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Bazaarvoice is a network that connects brands and retailers to the authentic voices of people where they shop. Bazaarvoice helps hundreds of millions of shoppers around the world make more informed and confident purchase decisions by creating a place where they can share their opinions, questions and experiences about the products they buy and the brands they love.

Authentic shopper-generated reviews are the #1 most used and trusted content when consumers decide what to buy. Bazaarvoice is the leading provider of solutions that allow retailers and brands to obtain and use this content in their businesses to increase sales, build customer loyalty and increase profits.

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  • Bazaarvoice Conversations Use Cases and Deployment ScopeBazaarvoice (BV) is being used enterprise wide for Hanesbrands Inc. The product addresses our need to collect reviews, stream and moderate social mentions and syndicate to partner retailers. The departments using BV are Consumer Services, Direct-to-Consumer, Analysts, website developers and Business-to-Business units.

    Pros : Bazaarvoice is the GO TO company for collecting onsite ratings and reviews.Bazaarvoice Curations is new and is making a great impact on conversion! (acquired with Feed Magnet). Having BV handle the moderation based on our business rules allows personnel savings.

    Cons : Bringing Curation into the singular Bazaarvoice dashboard instead of a separate link will be beneficial. Right now there are two separate links. Currently you use two different dashboards to access each feature.I would also like the Training and Issues portal (Spark) to be part of the Bazaarvoice dashboard and not a separate link/email/password.

  • What do you like best?

    Bazaarvoice helps simplify adding product reviews and user generated content to e-commerce sites. They moderate reviews content for us based on general criteria that they developed so it's relatively low touch from that perspective. We do respond to reviews publicly when required. We also have a loop to follow up on moderate ratings/reviews that gives us the opportunity to do our best to exceed expectations and delight the customer.

    What do you dislike?

    Unfortunately, the star ratings don't integrate with Google ads like had originally hoped so we send a portion of our total review requests to another review site. While we have flexibility with product level reviews we've hoped to expand where reviews are displayed at the category level. While BV insists they have tools to support this after multiple in depth discussions we've found that NOT to be the case. Also, some of the SEO features like the cloud "SEO link" tend to be more hype or at least not worth all the sales discussion it receives.

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