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Sublime Text supports a number of different programming languages and is able to highlight syntax for C, C++, C#, CSS, D, Erlang, HTML, Groovy, Haskell, HTML, Java, JavaScript, LaTeX, Lisp, Lua, Markdown, Matlab, OCaml, Perl, PHP, Python, R, Ruby, SQL, TCL, Textile and XML. In addition to those that are included with the initial package, users are able to download add-ons to support further languages.

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Critic Reviews

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  • What do you like best?

    The UI is clean and simple, which is exactly what I like in a text editor. Syntax highlighting is clear but not out of control, code completion is helpful, and the right sidebar is great for scrolling through your code. My favorite feature is distraction-free mode, which full-screens the program, removes the sidebar, centers the text and lets you focus completely on development.

    What do you dislike?

    I honestly can't identify a single disadvantage of Sublime Text. I could see some people being bothered by the lack of bells and whistles, but for me, it's the perfect text editor. I hope they come out with an iOS version soon.

    Recommendations to others considering the product

    If you're looking for a lean, minimalist text editor, this is it. I still use Oxygen for XML editing due to its validation features and support for XSLT, but for almost everything else, I strongly recommend Sublime Text.

    What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?

    Coding is a fairly regular part of my job, and I've found Sublime to be the best tool for it. It's also quite good for editing other people's code.

  • Sublime Text has a good response time and minimal impact on system performance, using a very low amount of CPU and RAM. No error dialogs were shown in our tests, and the app did not hang or crash. Thanks to its modern interface and myriad of advanced options, Sublime Text should please experienced users who are looking for an all-around text editor.

  • Sublime Text is in my opinion the best text/code editor in the market which is available for Windows, OS X and Linux. So if you’re looking for a powerful solution Sublime Text is for you.

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User Reviews

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  • User review from

    Ezequiel Olea Figueroa

    Sublime Text is, from my point of view, one of the best text editors for programming. It supports a lot of languages, providing syntax control and also some recommendations for your code.

    Also, it lets you personalize it. You can install plugins to boost your programming skills, you can change the theme of the program and code your own config file.

    Although it is expensive for a text editor, you can get a free trial which you can use it all the time you want, if the pop up telling you to buy Sublime does not bother you.

    Pros :

    • Support a lot of languages.
    • Tags are opened and closed very intuitively.
    • It has a very powerful autocomplete tool.
    • You can personalize the theme with a lot of options.
    • The configuration file is easy to program and has a lot of options.
    • It lets you write at the same time in a lot of places.
    • It has a huge community that creates packages. You can install and use them to help you code.
    • It has a side bar showing a smaller version of the file that lets you move through your code very easily.
    • You can create your own key shortcuts.

    Cons :

    The things that I don't like about Sublime are:

    • It has an expensive price for a text editor, and it is not so accessible for everybody.
    • You can import your project and the editor shows it like a tree directory, but it does not work so well. It has serious issues with how it shows the files and the directory.
    • If you use the free trial version, a pop up message appear almost every time you save your file.
    • It has a run tool for projects, but it does not work so well.
    • You have to update it like once a week.

    • May 30, 2016
  • User review from

    Paolo Ferretti

    Sublime Text is a complete text editor, perfect for software developers but also ideal for quick text file edits. Personally, I appreciate the speed of this editor and the ability to extend it with plugins.

    It's the point of reference for the other editors, and it's surely the most mature developer tools out there. In my opinion, it's the best choice for a web developer that need to work with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

    Probably it's the editor of choice for web developers. The speed is fundamental to open a very large file. Probably it's the only editor capable of loading large files without problemsandnbsp;with the same speed as VI.

