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About Join.me

Join.me consolidates instant screen sharing and powerful meeting tools in an application that anybody can use to present, demo, train or concept. Join.me is intended to be instinctive and accessible, giving components that you'll utilize each day for everything from appear and advise to formal presentations.

With Join.me stay connected everywhere with for free, the mobile application incorporate audio conferring by phone or internet (VoIP) so you can view and hear anything in real time.

And the excellent screen sharing and mobile whiteboard mean you can zoom in and see the details of every discussion, even on your phones.

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Features & Specifications

Key Features

  • Join conference calls
  • Multiple channel access (VoIP, phone line etc.)
  • Live text chat tool
  • Share screens and screen control
  • Share mouse control
  • Multiple screen sharing
  • Pass presenter role
  • Annotate meetings
  • Record meetings
  • Schedule meetings


Supported languages
Serviceable Area
World Wide
Supported Platforms
  • Web Based
  • Mobile Web
  • Desktop Windows
  • Desktop Mac OSX
  • Desktop Linux
  • Mobile App IOS
  • Mobile App Android
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Ratings Summary

Metric Score Rank
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Domain Authority 75
Alexa Rank 4850
Facebook 100
Twitter 94
Google+ 93
Integration 53
Platforms 100
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Plans & Pricing


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  • Meeting participants: 10
  • Mobile apps: iOS/Android Viewer
  • Screen sharing: screen
  • File transfer
  • Internet calling
  • Share control
  • Support:  email


for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • Meeting participants: 250
  • Mobile apps: + iPad Presenter
  • Screen sharing: screenandwindow
  • File transfer
  • Internet calling
  • Share control
  • Unlimited audio with international conference lines
  • Recording
  • Meeting tools (annotation, presenter swap)
  • Meeting scheduler with Outlook plugin
  • Customization (personal URLandbackground)
  • Meeting lock
  • Reporting
  • Includes stand-alone audio
  • No in-meeting ads for viewers
  • Managed cloud storage: 5GB
  • Support: phone + email


for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • Meeting participants: 250
  • Mobile apps: + iPad Presenter
  • Screen sharing: screenandwindow
  • File transfer
  • Internet calling
  • Share control
  • Unlimited audio with international conference lines
  • Recording
  • Meeting tools (annotation, presenter swap)
  • Meeting scheduler with Outlook plugin
  • Customization (personal URLandbackground)
  • Meeting lock
  • Reporting
  • Includes stand-alone audio
  • No in-meeting ads for viewers
  • User and group management
  • Policy and permission management with AppGuru
  • Enterprise authentication with single sign-on
  • Managed cloud storage: 100GB managed storage
  • Support: phone + email

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Critic Reviews

  • 85

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    Rating based on 72 Critic Reviews

    12 Favorable reviews
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    3 Mixed reviews
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  • When meeting with teams and clients worldwide, I needed a trustworthy and easy way to share my screen instantly. I've used a ton of tools out there and the biggest issue was getting the person(s) to download software in order to see my screen. With Join.me, it has been super easy to set up meetings and share screens with one another.

    Pros : Super easy to use (even for those non-tech-savvy folks!), all tools needed to run web meetings smoothly and super cost-effective. You can even use their free tool.

    Cons : Honestly can't think of any. I could think of many cons with the other web meeting software but this one is doing its job effectively.

  • What do you like best?

    I had technical difficulties with our companies travel agency portal. I called the tech support for that company and they sent me a link for joinme.com. This was my first experience with joinme.com and I will never forget it. The tech support team took over my screen and quickly found and resolved the problem. The screen takeover functionality is something that GoToMeeting doesn't have, huge plus.

    What do you dislike?

    I didn't like that it is limited to member of any given party. GoToMeeting has limits in some circumstance but their limits are much higher which make it easy to present to large boards at a corporate office.

