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  • Great for Prototyping Application, Too Slow for Business Use

    I started using Zoho as a quick way to prototype an application. It took a few weeks to build an application that would have taken months in .Net and SQL. My customer loved the application and wanted to use the prototype right off the bat. The service generally runs fast, however in the afternoons here in the US, the service can grind to a halt. Form loading goes from seconds to minutes. These are serious problems that made me wish I had stuck to using Zoho strictly as a prototype.

    Pros : Great interface, email and text integration.

    Cons : 1) Speed is too slow for "real" business use. 2) On premise application is forever stuck in Beta, there is no choice but to use Zoho's slow servers. 3) product_url and mobile app customization is not possible.

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    Zoho Creator is as complicated as it is useful

    If you're looking for a tool that will help you create an MVP with absolutely no technical background, then Zoho Creator is for you. It feels like the people at Zoho threw all their products into the blender and Zoho Creator came out. It can be truly valuable for testing a market and gathering information as well as defining processes but odds are you will fell frustrated at first with the steep learning curve, then again when you can't find the exact data types and fields you need.

    Pros : Absolutely no technical background required. You can build an "app" in a few seconds. You can define a process and trust Zoho Creator will be very consistent in keeping the order.

    Cons : No CSS or JavaScript editing. No easy way to inject and/or extract information to use in third party software. Creating functions and Zoho Code can seem very daunting for a non programmer audience.

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    Be careful before choosing.

    Building an application takes a tremendous amount of time to perfect and grow. Starting on the right application that will allow long-term development is critical. For a DIY database, Zoho Creator has features that I could not find with another option. Their customer service though, will have you asking for MUCH more. Several times I dealt with significant problems that left our organization crippled and got ZERO response or consideration from customer service. Every time the problem was with their servers or software. I could go WEEKS struggling with an issue and get no help from customer service. When your organization's core application is down, you do not want to be with Zoho Creator. After struggling with issues and no help from Zoho, I realized that my growing company had to leave Zoho Creator. I found an open-source CRM called Zurmo. You NEED to check Zurmo as an option. Being open source, you can install it, modify the source code and it's free! They also have a paid version where they provide support and premium options. We have spent the last couple months building our new application in Zurmo and we love it. Overall, it's taking much less time than starting in Zoho Creator. Best of all, we aren't at someone else's mercy if the application has an issue. We can fix everything we want and host our own database. Although it takes a little more know-how to start on Zurmo, it was probably just as easy as Zoho, because accomplishing some things in Zoho was overcomplicated.

    Pros : - