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Welcome to a fresh approach to web coding. Bursting with features but without bloat. Built to make your life better. Coda is the editor you've always wanted!

You code the web. We revolutionized that process in Coda, putting everything in one place. An editor. Terminal. CSS. Files. But we knew we could do better. With Coda, we went beyond expectations. With loads of new, much-requested features, a few surprises, and a seriously refreshed UI, this update is, truly, major.

So, you code for the web. And in Coda , we revolutionized that process, and put everything you needed in one place. An editor. Terminal. CSS. File management. SVN. But we knew we could do more.

Now, with Coda, we went beyond expectations. We added tons of highly-requested features, and a few nobody expected, then wrapped it all up in a shiny, groundbreaking UI fit for the future.

We made Coda better at everything. So it can make you better at everything.

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Critic Reviews

  • 74

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  • I find Coda 2 much more of a joy to use than any other web editor now. Its sophistication mixed with simplicity, and its design mixed with complexity appeals to me, as it makes the work I create feel much more like it is, in contrast to lightweight apps and the rest.

  • My initial impression of Diet Coda is that it is the Tweetie 2 of iPad text-editing apps. As many people have proclaimed, Tweetie 2 was not just one of the best Twitter apps for iPhone, it was also one of the best apps for the iPhone, period. Although Diet Coda is still brand-new, it strikes me being a best-in-class code-editing app as well as a great iPad app. To say I’m impressed and pleased with Coda 2 would be an understatement.

  • There's this part of me that wants to use Coda. It's beautiful and feels modern. But, then again, the simple fact is that I'm far more efficient in Sublime Text 2. After years of waiting, I was hoping for more. Bells and whistles are great, but, when you get down to it, there's nothing overly innovative here.

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User Reviews

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    Esteban Ruiz

    Coda is a very powerful text editor, this is because in one part it comes from the creators of Transmit, the best client FTP for MacOs, on the other hand, it has included almost all the functionalities we want in an editor. It includes almost all the basic functions of Transmit. It allows you to import the configuration from itself, and you can make with Coda all the operations that you used to make in Transmit, beside of configure the access by SSH.

    Coda includes a previsualization of the website that we are developing, having the chance os select the navigator we want to use between those installed on our Mac, so you can see how it's going the progress.
    The pages editor is by far the best one I’ve seen so far, way much better in comparison with Dreamweaver. It can be a great tool for those who are submerged in the Web designing world, especially for those who are still learning the business.
    The text editor is just great, it’s very accurate in comparison other options like Textmate or Smultron, although it has a little limited auto-complete tool, which is limited to the programming language we are working with.

    The news for the Mac version are the updates in the CSS editor, which can be integrated with HTML, it has a new editor for MySQL, a better management of text extras with associated code words, smart auto-complete, Git integration and much more. But the most important update it’s the Air Preview, it’s a tool that sends previsualizations of our work to an iPad.

    In a short way, it’s a very great editor with a little high price, and a iOS application that can be very promising and complete complement, it can be very easy for beginners and adaptable for any need, according with the standards you looking for.

    Pros :

    • Features a powerful text editor handles HTML, XHTML , CSS , Javascript , Java , Perl , Python , Ruby and SQL.
    • Terminal has SSH connection .

    Cons :

    • Is not compatible with other operating systems, only Mac
    • Cost of the license.

    • June 29, 2016
  • User review from

    Joe Winfield

    My overall impression of Coda is quite strong. I've been using it since I started college in 2009 as we were introduced to many editors and were told to stick to the one we prefered, mine was Coda. The likes of Sublime Text and Text Wrangler were nice and easy to use, but the features of Coda were what got me. It has everything I need!

    By using Coda, I'm helping businesses get themselves known on the WWW by designing and developing their websites. Using Coda is a huge part of this process along with Fireworks for the actual design process (Me

    Pros :

    • My favorite thing about Coda is being able to edit code easily in a clean/simple editor and having FTP access also.
    • Once connected to the server, have my files ready and my design in mind, I am fully ready to go!
    • I've been tempted by the likes of Sublime Text and other apps which I've tried, but I always come back to Coda as it has everything I need. It may seem basic, simple and sweet but it's perfect.

    Cons :

    • I dislike the preview on Coda (my only dislike).
    • I always need to check my websites on all major browsers for obvious reasons so using the preview is quite pointless for me unless I'm only checking a minor detail but for the overall picture, I don't use Coda's preview feature.andnbsp;

    • May 29, 2016
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