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Wix is a cloud-based web development platform that enables users to create HTML5 mobile sites and websites, by using online drag-and-drop tools. Users can add functionalities such as eCommerce, social plug-ins, email marketing, contact forms, and community forums to their websites using a wide range of third-party and Wix-developed applications.

Thanks to its powerful technology, Wix makes it simple for everyone to go online; its professional, attractive, user-friendly, and functional interface make for outstanding results. There are no creative limits, and no coding, just the freedom to express yourself and manage your entire business online.

Wix is useful for everyone, wether you are a musician, small business owner, photographer, entrepreneur, it offers you all the tools and features you need to build an amazing online presence.

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Features & Specifications

Key Features

  • 100s Beautiful Designs
  • Top Industry Hosting
  • Drag n’ Drop website builder
  • Support Center 24/7


Supported languages
English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Polish
Serviceable Area
Australia,  Canada,  Germany,  Japan,  United Kingdom,  United States
Supported Platforms
  • Web Based
  • Mobile Web
  • Desktop Windows
  • Desktop Mac OSX
  • Mobile App IOS
  • Mobile App Android
API availability
API is available. Protocol / Formats : REST .
Access the API documentation
Wix integrates with LiveChat and more than 4 other solutions. View details
Support Options
  • Knowledge Base
  • Online Support
  • Phone Support
  • Video Tutorials

Ratings Summary

Metric Score Rank
cloudswave Score
Domain Authority 92
Alexa Rank 393
Facebook 100
Twitter 100
Google+ 100
Integration 56
Support options 90
Platforms 79
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Plans & Pricing

Connect Domain

for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • Wider Bandwidth  1GB
  • Bigger Storage     500MB
  • Connect your Domain
  • Google Analytics
  • Premim Support
  • Free Hosting


for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • Free Domain 1 Year
  • Ad Vouchers 125$ value
  • Wider Bandwidth  2GB
  • Bigger Storage     3GB
  • Connect your Domain
  • Google Analytics
  • Premim Support
  • Free Hosting
  • Remove Wix Domain
  • Get a Free Domain
  • No Mobile Ads
  • Customized Favicon


for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • Free Domain 1 Year
  • Ad Vouchers 125$ value
  • 2 Apps 118$ value
  • Wider Bandwidth  unlimited
  • Bigger Storage     20GB
  • Connect your Domain
  • Google Analytics
  • Premim Support Free Hosting
  • Remove Wix Domain
  • Get a Free Domain
  • No Mobile Ads
  • Customized Favicon
  • Form Builder App
  • Site Booster App
  • Google Adwords Voucher  75$
  • Facebook Ads Voucher 50$
  • Online Store


for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • Free Domain 1 Year
  • Ad Vouchers 125$ value
  • 2 Apps 118$ value
  • Wider Bandwidth
  • Bigger Storage
  • Connect your Domain
  • Google Analytics
  • Premim Support
  • Free Hosting
  • Remove Wix Domain
  • Get a Free Domain
  • No Mobile Ads
  • Customized Favicon
  • Form Builder App
  • Site Booster App
  • Google Adwords Voucher  75$
  • Facebook Ads Voucher 50$
  • Online Store

How to Get Your Wix Free Trial

Founded in 2006 by Giora Kaplan, Avishai Abrahami, and Nadav Abrahami, Wix.com is a cloud-based platform that specializes in providing web development services to individual users and businesses. It enables users to create HTML5 mobile and websites through the use of easy drag and drop tools, tons of free features, top-grade hosting, and 100s of designer-made templates, enhanced by a highly curated app market.

Users also have the ability to add functionalities such as community forums, email marketing, contact forms, e-commerce, and social media plugins. Do you plan on using Wix to create your HTML5 website? If yes, follow the steps below to obtain a free trial:

Step 1:

Wix Free Trial Step 1

Visit Wix's website and scroll down to understand how to build a wonderful website and also try gaining information about what features are being offered. Once done, click on the “Start Now” option, located at the center of the first page.

Step 2:

Wix Free Trial Step 2

After clicking on the “Start Now” option, a sign-up pop-up box will appear. As you can see, to sign up for the freemium account, you will be required to create an account. You can enter your email address and create a password to sign up. However, if you want to speed up the process, you can sign in with Google or Facebook.