  • Although there seems to be some room for improvement, Join.Me is a good choice if you’re looking to do screen-sharing from a Windows PC or Mac to iPads, and possibly to other devices. Essentially, the service works well, and it’s very easy to use for presenters and joiners alike. You can’t beat the price of Join.Me Basic. If you want to add more advanced features, such as personalizing the interface or locking out unwanted visitors, you can always invest in Join.Me Pro.

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User Reviews

  • 9 In total

  • User review from

    Ryan Killoran

    I am a GoToMeeting member and have been for some time. As such I am pretty stuck on that entire platform from the meeting app, to the webinar app, to the various integration they have with my other systems.

    However, I have had serious issues with the usability of GoToMeeting on the audience member side of things i.e. there have been multiple occurrences of my counterpart being unable to get to our meeting in time due to the necessity to download multiple things using GoToMeeting, and to get through the process of inputting an access code, name, and email address. It happens once a month, and for all those times, there is Join.me - I use it and love it every time.

    Pros :

    • 1. Reliable; I've not seen any downtime using this app. Ever.
    • 2. Good video quality: My attendees have always noted that they can see my screen just fine during our meetings.
    • 3. Quick and easy: The process to open up a meeting requires I type in the URL, and then move on to clicking a few buttons and sending the link over. Signing into the meeting for the attendee is quick and easy too.

    Cons :

    • I would like to see these guys compete harder with GoToMeeting (because competition means a better app for the rest of us). Join.me doesn't have the kind of power and money behind it like GoTo does with Citrix, but it seems to me that I have never seen a join.me advertisement. Once would think they would have caught me at least with retargeting ads at this point.
    • I would like to see Join.me open up a google calendar integration for one click easy meeting creation.
    • I would like to see join.me offer a "record" feature so that I can send a recording of my meeting to the attendee later on after the meeting.andnbsp;

    • November 24, 2016
  • User review from

    Brett Jones

    Join.me is a great tool and does exactly what it aims to do: provide a simple connection for people (individuals or groups) to rendezvous online with the ability to discuss over a bridge line, share-screens amongst each other (back and forth ability to show a day in the life from both sides of the story), recording capability, and much, much more.

    I appreciate the straight-forward approach with Join.me as it doesn't try to be anything fancy.. Just tries to be (and succeeds at being) a global-leader in the realm they're in by keeping a simplistic approach. andnbsp;Ideal for quick and easy audio and video (screen-share) connection, perfect for booking meetings on the fly.

    Pros :

    • Simple and clean interface that allows for an easy-to-use system
    • Easily distribute the screen-sharing URL to allow for quick and easy access into the meeting for anyone invited to join
    • You don't get overwhelmed with all sorts of bells and whistles that aren't necessary for presentations: just the basics
    • Ability to connect via audio, provide screen-share sessions, record meetings, etc. are all essential features for conducting a professional and productive meeting (whether for internal purposes, client calls, and ultimately, everything in between)
    • Quick download when joining a meeting, helping to avoid technical difficulties and delays with respect to getting meetings up and running

    Cons :

    • Video quality is typically hit or miss with Join.me: generally leaning towards the poor side of the equation (as the video quality is highly downgraded during the session and recording).
    • Audio quality can be a bit finicky as well I've found.. Also a bit difficult to manage and control the volumes and audio output making group discussions a bit difficult as people spread across a conference room will likely create some major high and low volume voices.

    • June 2, 2016
  • User review from

    Flavio Soldani

    If you're looking for a good service that will allow you to show others your desktop via the Internet, do not miss Join.me. It is a simple service to use, compatible with Mac OS X and it works without the need to install anything on remote machines, colleagues. The cost? "Zero euro".

    The screen sharing services are useful, allow you to show and share your screen with one or more people via the Internet. We can use a "classical" solution as RealVNC or an online solution like Join.me. Join.me is a new application screen sharing useful for business presentations, or for assistance. We can get help from our friends, colleagues or partners while avoiding, at last, to waste time in the configuration phase. We install the software, we send the custom address to our friends and / or colleagues after which we can start submitting or receiving assistance.

