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ZBrush is a digital sculpting tool that combines 3D/2.5D modeling, painting, and texturing. It uses a proprietary "pixel" technology that stores lighting, material, color, and depth information for all objects on the screen.

ZBrush is used for producing high-resolution models to be used in movies, games, and animations, by companies ranging from ILM to Electronic Arts.

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    Eric Matthews

    Pixologic's powerhouse, which over the course of a decade has become a mature software application excels in its one true mission - organic modeling. To be more precise, zBrush is, without doubt, the go-to app for creating highly detailed humanoid, robots, animals and even hard surface, highly detailed items.

    While the user interface takes some getting used to if you already have some experience in other 3D apps (especially those built around the WInOS paradigm), new users seem to be able to adopt the UI with a little better ease as they don't have to unlearn a workflow. DynaMesh allows uniform sculpting and meshes generation without worrying about stretching the underlying geometry. zSpheres add to these ease of creation by allowing clean base mesh generation. And while modules such as Texture Painting (PolyPaint, Spotlight, and UV Master) have become far less quirky in the last few years, with its adoption of Adobe Photoshop style layers and masking operation (specifically in its texture painting module), it still takes some getting used to if you've used Photoshop and are used to the Adobe way. Tools such as Spotlight that allow you to project an image (and maintain the ability to manipulate it) to the surface of a model by painting and sculpting is fantastic and worth the investment if you need photo-realistic models.

    The modeling and creation tools are without peer and too vast to list here. But as zBrush has grown over the years and matured, it has been slow to shed some old functionality and could definitely use an overhaul of some items such as GoZ and Decimation Master, which allows polygon reduction and import/export of meshes to or from other major software packages. Tools such as Marvelous Designer are quickly becoming must-haves as far as the film and game market and GoZ needs to be able to provide support for that suite and others.

    This small nick does nothing to slow zBrush's market dominance and place in the market as a creation tool. Bottom line if you are serious about a career as an organic modeler, zBrush is a must have tool.

    Pros :

    • Powerful, robust tool with extensive feature set
    • Industry standard
    • Fast 64Bit performance (added with 4r7)
    • Handles extremely high data sets with easy
    • Sculpting tools are top tier
    • UI is artist-centric allowing fast workflow
    • Wide range of tutorials, learning platforms
    • Mature application with workhorse, proven, results in cinema, game and 3D printing
    • Support for Keyshot Renderer

    Cons :

    • Learning curve
    • Bulky, laden with tools from a decade of development
    • Tighter integration with import/export modules
    • Greater support for clothing creation software, rigging/skinning, and game engine tools
    • Ease learning curve for existing 3D generalist (Autodesk keyboard option)
    • Greater support for Arnold Shaders (now the base render engine included in Maya)

    • August 15, 2016
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