Step 3:

Wix Free Trial Step 3

Since Wix is built on a freemium business model, you will not be able to acquire all of the sites features. It means that you need to purchase premium packages to connect your site to your domain, buy extra bandwidth and data storage, add e-commerce capabilities, and remove Wix ads.

In general, there are four plans available: Connect Domain, Combo, Unlimited, and eCommerce. Choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Now that you are familiar with the steps mentioned above, obtaining a free trial at Wix won’t be a problem.

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Wix Review by Cloudswave

Do you need a website for your business?
Do you want to have a site where you can upload some photographs into a nice gallery to highlight your talents?
Whatever the need, having a high quality website that is easy for the users to navigate, and that is aesthetically pleasing, is essential.
However, you may not have the technical knowledge to code a website, and you may not have the money needed to pay someone to build a beautiful website for you. What are you going to do? Thankfully, you can find some great and very simple to use, website creation tools available today, such as Wix.

What Is Wix?

Wix is an online tool that allows users to create their own websites quickly and easily. It is a great solution for freelancers, designers, photographers, artists, ecommerce stores, and small business owners of all types. wix2 They provide users with a powerful technology that actually does make it easy to set up a functional website that looks great. One of the biggest benefits is the fact that you do not need to know anything at all about coding. You have a substantial amount of creative freedom when it comes to building your site too.
The company has been growing very quickly, and they already have more than 69 million registered users around the world. An estimated 45,000 more people are joining the site each day. It is free to use the basic functions and to set up a basic site with Wix, which helps to account for the high number of users. However, they also have close to one and a half million paying subscribers as well.

What Are the Pros and Cons?

Naturally, the biggest benefit is the fact that the users are able to create quality sites thanks to the professional templates offered through the site. Currently, they have more than 500 different templates available. You do not have to feel locked into one of the templates if you do not want to use one though, as you can always create your own design. Still, the templates make it easy to get started.
Another nice feature is the drag and drop interface. You can move all of the various elements of your pages around simply by clicking on them and then moving them into another position. It is one of the easiest and most intuitive site builders on the market today, and that's certainly one of the reasons that so many people are choosing to use it. wix1 Of course, we mentioned free earlier. Free is certainly something that gets people excited, and it's true that the company does offer a free version that as all of the features that you could need. However, this does come with something of a drawback (at least for some people).
There are visible advertisements on the free version, and this could be a turnoff for you. When you are using a free site builder though, you have to expect there to be some advertising to help pay for the service. You can remove these by upgrading to a paid account.
What many people are doing is starting up with the free version to get a better understanding of Wix and seeing if they like the way it works as well as the results they are getting. If they like the system, they will then simply upgrade to a paid version. Of course, for those who are simply making personal sites and fun sites, the advertisements may not actually be much of a problem.
It's also important to mention one of the potential template issues you may face. Once you choose a template, you will be locked into it after you've created your site. It's generally a good idea to check out several different templates, or customize your own, so you can be sure you are truly happy with the way everything looks and works.
Wix launched some great new ecommerce tools that can help those who want to set up an online store. Some of the features include shipping tools and tax rate tools for different countries.  In addition, one of the features that Wix offers an array of different apps that you can add to your site. You can place apps for things such as scheduling, pricing, testimonials, newsletter signups and more, all without needing to code a thing.

Going Mobile

Consider the number of people who are surfing the web through their mobile devices. This number is growing by the day, and soon more people will be using their phones to look at your site than their computer if they aren't already. wix3 This means that you need to be able to cater to the needs of your audience. If you have a site that looks great on a computer screen and terrible on a small mobile screen, then you are in trouble. Wix understands this move to mobile, and they give you the ability to edit your mobile site independently from the desktop site. This lets you create a better, and unique, site for your viewers that are using mobile devices.

Fantastic Support Options

Even though getting the hang of the basics of creating a website with Wix is very simple to grasp, the company offers some great customer support and resource tools. These include training videos. They have videos that cover a range of different subjects including How to Manage Your Online Store Products, How to Organize Gallery Images, How to Add a Video to Your Site, How to Lock an Element, How to Add a Spotify Player, and so much more.
If you have a question about how to do something with the tools, there is a very good chance that one of the videos will answer it. If not, you can always get in touch with their customer support.
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Critic Reviews

  • 71

    Cloudswave Score for Wix

    Rating based on 23 Critic Reviews

    20 Favorable reviews
    87 %
    2 Mixed reviews
    9 %
    1 unfavorable reviews
    4 %
  • Wix Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI use Wix for my personal design portfolio. My use of Wix has nothing to do with the company I work for. I use it as a display of the work I did in college and now heading into my professional career. I chose Wix because of its ability to customize and create a unique website while maintaining a fairly easy user interface.

