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Cinema 4D Studio is a 3D modeling, rendering and animation tool designed for advanced 3D professionals, the product helps you create advanced 3D graphics quickly and easily.

Cinema 4D Studio contains all the features of Cinema 4D Prime, Visualize, and broadcast, it has advanced character tools like hair, Physics engine, and an unlimited client network for rendering.

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    Darian Rawson

    I have been using Cinema 4D since Release 6. In that time, it has established itself as my core 3D suite for photo-real renderings, stylized renderings, motion graphics and 3D modeling of all kinds. I have worked in animation, motion graphics, architecture visualizations and all kinds of things in between. The main aspect that keeps me tied to Cinema 4D is that it is cross-platform for Windows and Mac, and also that the interface and general workflow is so clean and easy. At least that's my opinion, which is highly subjective.

    I love the Object organizer, Layers, the Library, and I have been using V-Ray as my renderer of choice until recently I began using the physical renderer included in R17. The software is integrated into After Effects and can do a lot to really make your skill set really broad, giving you many tools to deliver awesome work for your clients.

    Pros :

    • Camera mapping and projection mapping
    • 3D painting
    • rendering with built in Adv Renderer or Phys Renderer
    • Many plugin renderers available such as Octane and Vray or Arnold
    • Customizable interface
    • Clean interface
    • Ability to quickly switch layouts depending on your workflow
    • Procedural materials
    • Procedural modeling
    • Boolean Modeling

    Cons :

    • In my opinion, the included and additional renderers are limiting, although they are adequate quality wise they are not the fastest options
    • Sometimes confusing import and export options, although really it is probably one of the best software for this task
    • Memory Hog
    • Sometimes your layouts reset for no reason. Mostly a rare occurrence, this is really a killjoy when it happens.

    • April 13, 2016
  • User review from

    Stefan Boeykens

    Cinema 4D has evolved considerably over the last few years to be a complete modelling, sculpting, animation, scripting and rendering powerhouse for Computer Graphics, Motion Graphics, Character Animation, Special FX. It is maybe not as popular as 3ds Max or Maya, but its functionality is on the same level, out-of-the-box. For my personal purpose, I usually combine it with CAD or BIM models from SketchUp, Rhino or ArchiCAD, so the rendering and animation is more important for me, than purely the modelling. In architectural visualisation, you often integrate existing models (e.g. furniture), and the Content Browser gives a good basic set of objects, but you can also import most common 3D formats.

    In contrast with regular CAD or BIM software, which also have integrated rendering these days, their workflow is no match for Cinema4D, which has a flexible interface, with docking panels and can leave most editing panels open ("modeless"), without interrupting the workflow. This is not the case in other systems, e.g. where you open a dialog to edit a setting, close the dialog, press render, wait and re-open the dialog. You leave the settings for lights, materials or rendering open and can continuously tweak your rendering and update them. Due to the software that being part of the Nemetschek Group, they did an additional effort to work more seamlessly with ArchiCAD and VectorWorks and Allplan (other products from the same Nemetschek mother-company), so if you happen to be using one of those, it really makes sense. The good rendering engine has also been integrated into these applications, recently. You can also use it with other rendering engines, such as VRay or Renderman, although I have no use for those.

    Pros :

    • Very complete and usable system: everything is there: modelling tools, polygonal editing, sculpting, motion graphics, scripting (in code and using the visual XPresso), advanced materials, global illumination rendering (with lots and lots of options and even choice between engines and algorithms).
    • Windows and OSX supported.
    • Very good 64-bit and multi-threading support.
    • Quite stable if you have the hardware.
    • Modeling is fairly complete for polygonal and SubD editing.
    • Good set of parametric/editable modelling primitives, although NOT full NURBS support.

    Cons :

    • Quite large install, due to the included Content Coming from the CAD/BIM world, having Y as the up-direction is still not ideal for me.
    • Due to its deep feature set, it is a complex beast!
    • For architectural visualisation and especially animation, the rendering times are still considerable.
    • The complete Studio edition is quite expensive and the cheapest edition lacks some essential modules.
    • Users tend to nag that new feature sets are often introduced but not fully elaborated in updates... (maybe a problem with large, complex legacy software?).

    • January 7, 2016
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