work with 4shared desktop client and with free applications for the popular mobile platforms. There is also free WebDav support. 4shared 2 4shared Mobile app for Android offers the standard set of functions: there are files search, downloading, uploading, and sharing. Using the app settings one can enable or disable the integrated browser for viewing images, videos and music directly through the app.
Paid plan costs $9.95/month (or $77.99 if you pay for the whole year). It includes 100 GB of space for storing files, the ability to upload files of almost any size (up to 100 GB) and to download 100 GB per month. The files are stored for 1 year. There is an option to use download managers and to resume broken downloads, and there are no advertisements while downloading the files. Also in addition to the media files streaming the user gets the chance to edit the text files online.

Using 4shared for files uploading

There are several ways of files uploading to 4shared. It is possible to use the web interface or the desktop client that is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Premium users can also upload the files through the FTP or SFTP protocols (which is certainly faster). There is also WebDav protocol support. This allows working from the desktop with all the files added to 4shared account. You only need the client that supports the WebDav protocol. The freeware program CyberDuck is a good example.
The web interface supports drag-and-drop for files uploading (note that this feature is not supported in Safari and Internet Explorer browsers). This way separate files or even the whole folders can be uploaded. Drag-and-drop is also supported in the desktop application. Here it is possible to control the uploading speed and the number of simultaneous downloads, to predefine the destination folder. There also some advanced settings. For example the user can configure the program behavior if the file with the same name is already exists. It’s also worth noting that 4shared desktop client may use proxy for uploading.

Using 4shared for files sharing

Many users select 4shared from the tons of other file storage services due to the advanced sharing features. It is very easy to share the uploaded files — the ready link is always one click away. Once the public link is created it could be sent via email to the recipients. One more handy option is the QR-codes support. Every 4shared file has the unique QR-code, so the smartphone users that have the appropriate app, can get the download link very quickly. 4shared 3 However there are some limitations for the free users. The created links are not direct and show ads. The creating of direct links is available only for the premium users. Due to this feature there is no problem to embed the files links to the website (and many 4shared users actually do so!). Premium 4shared users can also view and analyze the download statistics which includes the info about the time of last downloading and the number of downloads.
Not only files, but the folders could be shared with other users, and there is an option to set the permissions for each folder and subfolder. Inside the account it is possible to create the own folder structure for easy and quick access to data. The information can be protected from the unauthorized access through setting permissions and setting passwords on critical folders. It’s also worth noting that even if the folder is public, the separate files in it can have different access levels.

Using 4shared for files downloading

Being the premium 4shared user it is intelligently to use the downloading features. 4shared has the integrated search engine, and the users may find and download the files uploaded by the others. It is possible to leave comments for file owners and even chat with friends. So if some of your friends also use the service it even can be the sort of social network.
The downloading is possible through the desktop client. There is the separate tab for it. The destination folder, as well as the maximum downloading speed can be configured. It is also possible to set the program behavior in case of existing files. 4shared 4 Premium 4shared users can use their favorite download managers for getting the files. The support of resume feature in download managers is great, especially if there is a need for downloading the big files. The number of simultaneous threads is not limited, but don’t forget about the bandwidth limitation (which is 100 Gb per month). Iа the bandwidth is exceeded the premium user loses its downloading advantages till the end of the month.
There are some more options that can be handy while downloading the big amount of files from 4Shared. The premium users get the option to view the content of ZIP archives while working with web browser. Secondly if there are a lot of files that need to be download one can use the online archiver and get one ZIP file. 


Whether you frequently need to upload some data online or downloading movies, music, and other types of content from the net, 4shared may help. Despite the fact that all its features are available only for premium users the price isn’t too high and many options are free.
We highly appreciate the free desktop client, the modern web interface with drag-and-drop support and free mobile apps. Integration with social networks is also a big plus, because there is no need to create the separate account.

PhotoSnack Review by Cloudswave

Office 365 is a step taken by Microsoft combining all their basic and enterprise products into a single cloud-based solution. Microsoft has not only integrated its usual office suite but also added applications like Exchange Server for email, Sharepoint for social networking and collaboration, Lync for communication, VoIP, and video conferencing and also Yammer an Enterprise social network.

There are a few variations of the service depending on the end use namely Personal, Enterprise, Small Business and Education all with different prices and features tailor-made for the segment.