    Pros : For not having any coding/website building knowledge the site is easy to maneuver and understand what steps need to be taken to create your personal site.Wix provides a set templates to get you started but also gives you the option to customize beyond their templates to make your site stand out as much as you want it to.It can hold a lot of files and photos. I use the site as a personal project portfolio, so I'm used to uploading some large files and so far I've had no problem with loading them

    Cons : I did struggle several times with image quality once I uploaded my photos. Sometimes certain things would get a little blurry/fuzzy when the file originally wasn't like that.Like I mentioned before, I have a lot of larger files on my site. Its easy to upload them, but sometimes it takes a while for them to load on the actual site which is a point of frustration when trying to present my portfolio.I wish there was more flexibility with text and images. Some layouts only allow a short line of text

  • Wix is a robust website builder with an impeccable reputation. Its most positive sides are ease of use, great templates selection and their official apps store. However, there are things that can be inconvenient. So, weigh the pros and cons for using this platform, read other Wix website builder reviews, or even test the platform yourself to get a better idea about this web service.

  • Overall, Wix is best suited for patient users who will take the time necessary to take advantage of everything it offers. Wix tries to give the users as many options as possible. Want to drag elements around your website like a power-point presentation? Go for it! Want to a bunch of different options for photo galleries? They’ll throw in as many as possible.

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User Reviews

  • 18 In total

  • User review from

    Patricio Santirso

    Wix is a very useful site to develop your website. Very easy to use, friendly and using simple templates you can develop your own website pretty quick. Based on HTML5, Wix allows the user to use any picture, format, information, whatever you want. It is really easy to do changes, it allows integration with other systems for mailing purposes. The FAQ and Help sections are really well updated, and if you just read them, you know what to do next. If you have questions, you can send an email to an address that is replied in less than 24 hours.

    I set up my own company website using Wix and the only issue I found out was to make them stop charging me the domain. I had to take some specific actions to remove my credit card information and when I didn't need my page anymore, I paid an additional year because haven't taken that action. No one notified that the website was expiring and paid an additional year without wanting that. This is the only negative point I found out.

    I used Zoho email to monitor my company's email and was able to set it up in Wix really easy. I got from zoho the server data and put that information into Wix configuration and automatically started syncing. That was awesome, it was my first time doing that and felt it was really simple.

    I still recommend Wix to friends and colleagues, as I had an excellent experience on my side. andnbsp;The only recommendation I could do is the creation of shopping carts, That part was very difficult for me and couldn't do it (just a test, because my site didn't need it), but that could be a point I could highlight as an improvement opportunity. Hope you contact me in case you need assistance or have any questions related Wix.

    Pros :

    • Simplicity
    • Friendly interface
    • Email integration

    Cons :

    • Can't think in anything else rather than what I mentioned above.

    • August 29, 2016
  • User review from

    Jennifer L Rieff

    Wix is an option for creating one's own website for free. Wix does offer other premium plans for a low monthly fee. Each plan varies in the elements that it offers. The plans include VIP, which is the most expensive at $24.92 a month but also provide unlimited bandwidth along with other prime features; the combo is meant for personal use and comes with 2GB of bandwidth for $9.75/month; there are also plans for business use or a connected domain which offers 1 GB of bandwidth and displays Wix ads for $4.08/month. Whatever, you chose, Wix does offer many features for its customers.

    Pros :

    • I personally, like the free option of creating my own website.
    • The free version of Wix provides the following features: a regular website, a drag

      Cons :

      • One element that I don't like about Wix is that the free version of creating a website, includes free ads and a Wix domain. But, if you don't mind having Wix ads on your website, then the free version is your best avenue.
      • Another potential negative to having a Wix website, is that they may not have a template that you would like to use, so you would have to make it with the templates that they offer.

      • July 7, 2016
  • User review from

    Enmanuel Durán Salas

    Wix is one of the most popular site builders assistants out there, I've used it a couple of times to help people build his own sites when they want to learn how to do it in an easy and fast way, everybody has loved it so far. I personally find Wix really easy to use and learn (maybe because I have knowledge on website development) but I've seen a lot of people getting used to it really quick and start using it as their daily driver to create their own projects. It has some atractive designs which I think is one of the main reasons why people like using it, we usually have to buy a template.to find designs this good in other similar platforms.

