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  • Kayako Supports

    Kayako Use Cases and Deployment ScopeAt StyleEase Software, LLC, we use Kayako as our Support Ticket system. This is mainly used in the support department, but it can also be used for wholesale questions. 

    Pros : It creates an easy interface for answering tickets from a regular computer screen.It allows you to categorize well, so that you can create reports of common problems.You can customize support ticket issues to get more detailed information.

    Cons : Kayako needs to make it easier to use our ticketing system on the go. It is very difficult to use on an iPad or iPhone, for example.They could make the system a little less clunky, and easier to manage from the Admin side.I'd like to feel like the system is more up to date with other software out there.

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    Kayako API and direct database access

    Kayako Use Cases and Deployment ScopeKayako was used at a past organization for support tickets via email.  We restricted use to email in most cases and did not expose the Kayako interface to our customers.  We wanted a simple email address they could send support requests to that would allow us to track and distribute work to employees.  Kayako provided this.  We purchased and hosted Kayako in-house so there were not any 3rd party dependencies.. Kayako has an API that allowed us to build tools to interface and expand Kayako's functionality.  We used the API to build a website that would show how many tickets were in queue and would alert the help desk to new tickets from a large display with an audible noise that had the website up 24x7.  This allowed for us to have very quick response times to new tickets that came in as they had to be acknowledged to make the loud beeping alert stop. Since Kayako runs on an open source database (MySQL) and we had control of the infrastructure that it was hosted on, it allowed us to directly interface the database to further expand functionality.  We built a billing module outside of what Kayako offers for billing that allowed us to pull the specific data we needed to bill our customers.  This gave us the capability to apply different rules to customers and how they were billed based on defined rules we setup.  The custom interface also put data in a format that was easier to work with for our billing department. From a technical standpoint Kayako is versatile, but there are some oddities to the way they track certain things that may require internal business rules.  For instance, they have the time worked and time billed as separate fields on a ticket.  This can be very nice if used correctly, but seemed redundant to employees and sometimes they would not input data correctly.  This was another reason we elected to write our own billing module so that we could have more insight into what data was pulled and highlight areas that may have been worked but not billed so that the differences could be investigated. Kayako stores almost everything in the database.  This is very nice for modifying things and not needing permissions on a bunch of directories for configurations and file uploads.  For our organization (less than 10 users) this worked great and we never had any problems.  I did worry about what response times would be from the database and if it would slow down in the event we were to have a large number of concurrent users.  Every page load had numerous queries to the database.  I would think it could benefit from memcached to assist in scaling to larger environments.   File attachment storage location was a configurable option as to whether they were stored in the database or on the file system, so that gave the option of keeping the database footprint much smaller. Backups of Kayako were very straight forward.  We backed up the directory for the webserver with rsync every hour, and the database was backed up daily with mysqldump and we also stored incremental backups every 15 minutes from MySQL's binary logs. Overall we were happy with how Kayako performed.  It is not the cheapest system we evaluated, but it did work better than many of the open source solutions we evaluated.

    Pros : Kayako handles email integration through pop very wellKayako is very configurableKayako's API was well documented and easy to implement custom scripts against.

    Cons : Kayako has a large number of queries to the database for each page load. This is fine for small installations, but I would think it could become a burden in large instances (this is for self hosted version only)Kayako allows for so much information that it can take awhile to get it configured to just ask for what you need and not overwhelm you with optionsNot necessarily a Kayako issue, but we ran into a problem where a ticket was "stuck in the queue" It turned out that there was an attachment

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    Kayako: Many benefits at a reasonable cost.

    Kayako Use Cases and Deployment ScopeKayako started out being used by our organization as a Help Desk for our IT Department.  We are now also using it as a case management/workflow tool for tasks within departments as well as between departments.  It allows us to track the calculation process for a distribution request and if the calculations are completed within service level standards.