Microsoft has learned from its mistakes and recognized that most users aren’t willing to give up things with which they are already comfortable. Office 365 has done just that, keeping all your favorites things the same your applications are now clouded and they now seamlessly connect and communicate with each other.

Office 365 Review 1

Here’s the new rich look of Office 365, with an elegant and crisp design.  It shows you all the information you would expect to have right on your start screen,  just log into your office 365 account and it gets auto customized just as the way you left it at your last device.

Once you log in, it shows your recent used files, your favorite templates, and it even remembers the graphic you chose. Therefore, it doesn’t matter where and when you sign in; whether in your office or at home, you get the feeling as if you were using your personal device, and you can use the customization you love.

Another feature that we have been waiting for is the default save on OneDrive rather than on a local disk, so it makes collaboration easier.

Office 365 Review 2

What’s new for email users in Office 365? Apart from the new refreshing design, a few other helpful features have been added.

  1.    Whenever you attach a document, it also gives you the option to upload it on OneDrive so everyone can edit and view the same attachment.
  2.    Office 365 sync your emails, calendars and contact information across all devices in real time.
  3.    Shared calendars can help you tell when other people in your team buy or free, making scheduling hassle free.
  4.    If you have confidential and valuable information on email now, you can wipe it remotely from another device to prevent unauthorized access.
  5.    It allows you to send emails up to 150 MB
  6.    In some plans, there are inbuilt archiving functions for legal discovery and compliance and the eDiscovery tool to analyze data for businesses.
  7.    Inbuilt Anti-malware and Anti–spam protection.
  8.    Controlling all aspects such as setting up new user emails, restore deleted accounts and creating custom scripts from the admin center is very easy.
Onedrive integration is one of the leading features of Office 365. It offers a whole horde of benefits. On subscribing for Office 365, you get 1 TB of cloud storage on OneDrive, although Microsoft has promised that unlimited Onedrive storage will be available to all Office 365 users soon. Onedrive also allows you to store files locally, so it is no more a problem to lose internet connection. You have your copies on your local disk, and whenever you come into an internet zone, it automatically syncs all your updates with OneDrive. Office 365 Review 3

Word Online

With Word online you can access your documents from anywhere and anytime, be it your mobile app, laptop or Tablet. Besides, you can open and edit any Office document directly through your mail, One Drive or your local disk. Hence, once you open a document using Word Online, it gives you option that whether you want to edit it online or in your desktop application. When using Word in online mode multiple persons can work simultaneously on the same document at the same time and you can see what he/she is updating on a real-time basis, making it a very useful collaborating tool.

Office 365 Review 4 Office 365 Review 5

Another new feature is the “tell me what you want to do” feature. In fact, when you type anything that you plan to do, it provides you with recommendations. For example, I want to insert a table, so when you type table in that text box, it starts popping out suggestions related to the word you just typed. It makes life a lot easier for word dummies and completely eradicates the act of using Google and searching across multiple links to find the right answer.

Moreover, since the editing and all the functionalities are online, you don’t have to worry about losing your data. In fact, it is updated every single moment you make changes to your document.

Furthermore, since it is based on SaaS (Software as a Service) model, whenever any feature is updated, you get your hands on it immediately. Therefore, it is the fastest possible way to be updated with the technology. Online reduces some burden from you PC as all the processing is done at the end of Microsoft Servers.

Office 365 Review 6

Additionally, there is a mobile based application available for the Office 365, which is again robust and well designed. It has all the basic functionalities and is designed to make scrolling through the document easier and fluent. One feature I especially like about the app is that you can quickly resize the image and the text around it automatically adjusts to it.

The modern workplace is centered on sharing information and collaboration between ad hoc groups and different teams. The tools used to collaborate are different in each application – In Outlook we have distribution groups, Lync has buddy lists and Team Sites in Sharepoint. The new Groups feature in Office 365 binds all these applications together. Now you can link together your Yammer group with your SharePoint Team site while communicating with a group in Outlook, thus revolutionizing the way we think about collaboration.

Office 365 Review 7

Email handling is the need of the hour. If your work involves constant communication via email, it’s most likely you have multiple folders in your inbox and so many rules. Consequently, keeping track of all of them is a big hassle. Office 365 presents a tool named clutter that redefines the way we think of our inboxes. It automatically learns how to de-clutter by moving lower priority messages into a cluttered folder. It detects each time you act on a message and gets smarter each time. It assesses the content of your messages and even how you are addressed in the message. Thus, as you use the application, it gets smarter about your preferences and applies them to your experience. These preferences are not shared with anyone else.    

