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Best TeamViewer Alternatives

TeamViewer software is a popular software package designed to make it easier for companies and teams of people to work together by offering remote control access of desktops, desktop sharing, web conferences, file transfers, and online meetings. Several different versions of the software are available including a free version that is available for noncommercial users.
They also have three levels of paid software - Business, Premium, and Corporate. Since its inception in 2005, it has grown to become one of the most popular software packages offering these types of features. However, it is certainly not the only software offering these capabilities, and many users are looking for quality TeamViewer alternatives.
This type of software can be used for many different purposes. Naturally, it is popular for IT support in many different types of companies. However, individuals can also use it to make it easier to have access to files while they are away from home or the office. They can even use it to help friends and family members who are having issues with their computer.

1. RealVNC

RealVNC is remote desktop software similar to TeamViewer that allows users to access both desktop and mobile devices. Users are able to remotely access and control the devices no matter where they might be on the globe, and many people have been using this system. It's popular with large businesses, as well as individuals.
They have three different levels of access and features for users. Their free version is a very basic system that does not include any form of encryption. It offers cross platform remote control, multi language support, and VNC authentication. This is a solution that many individuals choose, although they may later decide to upgrade to another version for the added features.
The Personal plan, which can actually be used commercially as well, costs $30 currently. Those who will be using this for commercial purposes should be aware that it is best for smaller scale commercial usage.
This has the same elements as the free plan, along with some additional features. It has 128-bit AES encryption, system authentication, optimized performance, printing, file transfer, chat, and dedicated support. The Enterprise version, which currently costs $44, is for larger commercial usage, as well as for personal use.
This has the features of the Personal version, as well as single sign-on authentication, 256-bit AES encryption, deployment options, and the ability to configure and lock down the system if needed so they cannot be changed by other users. Both of the paid versions offer a free trial so users can get a feel for the system and learn whether it is right for them or not.

2. Radmin

This remote control software is available on Windows and has become one of the go-to options for many IT professionals. It is a fast and safe option for those who need to have remote access of other screens at work, and it can be used for personal use as well. The system has a robust number of features, which help to make it as popular as it is.
They claim they are the fastest remote control software on the market today, and part of this is due to the use of DirectScreenTransfer. This helps to boost the capture rate of the software on all types of connections, even dialups. The system is compatible with Windows 10. It also offers text, chat, and send message options, which can be extremely helpful to get more information by making communication much faster and easier.
Another element that helps to make it a good choice for many is the ease of use. It is simple and intuitive, so most of the users will not have to face a large and frustrating learning curve to get things going. The drag and drop feature makes moving files from one computer to another fast and simple as well. More than one user can connect to the same remote screen.
This means that peers can all be watching the same screen at the same time, no matter where they are. When it comes to training, meetings, and more, this can be quite handy.
They have a free trial available for 30 days. Then, you will need to buy a license to continue using the product. The current price is $49 for a single computer, $1490 for up to 50 computers, and $2490 for up to 100 computers. They have custom prices for those who need to have access to more computers.

3. LogMeIn Pro

Another one of the popular options for those who need to control desktops remotely is LogMeIn. The company offers a number of different products, with LogMeIn Pro being one of the most popular. It provides users with fast and easy remote access to a PC or Mac from a browser, desktop, and mobile devices. It is a nice way to make sure you always have your files with you.
The system offers a number of features in addition to remote control. It has a desktop app, remote print, file transfer, multi-monitor display, file sharing, and HD quality, which is extremely important when trying to view and work on a remote desktop.
This is quite popular with individual users and small teams that need to have access to work computers while they are away from the office. It is easy to access applications, files, and the desktop remotely. Users also have the option of extending remote access to other users.
As with many of these types of software, they have several different payment and feature tiers. Pro for individuals will provide access to up to two computers from the web, desktop, and iOS and Android devices. This costs $99 per year currently. This plan comes with file transfer, remote printing, and a cloud bank so you can easily access files stored in the cloud.
Pro for power users currently costs $249 per year, and offers all of the same features and benefits of the other version. You will have access to up to five computers. Pro for small businesses has the same features, but will allow you to access up to ten computers. This option currently costs $449, per year.