    Pros :

    • Sublime text is very light and fast, it uses less memory compared to its competitors, and it's not heavy on system resources. Probably these are two of the best pros for this editor.
    • This editor is multiplatform, so it works wonderfully on multiple operating systems. For example, I use it with proficiency both on Mac OSX and Ubuntu Linux.
    • This editor is very extensible and with package manager it's possible to add a lot of functionalities. For example, I customized the editor to develop with Javascript and PHP, but there are plugins for every language and technology.
    • There is also a very large community, with a lot of forums, mailing lists, blogs, and books. So there is a huge document base to learn every aspect of Sublime Text. This is very important, it's the only editor with a community like this.

    Cons :

    • The big cons, in my opinion, is that Sublime Text is a closed source software, so the maintenance of this editor is entrusted completely to a close team of developers. It's not a big problem, because fortunately Sublime Text is rock solid and doesn't need a lot of maintenance and bug fixes.
    • The other cons is the price. Probably it's a little expensive but it's worth the price.

    • May 18, 2016
  • User review from

    Esteban Ruiz

    For me, it is an excellent text editor that provides many useful features to the programming or edit code. The editor is loaded with useful and convenient features in terms of usability and efficiency, turning our editing text in an increasingly simple and enjoyable experience, as we learn to use all it's characteristics. It can be used as a free trial for a while with all it's functions without any limitation. The intention is to point out what is necessary, in an orderly manner and exemplified graphically. This application is very customizable to the point that we can change the behavior of the editor, the size and type of font, keyboard shortcuts, color schemes and other series of application options to fit our needs.

    By default includes a mini-map that allows us to quickly navigate through your code. We can also manage our projects , and even combine them, and switch between them quickly.

    I would recommend it to any novice user, even for those who are starting at programming, since it's very easy to use . Even those who like to write blogs, articles and so on, because it has a feature called "Enter Distraction Free Mode" in effect, removes everything else so you can concentrate on writing.

    Pros :

    • It is cross-platform and can be used from Windows, GNU/Linux or Mac OS X (10.7 ), It supports tabs, a feature popularized by web browsers. But perhaps one of the features that most (especially users who do not have a good memory) are appreciated, is the auto-completion. This functionality will help us remember how are written certain commands, functions, or text markup languages. As another advantage of this editor is its small size (the installer does not exceed 10MB), his almost immediate start and the ability to extend its functionality via plugins.
    • Something that it's great about Sublime Text is that it keeps our files in the same state in which we left to close the editor (without saving) and has default support for Zen Code so we can speed up our work.
    • The advantages are numerous, it is very lightweight, cross-platform, the learning curve is minimal which implies that it is very easy to use and intuitive, has many features that have become so popular in a very short time. Also, it has the ability to recognize many default programming languages (Java, Python, Ruby, HTML, etc.) without installing any additional plugin. Linux installation is also very simple and has an .exe file on the official website of Sublime Text.

    Cons :

    • The most marked disadvantage is that it is difficult to learn and configure at first, to be a text editor with the philosophy of classical editor (like VIM), which can be difficult for those accustomed to more visual tools or those who are starting in the world of application development or web pages.

    • May 18, 2016
  • User review from

    Gerardo Cordero

    In my years as a web developer, I started working with Kate a text editor that you find in Kubuntu OS, I also use Dreamweaver then I friend colleague recommended me to start using Sublime Text, the first thing I note was the low size, the speed, the amazing multiple cursor selector feature, and the useful control package to start personalizing your sublime text editor. It is pretty amazing how you can personalize your sublime text environment using themes, color schemes, programming language snippets which save you a lot of time. It is also a good practice to remember the key bindings commands.

    I let you my favorite key binding which I use to easily comment my code. Go to the menu -andgt; preferences -andgt; key bindings users and click, it will open a file, in this file you can personalize your key bindings in your sublime text:


    { "keys": ["alt 1"], "command": "toggle_comment", "args": { "block": true } },


    When you press "alt 1" it will toggle a comment so you can comment and uncomment your code.

    I recommend you to use as Theme and color scheme "Material-Theme-Darker".