    Pros :

    These are some things I like about Wix:

    • Easy to use/learn: As I said before it's oriented to the common users not only for developers, which means that the interface and the user experience is pretty intuitive and clear.
    • Website Building: Building a website with Wix is like building a basic puzzle and selecting the correct features, a little bit similar (just a little) to the wordpress admin system in some ways, you can change templates, fonts, images, create lists and a lot more when you're editing your site.
    • Plugins: I think plugins are a vital part of development because it optimizes your job and save you some time,andnbsp;Wix has a bunch of plugins to use for your website, it helps you a lot when you want to integrate some features like social networks or sharing/following systems, I've found plugins an ok feature of wix (taking in count there are just a few).

    Cons :

    • Ads are one of the most annoying things about the site and if you want to get rid of them you have to pay a plan.
    • If you are a Web developer and want to customize your site's style I wouldn't recommend using wix for this case because it's pretty limited when it comes to Frontend editing, I've used wix only to help people to create their own sites,but as a programmer I prefer doing things by myself, it's better and more customized.

    • June 29, 2016
  • User review from

    Esteban Ruiz

    The program for creating web pages Wix has become a tool very popular web authoring. It has more than 60 million users worldwide. Wix templates are very visual as they have been designed considering small businesses, restaurants, online shops, musicians, photographers, and artists. Designs are optimized for mobile devices. Wix could be supplemented with many Apps available on the App Market. I must say that the web developer makes an exemplary use of HTML 5 technology.

    It offers a free plan, but if you need more advanced as your own domain name or priority support options, you can choose one of four payment plans. They range from the Connect Domain eCommerce plan to plan.
    The best way to learn how to create a website is to start with a template and then simply click to replace and customize. If you want to create a site from scratch, it is also simple to add elements such as titles, logos, clip art, photo galleries and more as you progress.

    Wix is a tool that facilitates the needs of users with a wide communication, can be formed as a free educational platform, an information system and versatile and didactic communication, fully online and easily design can intertwine with other teaching aids such as Blackboard.

    Most creators of websites only allow you to create static pages, but Wix lets you interactively move between web pages (such as moving pages around the screen from one page to the next).
    This combination has stunning visual images that can make your website really stand out over others. However, if something differentiates Wix other proposals, it is the ability to create Flash-based sites, from submission to all housed in the content.

    Another interesting aspect in Wix is that the system generates an XML file for sites created, and that will make easier your search engine optimization, an important issue in terms Flash-based sites because often they do not usually make it easy for search engines.

    Pros :

    • Easy, fast and amazing. This is one of the points that is repeated in Wix, and I cannot agree more.
    • The fact that it took me only a few minutes to register, select a template and make a few modifications.
    • There are very brief introductory videos that will give the necessary explanations to use the various functions.
    • They have a large repertoire of web templates, very colorful and organized according to category or profession.
    • It offers a large number of extra apps to improve your website (increase traffic, communication, and finance). It also has a blog to publish your articles on a regular basis.

    Cons :

    • You will never be the owner of the web, since you're renting their services. If one day decides to end relationships with that company, there is no way to recover files or your job.
    • Free hosting is limited to 500MB of storage and 1GB of Bandwidth.
    • Wix still has to polish many aspects compared to other CMS like WordPress.

    • June 29, 2016
  • User review from

    Sara Luisa Hincapie

    Wix is a very easy drag and drop platform aimed at personal sites or small business that can't afford to have a tailor made website. It offers a very good variety of customization and a number of templates that can accommodateandnbsp; many niches such as restaurants, personal sites, beauty salons, etc.

    There's a free version and a paid one. If you choose the free version you will have the same functionalities but will be stuck with the Wix branding on several parts of your branding. Your URL will also have a .wix if you don't have a custom domain.

    Wix can be learned by anyone and that's why is becoming very popular. You don't have to know anything about web design or coding to set up a page properly, as I said is all drag and drop and customizable

    For more seasoned bloggers that try to get a better SEO, Wix doesn't have functionalities for it. Although they have been getting better with third party plugins such as Google Adsense and Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Comments and Instagram, just to name the most popular ones. You can see the complete list at the Wix Market.

