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Movavi Video Suite is a comprehensive video making program with everything you need to create your own home movie masterpieces in no time: record and edit video and music, put together video clips and slideshows, record video directly from your computer screen, save online videos, convert video and music to any format you need, and burn discs with video, music, and data.

Split and join video fragments, improve video quality, apply special effects, and much more – making video with Movavi Video Suite is easy, even if you have no experience! Download this exciting new Windows software for creating videos and check it out for yourself!

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Movavi Video Suite Personal

Single payment / 2 user(s)


  • Create professional-looking home movies
  • Record your own video footage and soundtrack
  • Convert multimedia files in seconds
  • Grab Screenshots
  • Burn CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray Discs
  • Capture Video from external Devices

Movavi Video Suite Business

Single payment / 1 user(s)


  • Create professional-looking home movies
  • Record your own video footage and soundtrack
  • Convert multimedia files in seconds
  • Grab Screenshots
  • Burn CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray Discs
  • Capture Video from external Devices
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Critic Reviews

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  • Movavi Video Suite runs on a moderate quantity of CPU and system memory, has a fair response time and works smoothly, without making the operating system hang, crash or pop up error dialogs; we have not encountered any issues throughout our evaluation. Thanks to its intuitive layout yet rich features, Movavi Video Suite should satisfy the entire audience.

  • The interface is straightforward enough for a kid to comprehend with expansive recordings that straightforwardly demonstrate what tasks they perform. All the features are available from the begin screen itself, so you don't need to explore much. The Movavi Video suite is a complete video capturing and editing tool that is unquestionably going to be exceptionally well known because of its key characteristics set and its affordable costs.

  • Movavi VideoSuite reminds us of an early version of Paintshop Pro. OK, it’s aimed at video rather than still photography, but it has the same feel of a tool primarily designed for file conversion with other functions added on to bulk it up. There are plenty of things it can’t do, particularly on the editing front, but at half the price of its main rivals it will be all some home video makers need. And it’ll put those videos on virtually any player you require.

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User Reviews

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    Luca Campanelli

    These days there are a countless amount of software that allow the user to do video editing, from simple and essential as the most professional and technically complicated.
    Movavi deserves to be considered a good video editing software that is positioned in the middle between entry level and intermediate level.

    Pros :

    • The strength of Movavi is definitely its incredible ease of use, at first glance it quickly becomes very user-friendly, the interface is well-designed, simple with little possibility of interaction in terms of layout but is very explanatory and well interpretable and understandable even by a user who has never done video editing.
    • The interface consists mainly of the video preview with its own progress bar and buttons to play or rewind the video, from exploration (where you will see the objects to include in the video, or effects, etc.), and at the bottom of the page there is the multitrack timeline section where you will have the opportunity to use and import multiple video tracks, audio tracks, and each of these can make the classic changes in terms of volume, length of clips, effects, etc. You can also scroll and zoom the timeline, cut and make editing at will.
    • The main buttons are well highlighted, as the import of media files, 3D video, capture by cams, direct recording etc. in the section of the effects you can see a fairly complete list of the most common effects like filters, transformations of various types, effects and color corrections, adjustments, distortions, rotations, crops and much more.
    • You can also include the texts within the video and select and use different types of fades.

    Cons :

    • Every minus point that comes to mind may be related to the fact that it really is not a professional tool, but if you keep in mind that it is a software that is not aimed at experienced users, but users who want to start to approach the world of video editing is well balanced in terms of cost and functionality.
    • Prices are clearly listed on the official website

    • May 13, 2016
  • User review from

    Maryna Bondarenko

    If you have no idea what's the codec and the bitrate, if you don't mind what are the transitions, then Movavi Video Suite can be a good choice as the first video editor. No power, no spectacular effects, but simple launcher and easy to use apps inside. Movavi Video Suite includes several programs for video, photo, and audio editing. Each of them is an independent application, but they are all combined in one shell. When the suite is launched, the user has to choose the task (e.g. convert, edit, split video, capture, create DVD, create a video postcard, etc.). Then the launcher starts the corresponding application. There is separate tool for video capture. It is possible to capture video from the camera or to perform screen capture. After you have got one or more video files, you can perform different actions with them. For example, the video cutting tool can help create one of several small video file or cut out the desired fragment.The video converter is filled with the different profiles. They help quickly convert video to a format suitable for viewing on a portable device or on DVD player. There is also a very interesting program for video postcard creating. It's incredibly simple to work with. The user has to choose the appropriate template (New year, Valentine's day, holidays, etc.), and then to add the text and finally to upload the video. The result is an original congratulation in an unusual "package". Video editing tool is the heart of the suite. It allows to perform automatic correction of brightness, contrast, color saturation and white balance. It is possible to add various video effects such as mosaic, discoloration, noise, invert colors. The resulting video (after applying filters and effects) can be instantly seen in the preview window.

    Pros :

    • With it, you need just one application for managing all multimedia files.
    • The converter supports many files types.

    Cons :

    • Few customization possibilities, suitable only for beginners.

    • December 21, 2015
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