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  • Great web meeting app!

    When meeting with teams and clients worldwide, I needed a trustworthy and easy way to share my screen instantly. I've used a ton of tools out there and the biggest issue was getting the person(s) to download software in order to see my screen. With Join.me, it has been super easy to set up meetings and share screens with one another.

    Pros : Super easy to use (even for those non-tech-savvy folks!), all tools needed to run web meetings smoothly and super cost-effective. You can even use their free tool.

    Cons : Honestly can't think of any. I could think of many cons with the other web meeting software but this one is doing its job effectively.

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    JoinMe has been great for me and GroSum

    I have been using JoinMe for the the past 8 months, and it has worked fantastically for me and my product @ www.grosum.com. Clean interface, One click access for admin/users and one touch connect for on-line call. JoinMe makes it easy to help set people with different aspects of GroSum like Employee Evaluation form setting and similar critical aspects. Annotations, take control all work well.

    Pros : 1. One click access 2. Easy joining in. 3. Good Value for what you give.

    Cons : 1. Navigation to Audio for the users who join can be improved.

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    One of the Best and Easiest Meeting Tools

    Since I'm involved with a company who sits on top of WebEx, GoTo, join.me, etc., I have been a heavy user of these apps for years. Join.me stands above just about every other competitor in the space. The quality of the experience for the spend is practically unmatched.

    Pros : They have a hip brand, which makes it appealing for clients to join my meetings, even if they have never seen Join.me before. Their app is super lightweight from the presenter's point of view, very nice user UX. And then I am able to setup a vanity product_url, so I can have a personal meeting link. And very important....people don't have to download to be a part of the meeting on join.me. Joining directly from a browser is a key piece of functionality few others in the space have.

    Cons : Join.me is weak on video. They have been around for years, and only just this Summer did they update their platform to support video. Their screensharing fps is also rather middling, which hurts when my main use case is showing multimedia/videos when screensharing.

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  • What do you like best?

    I had technical difficulties with our companies travel agency portal. I called the tech support for that company and they sent me a link for joinme.com. This was my first experience with joinme.com and I will never forget it. The tech support team took over my screen and quickly found and resolved the problem. The screen takeover functionality is something that GoToMeeting doesn't have, huge plus.

    What do you dislike?

    I didn't like that it is limited to member of any given party. GoToMeeting has limits in some circumstance but their limits are much higher which make it easy to present to large boards at a corporate office.

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  • Although there seems to be some room for improvement, Join.Me is a good choice if you’re looking to do screen-sharing from a Windows PC or Mac to iPads, and possibly to other devices. Essentially, the service works well, and it’s very easy to use for presenters and joiners alike. You can’t beat the price of Join.Me Basic. If you want to add more advanced features, such as personalizing the interface or locking out unwanted visitors, you can always invest in Join.Me Pro.

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  • I think this service could be useful for a casual meeting with friends, your mastermind group, or maybe with a client when you want to share the screen or show something you’re working on. I think it would be fine for classes/webinars too, if you don’t mind recording on your own or having someone do it for you.

    Another thing to mention that I feel is important is that join.me isn’t a young startup – it’s actually run by the same people who created the site LogMeIn, which allows you to log-in to remote computers to access files or help with tech issues. This makes me feel like they will be able to efficiently deal with support requests and handle the traffic if the service becomes popular.

    The biggest plus: Join.me is one of, if not the least expensive (free!) option for having a large webinar.

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  • Join.me is a great entry-level online meeting service. It’s easy to use, and cheap. If your meeting needs are simple, and you don’t need the advanced features of a more powerful online meeting service, Join.Me will work well for you.

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  • You’ll need to spend a little time browsing the online FAQs before setting up your first screen-sharing session, but join.me is easy to use. Performance will depend on the speed of your internet connection, of course, but as a simple option for sharing and presenting information to friends or colleagues, join.me is hard to fault – especially if you just use the free version.

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  • Join.me is simple, effective, and it has great performance. If you need an easy solution for screen sharing, conferencing, or providing remote assistance – this is it.

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  • Join.me is an absolute, cast-iron winner. As a staggeringly simple and effective way to work collaboratively, we've seen nothing better than Join.me.

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  • Join.me is a free program in its basic form that might be ideal for small companies with only a few employees. Larger companies usually want a program with more features and the ability to establish a video conference. Without that features, Join.me does not compete well with other programs like GoTomeeting.

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