    Pros :

    You can develop in a lot of programming languages supported by Sublime Text. I use Sublime text for my JavaScript apps with Angular, Meteor, Ionic and my PHP/Laravel apps. Always works amazing, It is a well-developed application from developers for developers.

    • It doesn't get slow even when you install the control package, themes, color schemes and snippets or install a package.
    • You can create your own useful snippets.
    • It has an amazing find/replaces feature that you can find very useful.
    • If you create a project file you can switch between them.
    • It works faster in both Linux Kubuntu 16.04 and Windows 10 OS where I code every day.
    • You don't need a super machine to start using sublime text, learning to develop web applications and keep growing.

    Cons :

    • If you can't pay the license, you will find how annoyed is the "purchase a license now" message after some saving or "ctrl s". If you can, buy it, it is a good inversion.
    • If you have a lot of time as me using sublime text and have it personalized, you will find that the package authors always update their packages, something that is great and I love it, BUT when I receive the update of some packages, I lost some of my configuration in my "Preferences.sublime.settings" and "Default.sublime-keymap files. I recommend you always to have a saved copy of those files, just in case.

    • May 11, 2016
  • User review from

    Enmanuel Durán Salas

    I'm a web developer and I've been using Sublime Text as my main code editor for many years now. It's been one of the best editors I've used so far, in many ways it's a really complete code editor with a lot of good features. The experience when using sublime text is just amazing, the user interface, the UX, the features, the customization, you can't go wrong with it if you are looking for a code editor, I'll recommend to give it a try even if you don't decide to keep it, it will be worth.

    Pros :

    What I like and use Most about Sublime Text:

    • A great community: It has an amazing community and people creating plugins and packages to use constantly.
    • Multi-cursor: You can edit multiple blocks of code at the same time by using the multi-cursor option.
    • Views: You can divide the space you use to code into columns, rows, and grids. You can even Mix the rows with the columns and personalize the way you want to show the code.
    • Packages: There are plenty of packages to use in order to make your code sessions more efficient and nice.
    • Customization: If you get bored of the user interface you can always change the color scheme and the way your sublime text looks, there are a lot of places where you can download color schemes or themes, or even better you can create your own color scheme.
    • Snippets: You can create your own snippets in order to be more eficient so you don't have to repeat big blocks of code over and over.

    There are a lot of great features left, if you want to give it a try you can download it for free through the official page, It will be worth it.

    Cons :

    • Right now Sublime text is an amazing Code editor with a bunch of great features but if you are a JavaScript developer, for example, you don't have a way to debug your code by using sublime text, you'll have to use the developer mode from your browser and do it in the old fashion way (don't get me wrong I enjoy doing it) but there will be some people who don't and will be looking for a debugger. Remember it's not an IDE.
    • If you have a time using it and haven't bought the license it will start popping up the "Please buy a license" alert. I personally think that for all the features you get and the community it's worth buying.

    • May 4, 2016
  • User review from

    Gabriel Freire

    Sublime Text is a widely popular text editor among the programming community as it is extremely flexible, opening most extensions of files and highlighting syntax of a great variety of programming languages and frameworks.

    Personally, I use Sublime Text all the time, and it is often my default text editor in the computers I work with, and so far I haven't been able to find an alternative that does the same with the same computational price. Most of the text editors that offer features similar to Sublime Text are way heavier on the machine and take a lot more space.

    Pros :

    • Sublime Text's user interface is completely customizable, making it adaptable to any user's taste. Its design is minimalistic but efficient, allowing the user to find all the implemented features with ease.
    • Sublime Text does not clutter its interface with menu bars or any other complex elements. It's simply text, as its name refers. Yet, text presented in a beautiful, organised way.
    • Surprisingly enough, in spite of being such a small application, Sublime Text's code auto-complete rivals that of more complex available IDEs. It's one of many reasons why it is possible for a programmer to use Sublime Text or a Sublime Text based IDE/text editor for developing, after installing the necessary plug-ins and packages, of course.
    • Sublime Text also offers the user the possibility to implement and integrate various plug-ins that extend Sublime Text's functionality. For example, there's a Package Manager plug-in for Sublime Text that facilitates the process of finding and installing plug-ins. Or even a git plug-in that gives Sublime version control features.