    Pros :

    • The service is free, and the basic version does not require any registration. The user who wants to share the screen to install a software on your PC, but the guest user, what will show "passively" the presentation, has no requirement except the presence of the Flash plugin.
    • Guests who want to see the shared computer must connect to the address supplied by the presenter. The options are not many, but they are effective.

    Cons :

    • The only fault I could find with this program is the slowness in some sessions. I noticed differences from other software, have occurred down in the connections, these disconnections very rarely occur and can also depend on the connection of the two clients.

    • May 30, 2016
  • User review from

    Marc Herschberger

    Join.me is another large competitor that has carved out a relatively good portion of the virtual meeting and screen share market for medium to large-sized businesses. With both a free/limited option and somewhat reasonably priced options for different needs and features, Join.me provides a good range of plans to meet an individual's and organization's needs. With that being said, it is still falling behind some of the latest market trends in virtual meetings and screen sharing (like Uberconference) when it comes to features, software vs. cloud and pricing that make it a less desirable option now compared to a year or two ago.

    Pros :

    • Join.me is easy to implement and use as an application and requires little setup.
    • It's seemingly more secure compared to other competitors when it comes to who can join your meeting and what can be seen when a screen is shared.
    • Recording capabilities mean that you can easily record and store calls within the platform.
    • Works well both on Windows/PC and Apple, even when multiple users on the same call are using both.

    Cons :

    • Call and video quality are not always great depending on all participants' internet connections, and the user interface is not the easiest to use for first time users.
    • If, for some reason, anything happens to the host’s computer during the meeting and the call is dropped, the entire meeting will need to be restarted with a new request and a new access code, which can be time-consuming and frustrating.
    • The default use of the computer microphone vs. phone call (microphone is the only option on free version) makes it annoying when trying to connect with the best call quality, especially when the internet connection for any caller is already poor.
    • It can be hard to figure out how to utilize different tools of the application without first training up on it a bit.

    • December 1, 2015
  • User review from

    Charles Pirollet

    Join me is a great platform for remote assistance or setting up conference calls. This platform has many great features and is very affordable which makes it a good contender for small businesses with basic conferencing needs. It is very easy to download and get started in seconds, it also does not require you to create an account if you just need quick assistance.

    Pros :

    • Join me is multiplatform, it works on both Windows and Macintosh, and it doesn't matter which operating system the other person is using.
    • The system seems to be secure, if the program is not running on your computer then nobody can connect.
    • If the program is running a code is still required to connect and expires after a few minutes. This ensures no unwanted person can connect to your computer.
    • Support of multiple monitors as well as high resolutions.
    • You can also specify if you want to share your entire desktop or just specific windows.
    • There's a free version which you can try for 2 weeks and enjoy all the premium features.
    • This is a good way to get familiar with the product before committing to a paid plan.

    Cons :

    • The connection can be janky if internet on either side is not stable.
    • If the software drops the connection, you will have to reconnect from start.
    • The software does not support Windows' UAC screens for user authentication. Which means only the host can see and acknowledge it, this could be a problem if the host is away.
    • If the host computer needs to be restarted, you must restart the software, issue a new connection code and give it to the other person in order to re-initiate the connection.
    • Teamviewer does this so much better.
    • Requires Adobe Flash player to run, this is a huge let down considering Flash is already deprecated.