4. TightVNC

One of the big differences with this particular software package is the fact that it is free for personal and commercial usage, and the company even offers the source code. This software has been used for tech support, education, administration, and more.
It will work with Windows and Unix and is compatible with standard VNC software. It's reliable, but you will find that it does not have the same features that are available with paid software options, and many may find it to be more difficult to use as well.
While it is a free option for commercial use, you will have to abide by the GPL, or General Public License, when using it. This has some restrictions that may make it unsuitable for some users. Those who want to have more options can talk to the company about getting a special commercial license.

5. NoMachine

NoMachine is another TeamViewer alternative to consider. The blazingly fast remote desktop software can allow you to connect to any other computer in the world and work on any type of content and application.
It is possible to allow others to join your desktop and to see what you are working on, which can be very helpful for many different companies, as well as individuals who are working on projects with just as small team or group of friends.
Moving files from one machine to another is fast and easy as well. You can print a file on a remote desktop to a local printer, or print a document on your computer to a remote printer. If you have any scanners, or drives installed on the computer you will be controlling remotely, you will be able to able to access them as well.
One of the other nice features of this particular software package is that you can make a video of what you are doing on the other desktop. This allows people to catch glitches and bugs in action, and to make a record of the work process to review later. It is also possible to create presentations of software, demos, and more thanks to the recording feature.
NoMachine is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. There is a free version that individuals and small companies can use. They also have a paid version for enterprises. This version offers unlimited concurrent connections, ten licenses, technical assistance, and automatic updates. It can be a very good option for those who need to collaborate and companies that have mobile workers.

6. GBridge

This is a part of the Google network service, and that means that any users will need to have a Gmail account in order to use the system, but it offers enough benefits that this should not deter people from trying it. Once again, this is a free tool, and it offers a number of fantastic features similar to Teamviewer.
This alternative offers the ability to control a desktop remotely, and to share folders and transfer files. It doesn't require any modifications to your network firewall to use, which is extremely helpful, ensuring that your computers are still safe.
It installs quickly and easily, and as with many of the offerings from Google, you will find that it is easy to use whether the person is on the client or host side of things. You can use the Remote Desktop Connection through Windows to gain access to the other computer, or you can use their VNC client, as you see fit.
This can be a good option thanks to all of the features that the software offers, although some users have found that it is somewhat slower than other options available. Since it is free, and it is reliable, potential users will still likely want to check it out and see whether it will work for their needs or not.

7. Screenleap

The system offers fast and easy sharing of whatever is on the screen. Users are able to view the screen from any device including tablets and smartphones. This can make it easier to collaborate and share information with the rest of the team, and it has a number of the same types of features that you will find with TeamViewer.
This service has four different tiers of service available, each with different benefits. The free option is able to be used for just one to two hours a day, and it has a limit of up to eight viewers. For individuals and very small teams that will not need to access the system often, this may be enough.
However, their other plans offer far more. The Basic Plan, which currently costs $15 per month is available for eight hours a day and can include up to 30 viewers. It also has dedicated servers and audio conferencing available. The Pro version has unlimited sharing time, up to 150 viewers, dedicated servers, audio conferencing, meeting scheduling, and SSL encryption. The cost for this plan is currently $31 per month.
The Company plan is currently between $15 and $39 per user per month and offers all of the features of the other plans, as well as account management, centralized billing, volume discounts, customization, activity reports, and the option to brand the software.

8. Apple Remote Desktop

Used exclusively for Mac computers, this software allows users to manage their computers and to help others who may be having trouble with their machines. It comes with a number of features including Curtain Mode, which can hide your actions for the user on the other side of the screen. Remote Spotlight makes searching fast and easy.
You will also have access to system status indicators, application usage reports, user history reports, and task templates. It is possible to automate actions, transfer files remotely thanks to the simple drag and drop feature, and more. It is also possible to copy and paste between computers.
Users can use the feature to watch a number of other screens at the same time - up to 50 if needed. You can then take full control over any of the individual screens and view it in full desktop mode. Currently, the price of this software, which is available through Apple's app store, is $79.99.