    Cons :

    • Although I love Sublime Text's minimalistic design, I find that it lacks power when dealing with larger projects that involve more than two or three files. This is why I don't use Sublime Text in larger projects, especially when object oriented languages are involved as they tend to generate a large number of files.

    • April 7, 2016
  • User review from

    Christian Scarlett

    My first impressions of Sublime were not that positive as I’m accustomed to the likes of Vim and other command line text editors. After using it for a short period in the past and still sometimes to this day on occasion – I do think however that it has some value in the right context with some truth to its favourable reputation.

    I changed my mind once I realised that on an OS like Windows a well-equipped editor is still a necessity and that it makes sense it would be a GUI-based one. Not only that but when matched up against other editors it appears to be able to hold its own and maybe more. Providing features that are at times missed out on in other GUI editors.

    Sublime is in my experience (while running on Windows) pretty quick to use, not bloated or sluggish in any way, and extensible to some degree. The settings and customization are all-encompassing, and I can’t think of a feature that was missing I expected to be there. Some obvious but well-done elements are the syntax highlighting, editor theme, interface layout, bindings (stored via file configs), formatting, and a plugins system. Although I did not install any plugins when I used the editor, they did seem very useful and some even essential to use.

    It would be hard to summarise everything I ended up liking about Sublime, so I won’t try to. Any cons I’ll try to keep within the realm of GUI editors and not compare it to any CLI equivalents. First off the base version of the program is free to use but incentivises you to buy a license with annoying reminders. The price of a license for the software is currently $70 – which as great as the editor is for the reasons above and more, I'm not sure I’d be willing to fork out that much for what can be replaced with other also impressive free editors. Ones that stack up well against Sublime even if not overall better.

    The reason I never installed any plugins in Sublime was primarily as I didn't think I’d end up using it continually, but also as the installation process wasn't completely intuitive or clear from the get go. Which is maybe what you’d expect from a GUI editor on a user-friendly OS. Lastly, here I would not recommend using this on a Linux/Unix system unless you really like it and are not willing to part with it. The CLI editors out there are far more customizable and at home on these systems. I can also think of some open-source Linux/Unix-based GUI editors that can work as a replacement if you really need a GUI on these systems (Geany, Gvim, Gedit, etc.).

    To summarise – Sublime Text is great on GUI systems if that’s your usual work environment, elsewhere they're better alternatives to consider.

    Pros :

    • Lightweight and quick (vanilla install).
    • Moderately extendible with diverse selection of plugins.
    • Has all if not most features you'd expect from a GUI text editor, that are customizable throughout.
    • Base version is free; although not without caveats.
    • At home on Windows, Mac, etc. - GUI centric operating systems.

    Cons :

    • License fee seems too high for what it's worth ($70).
    • Plugins aren't easy to install, at least on first glance or for a new, unfamiliar user.
    • Personally would not use on a CLI-centric environment as they're better choices both if a GUI editor is or isn't needed.

    • March 26, 2016
  • User review from

    Jorge Guberte

    Sublime Text is a very useful editor. It's lightweight, simple but powerful, it is extensible and edits virtually all sorts of editable text files. It lets you work on a single file or an entire project; it also supports themes and plugins, providing the user with things ranging from autocomplete plugins to code versioning plugins. The theme ecosystem is rich, and there are many websites and repositories offering themes.

    If you're working on many files at once, you can use the split view and have those files on the same screen at the same time.

    It is not a full IDE, but instead an editor. Although, with the help from plugins, it can easily take the place of a fully-fledged IDE.