    • November 19, 2015
  • anonymous


    Join.me is one of the main tools my company uses for meeting with clients. We are located in the midwest and have clients located all over the country, so sometimes meeting in person is not an option depending on the situation as travel has to be considered. Join.me has made it much easier to connect with clients afar and goes a step above and beyond a traditional phone call/conference call over the phone. Join.me owns the technology needed for optimal web conferencing. It gives screen sharing, can be used with your phone, and even enables the machine to be controlled by other participants. The screen sharing in my opinion is really what sets join.me apart from other conference call tools. It's extremely helpful when going over presentations or showing creative ideas, being able to control the computer and ensure that you're seeing the same thing the client is and only allowing them to see what you want is nice. Join.me also offers a paid version, if you upgrade to the pro version, it allows you to record meetings which are awesome for note taking. While our company hasn't used the paid version yet, it would be extremely beneficial. Some of my only complains would be that the sound and video quality are not the best. To enhance the sound quality, I would recommend running that portion through your phone and just relying on your computer to share screens. The meeting maker process is also not as intuitive as it could be. There were times I found myself rather confused and having to set a meeting start and stop time was a pain as that can sometimes be unpredictable in the marketing field. Meetings often start late and run long. All things considered though join.me is great for the screen sharing aspect of the software.

    Pros :

    • Free.
    • Frensharing for presentations.
    • Location doesn't matter.

    Cons :

    • Poor sound and video quality.
    • Meeting maker can be confusing to set up.

    • November 13, 2015
  • User review from

    Leonardo Andrés David Zerón

    Join.me is a practical and lightweight video conferencing application. Its best feature is that you can create a meeting and then invite anyone by distributing a web link- it isn’t necessary for everyone to actually install the program, they can simply open the link in their web browser. Meetings can be set up really fast and anyone invited can join if they have an Internet connection- mobile devices are supported. You can invite up to 10 people in the free version, 50 in the pro version and up to 250 in the enterprise version. The web interface is very intuitive, allowing participants to take turns as presenter and share their respective screen.

    Pros :

    • The meeting link sharing feature is one of the strongest points of join.me. This reduces the need to install the platform across multiple computers in different locations.
    • Large amounts of participants can join in the pro and enterprise version.
    • The pro version features 5 GB of cloud storage, and the enterprise version features 5 TB- large amounts of data could be stored to use in meetings at any time.
    • The web interface is lightweight- there is no drastic effect on system performance and it can run on lower broadband connections without major issues if the number of participants is low.
    • Paid versions allow recording, which is great if the information discussed in the meeting must then be used for a report. It is also very useful if a transcript or required, or if join.me is used for an interview which will then become an article.

    Cons :

    • The price is somewhat high- $19.99/month for the pro version and $24.99/month on the enterprise version.
    • On some occasions there may be microphone issues: join.me uses the computer’s microphone by default, which may cause it to pick up plenty of environmental noises. Every participant must make sure their headset microphone is selected.
    • All of the higher-end tools are missing in the free version- at least the Pro version is required to make the most out of join.me.

    • October 17, 2015
  • User review from

    Nick Thorsch

    Join.me has been a popular screen sharing and virtual presentation app for many years. It's a trusted name in the marketplace. You simply download their app, launch it, and then you get a launch code to give others the ability to join your meeting. It's really great for on the fly spontaneous meetings. You can share your screen to demonstrate or teach things, show your face on the video, and audio or text chat. You can have up to 10 attendees for free. The paid version starts at just $19.99/m, which is cheaper than alternatives. In the paid version, you can do things like annotations, draw on the screen, record the meeting, customize the look, swap presenters, share just one window, lock the meeting to prevent interruptions, invite up to 50 people with Pro, 250 with Enterprise, schedule meetings and have calendar invites, have a meeting recap, and advanced user permissions.

    Pros :

    • Free version good for up to 10 people.
    • Paid versions are cheaper than competitors.
    • Great abundance of features to meet all the needs I can think of.
    • You can even create a convenient meeting link with your meeting ID in it to simply give out to others.

    Cons :

    None that I can think of! The only reason I don't use this more is because I use Skype, and that has screen-sharing and video conferencing built into it, so it's more convenient for me to use.

    • September 27, 2015
  • User review from

    Chris Lesner

    Does the job well, but you can get all of the same things for free.

    Pros : It does everything you need it to do and it does it well. Good calls, recording, screensharing.

    Cons : You can get it all for free from other services if you are willing to give up the UI.

    • September 2, 2015
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