    Another unexpected use for WIX is that you can design a wireframe with the drag and drop. This is something Wix is not intended for but has been very useful fro me when coming up with ideas to design websites.

    Something that Wix can improve on is the statistics. Wix does not provide a complete analytics suite and beginners cannot set upandnbsp; Google Analytics easily. Some people just need basic numbers such as the visitors during any given time frame and where the sources came from. I believe Wix can improve their product greatly if they add some kind of functionality like this.

    Pros :

    • Very Easy.
    • Customization.
    • Templates.

    Cons :

    • Analytics.
    • Not very good tools for SEO.

    • May 31, 2016
  • User review from

    James McQuillin

    Wix was my first introduction to web design, or building a website at least. I own and operate my own small business, teaching individuals how to use computers, smartphones, tablets, and technology in general. andnbsp;

    I wanted to build a visually appealing website with minimal but effective content and I knew I needed a simple solution to help me build it. Most reviews I read led me to Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace. andnbsp;It seemed Wix and Weebly were my best shot and after trying both for a few days each, I decided on Wix. I could have got my site, www.1on1lessons.com up and running in a day, but took my time to learn and not rush it. andnbsp;I made a lot of modifications within the first week or two.

    Now, I log in every now and then to modify content. Overall, Wix is a great tool but I do wish it ran a little faster/smoother in the browser. Their pricing is reasonable too. Look online for a promo code from sites like Deals Plus or RetailMeNot first too. I got 50% off my first year when I signed up.

    Pros :

    • Wix has a pretty good interface to build a website by starting with a template then learning what each element is, like stripes and anchors to build on-page links into buttons.
    • Having your builder web-based helps so you can edit anywhere, anytime. andnbsp;
    • The built-in SEO features are great, especially for a beginner that does not fully understand this side of online marketing.
    • Wix even has a site analyzer to help ensure your SEO efforts match the keywords you would like to relate to your website and business.
    • Also, the mobile editor is great to be able to make your site mobile-friendly. Be sure to actually view and manage this.
    • Do not just check Mobile Friendly and walk away because the formatting will not be correct and it will create a BAD visitor experience.

    Cons :

    • Hands down, the biggest nagging downside is the actual speed while editing my website. I presume it was always this way and I just did not notice in the very beginning because my efforts were slower-paced.
    • However, whenever I log in, just moving around a picture or text box seems to lag.
    • andnbsp;I try to group my text and pictures together because anytime I want to move something, it is difficult to accurately select nearby elements and then I lose my spacing.
    • I'm not sure if a desktop application would improve this or just make more complications, but I feel like the online interface actually performs pretty weak in terms of speed.
    • Outside of this, Wix really has been great.

    • May 3, 2016
  • User review from

    Craig Lahti

    We were looking for options to build portals to host content for dealers, reps, and other people who might require documents/images to create their sales presence. Wix provided a low-cost option for creating what we needed and with the flexibility to make designs and layouts that met our visitors' needs for finding content. It also allows for an easy password protection option which allows visitors to select their username/password, but they don't gain access until we approve their access.

    Pros :

    • Low cost Easy to adapt Attractive designs Intuitive Password protected Able to block access if needed Can send mailings directly from the Wix portal to those who are members of the site Analytics are provided.

    Cons :

    • Since it is a "Plug-'n-Play" site builder, there are limitations of what can be done with design and inclusion of 3rd party services. Many 3rd party options will provide a workaround, but some of the look and functionality is lost. This is most likely not an issue for most people building a site on Wix, but it is something to consider, if you are looking to add customized features.

    • March 4, 2016
  • User review from

    Maurizio Mangiavacchi

    Wix is a great website that allows you to create your personal or business website. With Wix, you can create a business website, but also online store, or event or a blog or portfolio. There are hundreds and hundreds of templates: Choose the right one and then let's begin to create your personal or professional website. There are a lot of features and apps that You can add. everything works with drag and drop, and there are also image editor, image galleries, effects and many more.
    You can easily add contact forms, or maps (google maps), a blog, a system for reservation or simply a social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). There is an app to create newsletters and Google event calendar.

    Pros :

    • I like the app market, where are available (free or not) form generator, comments builder, online store, hit counter and so on.
    • There is also the "intelligent action", that are something like apps that You can use to improve the communication between You and Your users: for example you can thanks users for buying an item, or send invitation to see the new shop. You can also create a feedback form for your visitor and send links via email communication, or also you can give bonus to spend in your shop, for example.
    • I also like the control panel of Wix, that is quite easy to use; from there you can manage your websites.

