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  • Lovely Charts is perfect for businesses and professionals who want to create professional looking charts and diagrams without the high cost. The application is designed very well and works very quickly. This makes it very easy to easily create all kinds of diagrams. It’s even possible to create network and hierarchy diagrams. It’s a great tool for all small businesses.

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  • This is a very nice attempt for a first run iPad app. Lovely Charts provides a pleasant and natural way to quickly create simple and attractive charts and diagrams. I like the way you use gestures and simple touch and tap routines to create shapes, connect them, and move them around with guide lines appearing for help with alignment. That is an essential feature for a charting app. It allows you to work in a very free and unconstrained way, and aids creativity.

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  • It is beautifully designed, works well, but most importantly it makes it very easy to create and share all kinds of diagrams and charts. Even if you’re design illiterate, you can produce decent results in minutes with Lovely Charts. And as it is hosted on the Internet, it’s great for companies with employees who are in remote areas. Setup is free and there’s no commitment, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

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  • Overall, the desktop version of Lovely Charts simply needs more work before it can create adequate flowcharts. Perhaps after a few more version revisions it will be up to par with its peers

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