    Pros : It is flexible to allow multiple departments to use Kayako for their own needs such as a Help Desk for our IT department and Workflow/Case Management for our Admin and Calculations Departments. It also allows permissions to be set to allow employees access to only their departments information or it can allow an employee access to multiple departments.Kayako will allow our SQL program access to develop reports that KQL is unable to do.Kayako is cost effective for our needs at this point and ap

    Cons : I have not tried to use the actual Workflow function for awhile so this issue may have been resolved. When we tried to use it, it was cumbersome and did not offer much flexibility as to meeting the needs of different departments.This may no longer be an issue but if someone was knowledgeable about KQL and knew how another department was set up, they could write a report accessing their data even though they do not have permission to view/edit that departments data.Perhaps adding the function of

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  • Best Helpdesk software ever.

    1. Easy to install/maintain 2. Easy to use 3. Customers love it Simply the best Helpdesk Software you can get, I recommend it to all my colleagues who ask me for one.

    Pros : Amazing front end, compatible with any kind of web server, LAMP, WAMP, WIMP, as long as you have PHP and MySQL, you are all set, no need of secondary Java Application Server.

    Cons : None so far.

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    Robust and flexible helpdesk software

    We started using Kayako back when it was still on version 3 ( current version is 4.64 ). At the time we had several issues keeping track of the workload our staff were under, and this resulted in very poor customer service. Kayako helped us to organise our staff, and start putting our resources where they were needed. The SLA management is fantastic and lets you build nested levels of support to ensure we know only meet our SLA´?¢s, but we also ensure that important customers are always dealt with asap.

    Pros : The ticket management, from automated replies, SLA´?¢s, canned responses, follow ups to detailed audit logs. Kayako is a huge product with so many features that it will undoubtedly be able to meet any requirements, even from the largest of companies.

    Cons : There is no real con I can think of, the only issue we had was the time it took us to learn the software, it can do pretty much everything, but it takes time to learn where everything is configured from. ( The admin CP is full of options all over )

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    Fully featured helpdesk and live support system

    We use Kayako mainly for ticket management within our organisation to support internal users, it was very important to use that our helpdesk software was able to link into our Active directory environment so we could link our users to the helpdesk. Kayako was able to do this using the loginshare functionality. Having used it now for over 6 months, we have found the software to be fully features with the ability to configure what should happen in any given circumstance. It has saved us countless support hours by helping us to manage and organise our support staff and internal resources.

    Pros : Very robust ticket management, with automated responses, canned replies, knowledgebase, workflows, SLA management, advanced searching, filters and views, custom fields.

    Cons : It is a little bit fiddly to get setup, as there is a wealth of options within the admin CP and its takes quite a lot of time to figure out where everything is.

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  • What do you like best?

    Kayako was easy to use out of the box. Our Support Staff was able to adapt and use it efficiently right away. Previously, the software we utilized was a very manual process so the automation of Kayako was crucial to the Support team and allowed additional time to resolve issues and focus on our customers.

    What do you dislike?

    I do wish there was more of a way to store customer information. We are using the software much like a CRM but we do not need all of the functionality of a true CRM solution.

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    What do you like best?

    - Very solid out of the box solution with the option to alter the source code to meet your requirements

    What do you dislike?

    - Client interface search module should be designed to parse and distinguish search results between Knowledge Base documents and Client service requests

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    What do you like best?

    - Solid solution out of the box and possibility to alter the source code

    What do you dislike?

    - Multiple e-mails in HTML format are not being parsed correctly by the software

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  • Kayako is a helpful tool for medium to large size businesses. The current membership plans may be a bit difficult to squeeze into a tight small business or start up budget. The application includes many helpful tools that can manage a diverse number of customer relations tasks.

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  • Kayako offers an advanced solution with well-planned features. The software can be adjusted to fit multiple enterprise needs; it is inherently flexible with its features, additions, deployment styles, community base, integrations, and installation service. Kayako provides a quality, comprehensive help desk service.

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  • If you need to upgrade your chat software, Kayako Fusion offers a large list of features and sophisticated tools.

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  • This is a very intuitive, user-friendly program, both from the front and the backend. Customers will find it easy to navigate when submitting help tickets, searching your knowledge base, following along with troubleshooting guidelines and contacting your live help. Your representatives will find that its straightforward interface makes real time visitor monitoring, ticket and email management, knowledgebase creation and administration and news publishing all quick and convenient. They will also find its calendar, contact and task integration sharing indispensable.

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