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Ecwid is a shopping cart that allow you to create store and embed into your website; it doesn't require any software installation and your website design in unaffected. Also, Ecwid gives responsive design so that your store look perfect on all devices.

Ecwid is integrated with a range of CMS product like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, and Wix. At Ecwid, you can choose from more than 30 payment gateways to secure transaction made by users around the world.

Ecwide can be added to any social network including Facebook and Tumblr, with a responsive look. It also includes a range of shipping carriers and tax options for the whole world.

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  • 2500 products
  • Unlimited StorageUnlimited BandwidthNo Transaction Fee
  • Community SupportEmail SupportLive Chat Support
  • 30 Payment OptionsReal Time Shipping RatesFacebook Store AppSocial Commerce SharingDownloadable Goods
  • Coupons, Discounts,Tiered PricingContent Delivery NetworkMulti-Storefront TrackingInventory Controlfor Product OptionsGoogle Shopping Feed



  • 100 products
  • Unlimited StorageUnlimited BandwidthNo Transaction Fee
  • Community SupportEmail Support
  • 30 Payment OptionsReal Time Shipping RatesFacebook Store AppSocial Commerce SharingDownloadable Goods
  • Coupons, Discounts,Tiered PricingContent Delivery NetworkMulti-Storefront Tracking
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Critic Reviews

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  • Ecwid is a reliable and easy-to-use ecommerce platform with its high-value features and usability. It is really worth trying if you are looking for a tool to help you sell several proucts directly on your social platforms.

  • To put it simply, Ecwid is one heck of a nice product. For this review, it integrated seamlessly with my test website and set up was generally pretty easy. I think it fits the bill quite nicely for users who want an easy to use store without having to redo all the work they’ve already done to create their websites. With Ecwid, adding a store is simply easy.

  • All in all, we think Ecwid is a great add-on if you want to get involved with e-commerce on your existing website. The fact that it is quite difficult to get your product pages indexed by search engines is a disadvantage.

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    The cart was great for the ease of use. One of my favorite things was I could take take HTLM of product to use on a blog. Like most companies no support unless you email them. One of the biggest con is that SOE of the site unless you map out every item it is hard for search engines to find your product. If your a small seller whom does blogs and things like this where you wish to place one or two products it is great, SEO was our biggest drawback why we stop using the cart.

    • May 1, 2014
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    After using Ecwid for over 6 months, I can not recommend this product for someone who is serious about eCommerce and has a large product base and potentially will be doing drop shipping or need to ship from different source locations. There are some serious features missing in Ecwid that, had I known they were missing, I would have not chosen their option. What drew me towards their option was what appeared to be ease of use and that I could integrate my shopping cart with my current web design and hosting choices. But, I would again sacrifice that flexibility if I knew that simple import and exporting of products and categories would be so difficult and limited, that I could not do things like alter an invoice after an order is placed (which is a real problem for many people - that is really basic feature in my opinion) and have the option to create multiple shipping sources which is also missing for Ecwid. Also, while their team seems to be good at responding to questions, regarding development of their product, it seems they are stuck and in a holding pattern. Meaning, no new updates have happened as far as I can tell and in the back end of things current customers have been asking and voting on certain feature FOR YEARS that have still NOT been implemented even though the Ecwid team shows the status of the feature as being "In Progress". So, I again wish I could turn back the clock as I am stuck with this shopping cart for the time being unless I go through a whole lot of work to start all over again from scratch. If I were to do it all over again, for my needs, I would choose 3dcart as their system is way more sophisticated and has a lot more capability than Ecwid. Honestly, Ecwid MIGHT be a good option for a small store without a lot of product variations and categories, ships from one location, and will never need to alter an order once it is placed. Hope this helps for anyone out there searching for a shopping cart solution.

    • April 28, 2014
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