    Pros :

    • It is a simple, versatile and efficient editor, with excellent performance. The interface is intuitive and well-built, and the user can find their way around easily, with little to no learning curve. That’s very positive: someone coming from other editors will find themselves at home quickly.
    • When clicking on a file name, Sublime Text shows a preview of that file without opening the file. That feature provides flexibility when the user wants to find a file quickly.
    • The plugin ecosystem offers a wide array of tools. That allows the user to customize Sublime Text by a large granularity.

    Cons :

    • The fact that is not an open source editor puts it in slight disadvantage compared to other editors. It is also not free, but there’s a free version with almost all features enabled; the free version sports a popup that appears from time to time inviting you to buy the full version. That popup can be annoying and at times, it can disrupt your workflow.
    • The plugin installation process can sometimes be complicated. Also, the plugin registry is a sort of a mess and not intuitive at all.

    • March 9, 2016
  • User review from

    Filip Witkowski

    Sublime Text editor is one of the greatest code editors available; it is the best one I’ve been using though my years of front-end web development. It is very light and fast editor, but at the same time powerful and extendable. Sublime text is not IDE (Integrated Development Environment), like Visual Studio or Eclipse; even though it has some of IDE functionality, it cannot be used as one (IDE) to the full extends. If you want to use it as code editor only, it’s great.

    Sublime Text is available for all major platforms: Windows, Max OS X and Linux. You can configure almost every aspect of Sublime Text, from menus to keyboard shortcuts, to themes and code color schemes. The configuration is saved and editable through JSON files. Default preferences are in Preferences -andgt; Setting-default; you can also edit setting by user in Settings-user file.

    You can see your code in different layout configurations: split into columns or rows. Also, you can set full-screen view, to see only code on your screen. There is a lot of plugins (called packages) available. The best way for installing new packages is to use Package control (package) – installation instructions here: https://packagecontrol.io/installation.

    With plugins, you can have code coloring, code auto-completion or even code version indexing, and more. The package I like the most is Emmet. I use it to quick writing straight HTML code; for example, you can write:

    ul>li*4 And click TAB key, and you will get opening and closing "ul" tags with 4 "li" tags inside.

    Pros :

    • Sublime Text is not expensive, and you can even evaluate it (with its full functionality) for free.
    • It is cross platform tool. Sublime Text is very extendable with the use of plugins.

    Cons :

    • New users can have a little hard time learning and installing plugins.
    • It might be hard to know which plugins are good and which not so much.

    • February 7, 2016
  • User review from

    Eric Poulin

    For programmers / web developers, you need this text editor. If you are still using Windows Notebook, you should not consider yourself a professional developer. Stop killing yourself with notepad and upgrade to Sublime Text! With built-in syntax highlighting, UTF-8 (and virtually any other encoding) support built-in, and the ability to handle virtually any size of file, you can go wrong with Sublime Text. It uses a common tab-based interface for multiple files. Set bookmarks and go to anywhere in the file, by number, bookmark, or search criteria. Of course, it has word wrap with a spot at the bottom to quickly toggle the options for search, wrap, and other common settings.

    Pros :

    • Great text syntax highlighting.
    • Powerful search, and also replace with full regular expression capability.
    • The app remembers which files you had open when reopening app and opens them automatically.
    • Thumbnail on the right shows a graphical representation of the whole file and which part is currently in the viewport.
    • The default dark background with light colored text is a really nice change from the default white background and dark text. Ability to integrate with a build system.
    • Ability to record macros for repeatable operations. Plus the fact that this editor is very widely used amongst the developer community makes interchanging project files handy.
    • I also appreciate the scrollbar on the right being more narrow so as to maximize the geography for the actual text instead of a wider scrollbar.

    Cons :

    • Depending on the syntax highlighting, large files may take a long time to open due to the extensive parsing.
    • Search relies somewhat on experience with regular expressions, which are very powerful, but if you don't know how to use them... search (and replace) may not behave like you're expecting.
    • To purchase a license, it's $70, which is really expensive for a text editor... but this is almost not a text editor, it's like a programmers toolkit since we work so much with text files.

    • October 28, 2015
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