Skype Integration is another highlight of Office 365. You can Skype chat with your co-workers in the same window as you are editing your document. Combined with real-time multiple user editing it’s a real treat for the virtual workspace. You can also get Skype calls to any Mobile or landline for 60 Minutes/Month.

One note Integration automatically sync all your to-do lists and reminders with the calendar application.

Office 365 also offers integration with some new applications like Sway, a new presentation tool designed by Microsoft. Bing is now integrated with Sway, and it automatically search for images on the web based on your typed words.

Office 365 Review 8

Office 365 also includes the new Power BI suite, which is full of business intelligence and self-serve data mining tools. Primarily incorporated into Excel, it can perform tasks like geovisualization and Bing Maps data. You can also publish and access reports and do natural language query tasks on data.

The latest new Excel tool Power Maps is also available in Office 365. Power Maps allows you to transform data into images and map them on a floor plan or any other image format. Powerful BI tools combined with collaborative tools make Office 365 remarkably useful in the workplace.

Office 365 Review 9

In addition to having features for the user, Office 365 offers some very intuitive administrator functions making it easy for IT admins to perform regular tasks. 365 has a comprehensive administrator panel, which arranges all the functions in a simplistic manner.

Office 365 Review 10

An administrator can also set a customized active sync device policy, it also allows the administrator to restrict or allow sync to mobile devices in case of confidential information, which cannot be allowed outside the organization.

Office 365 Review 11

Sharing a document has never been easier than Office 365. As soon as you save a document, you have multiple sharing options wherein you can share via Sharepoint, email or pdf by a single click.

Two words that describe Office 365 are integration and compatibility. Microsoft has done a good job considering the complexity and no of functions they have tried to incorporate seamlessly into a single bundle. The support for Office 365 has deteriorated over time although it is adequate at the moment and not bad.

Optimum use of tools such as SharePoint and OneNote and marred by the lack of users using these applications. Almost everyone I know is entirely comfortable with Google Drive and Evernote and are reluctant to move to SharePoint and OneNote. Thus, having no collaborators reduces the utility of these collaborative tools.

However, there are a few compatibility issues with One drive, which requires you to use two separate accounts to sign into Windows 8 and Office 365, almost as if Windows and Onedrive come from one company and Office 365 from another.

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No Cloudswave Editorial Review available yet.

Most Favorable User Review

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User review from
Maryna Bondarenko
Jan 13, 2016

Experienced webmasters know that people don’t like to read, and the items description is not the exception. It is easier to see and estimate the product than to read text with a lot of adjectives. It’s a good idea to add the product photos on the site using the slider. Moreover, a definite plus of the slider is the opportunity to show many images using slideshow. But slider creating and placing it on the website often requires knowledge of HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT/JQUERY and other web technologies. But what about those who do not yet have the technical knowledge to create a slider? In this case, the Photosnack service will help. It’s easy to set up the slider size, functionality, sound and appearance. The slideshow option is on by default, and there is 6 seconds interval between the images. These parameters can easily be changed by users. It is also possible to include the image info, title and description, to show navigation buttons and share buttons.The slider’s background can be disabled or changed. It is not necessarily to upload the photos for the slideshow from the local computer. You can use photos from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, Instagram, and more services. Just login to your social account and add the appropriate photos from it. There are some templates for the photos are available. It’s great that the user can switch between them, so it’s easy to see how each one looks with the selected photos. But note that not all the templates support auto play, so be attentive while choosing the right one. Also it’s worth noting that the free user can’t download the slideshow to the computer. This option is only available for the premium users.

Pros :

  • Ease of use.
  • Many social services support.
  • The slideshow code could be easily embed to the site.

Cons :

  • Not all the templates support auto play.

screenshot for PhotoDVD



No favorable user review available yet for PhotoDVD.

Most Favorable Critic Review

screenshot for PhotoSnack


Michael Watkinson , GetApp

Tuesday 08 December 2015

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Demo Video

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PhotoSnack Demo Video

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PhotoDVD Demo Video


No Demo Video Available.


Typical Customer

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  • Business
  • Personal Use
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  • Business
  • Personal Use

Supported Devices

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Supported Languages

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  • English
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