    Cons :

    • I think that one of the biggest issue or problem of Wix platform is that (in my experience working on it) sometimes it's really slow (we're on the cloud, ok...) and can be quite frustrating to work on your website in such way.
    • Another thing that could be really a big issue: I don't know that it's possible to export your website to another (or in premises) platform.
    • No way to export your pages, and apps to other platforms.

    • February 26, 2016
  • User review from

    melisa hardings

    Wix saved me a lot of money from hiring some website professionals, no longer I have to rely upon others to create ma a website, everything seems to be like a piece of cake to me since I started using Wix. It is so easy to create a website with my own taste. There was no need for me to take courses and learn to code it all became very easy with Wix. all I had to do was sign up for Wix, chose template favoring my concept, a vast collection of templates is available. Starting from business, lifestyle, travel, fashion, cooking and nearly every category. Instead of coding for an image or so, I would just drag and drop things to my website. We can add text, pictures, photo galleries, videos, documents, menu buttons, contact forms, and more. Moreover, each website is allowed to enhance its features, what it offers, such as we could sell or buy products through the website with its e-commerce facility, certainly Wix also allows functions such as social plug-ins, email marketing, contact forms. Although it claims it is free it cost money to buy these features, well they are worth to buy.

    Pros :

    • For small scale business, the software is very efficient.
    • Huge variety of templates is available.
    • No need to learn to code.
    • On short notice it is very easy to create a website through Wix, hence, responsive and reliable.
    • Fairly easy to use.
    • We can create numerous websites within one username.
    • GUI is very simple and user-friendly.
    • It allows SEO, hence attract the huge audience.

    Cons :

    • Bugs and glitches need to get fixed. Low customer support.
    • Unable to edit the inserted HTML.
    • E-Commerce was not easily installed,
    • Shopify is rather recommended for an e-commerce website.
    • The free version includes ads.
    • In free version one can not have the custom domain name.

    • December 19, 2015
  • User review from

    Christina Hooper

    If you need to get a website up fast, and you aren't intending for it to be your "forever" site, then Wix can be a fantastic option for tight budgets and tight timelines.

    Pros :

    • Just to put this in context - I'm a professional web developer and have been for over a decade.
    • I don't use Wix personally, but I have referred clients to it and coached them in setting up their site.
    • This is a great tool to create a quick website that looks good, indexes ok in search engines, and doesn't break the bank. So if you're looking for a fast, simple, cost-effective solution then it could be a good fit.

    Cons :

    • If you decide to use your website as any significant part of your marketing strategy, then you will outgrow Wix at some point, probably sooner than you think you will. When that happens, you will be stuck rebuilding your site on a different platform since you can't just move and upgrade it.

    • December 8, 2015
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FAQs for Wix

Wix has only been around for about five years, and many people who are thinking about using the system to build their site have questions. The following are some of the most commonly asked.  

Question: Why Are There Advertisements on My Website?

  If you are using a free version of the website builder to create your site, then your website will have advertisements on it. This helps to offset the cost for Wix, since they are paying for your site to be online. However, you can remove the advertisements simply by upgrading to a paid version.  

Question: What Packages Are Available?

  In addition to the free option, which is where many people start, they have five other tiers. These include Connect Domain, Combo, Unlimited, Ecommerce, and VIP. The pricing for each of these offerings is subject to change, so always check the most recent prices through the company's site.  

Question: Can You Move Your Site?

  Not really. One of the drawbacks to Wix is that they do not have an export feature, at least not yet. This means if you want to leave Wix and go with another site, you will not be able to take your site with you. It is proprietary web building technology and wouldn't work well on other systems anyway.  

Is Wix the Right Choice for You?

  Do you need to build a website that looks like a professional created it? If you don’t have coding skills and a lot of time to spend on your site, then a site builder is a great choice. Wix has plenty of advantages. It is very easy to use and has a low learning curve. You can create functional, beautiful sites, including mobile sites so you can keep all of your customers and visitors happy. However, make sure you consider the drawbacks that Wix has as well to determine whether it is really worth it for you or not. Those who are creating personal sites or sites for small companies may like what they see. Try the free version and if it works well, move to an upgraded option.  

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