9. Bomgar

Bomgar offers a fast and secure way to connect with other computers and gain remote access. It is also possible to access servers, tablets, and smartphones with the system. The remote support software is just one of the options from the company.
In addition to remote control, the software has an IT service desk, the ability to embed chat, collaboration options, monitoring, and customer support. It is possible to deploy this option on site or through the cloud. It works with Android, iOS, Blackberry, Linux, Apple, and Windows.
While sharing a screen, it allows the users to create annotations on the end user's screen. It is also possible to transfer files, perform online training thanks to the presentation tools, and to reboot the remote computer without worrying about losing your connection.
They have a seven-day free trial for the system, but they do not offer pricing information on their site for the full version. They request that the potential users contact them to learn more about pricing and to find the options that will work best for their particular company.

9. Splashtop

The company offers a number of different similarly based products that can do many of the same things that other systems offer, making this a good option as a Teamviewer alternative. The Splashtop systems are helpful for IT, individuals, and for the classroom, as it can make connecting with others easy.
The Personal option is free for use on a local network, making it possible to access computers in the home from anywhere in the home. You can access and control the screens on other mobile devices, and the app is freely available for most devices. It offers high quality access and the ability to access anything on the computer.
The setup for a Mac or a Windows PC is fast and easy, even for those who know little about computers. It is possible to upgrade this version with the Anywhere Access Pack, which costs $16.99 per year currently. This will give you the ability to access your home computers from anywhere in the world.
The software works for iOS devices, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows Tablet, Windows Phone, Mac, and PC. This version is for noncommercial use only and can access up to five computers.
The Business option has a varying pricing system based on the number of users. As with the Personal version, this offers high quality performance, as well as support across many different types of devices. This offers RMM integration, as well as file transfer between computers and easy grouping to make finding computers faster. It also has high quality security. The remote sessions feature TLS and 256-bit AES encryption.
All of the connections, management activities, and file transfers are logged, so users can refer to them to find out everything that happened with each connection. One of the other benefits of this version is that if offers HIPAA compliance, which is essential for any medical clinics or facilities that need to keep patient information private.

10. AMMYY Adminn

AMMY Adminn is a free remote desktop offering that can work well for businesses and for individuals who need it for personal use. It is a small program, but it still has many of the same features and options you will find with the larger systems. It includes remote desktop availability, live chat - voice and text - so you can communicate with the end user, and file transfers.
It has a secure connection and the software is actually very easy to manage. In addition, the system is fast and easy to set up, it offers the ability to create presentations, and more. This is only for Windows though, so Mac users will need another solution.
The system is free for non-commercial users. However, they have three different levels of paid software as well.
Those who are thinking about working with the system and who will need to buy one of the paid versions should consider using the free version as a trial first to determine whether it is worth their time or not. The Starter version offers unlimited concurrent sessions, no ads (which are present on the free version), technical support, and more.
This version is limited to 15 hours of use a month. It currently costs $33.90. The Premium version which is faster and has no time limits is $66.90 currently. The Corporate option, which is a good choice for businesses that need to have constant access and to have unlimited concurrent sessions, costs $99.90.

11. Chrome Remote Desktop

This Teamviewer alternative does not require the user to install any software, as it is done through the Chrome Remote Desktop. It is a free tool that is an extension for Chrome and can work with any OS that runs it. Users will be able to access any desktop remotely and control the contents through their own browser.
It's a very simply option, and it is easy to set up. The fact that it is free is an added bonus. Of course, it doesn't have as many features as some of the paid programs available, so it might not be the right decision for all users.

Choosing the Right Option

Each of the options explored above has the potential to be a viable Teamviewer alternative, as they include many of the same features. However, when you are choosing your system, it is important to check out each of the systems and the features it offers in comparison with Teamviewer, and other options to ensure it will meet your needs.
The paid programs will often have free trials available, and you should make sure you take advantage of this. Having hands-on time with the system before taking the plunge will ensure you are choosing a software package that is right for your needs.

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