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Payment Express is a high growth, innovative global leader in payment technology. Providing PCI DSS compliant payment solutions, we’re certified with all major card schemes.  A global end to end platform for
e-commerce, retail and unattended that facilitates payments seamlessly in real time.

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    Not a good experience at all, unfortunately, and one that's shared with a number of other NZ I have spoken to. The DPS operation is all a bit of a shambles with sales staff that are almost impossible to get a hold of, then if by some miracle you do get an account activated you get the wrong product - a PX Pay account when you clearly asked for a PX Post account, or something equally ridiculous. Most frustratingly of all, the support staff are even harder to get a hold of than the sales staff! You call in, and the technical support line just rings and rings and rings, and then goes to voicemail. They don't even have a call queuing system! Oh and please, whatever you do, DO NOT sign a contract with payment express, more and more gateways don't even do term contracts anymore these days so believe me, you have plenty of other options to source gateway services from and all with a whole lot more freedom. It's basically the rule for every single signup (except the smallest plans) that DPS mandates a 3-year contract, and if you're super busy, you might not have checked out all of the competition to find that what payment express is doing is actually not the norm in the industry.

    The worst thing is trying to get out of one of these contacts... Only possible if you pay out 100% of the total contract value... No understanding, no compassion. It's extortion! Payment Express is, even more, ruthless than Vodafone when it comes to contracts, I kid you not. andnbsp; andnbsp; andnbsp; andnbsp; andnbsp; andnbsp; andnbsp; andnbsp; andnbsp; andnbsp;

    Pros :

    • Payment Express is a kiwi company I think, so at least you're supporting the local economy?

    Cons :

    • Just everything unfortunately. Although they make it so hard to get an account activated that hopefully most people lose patience and go somewhere else before they can be shackled into one of direct payment solutions auto-renewing, neverending contracts.

    • January 13, 2016
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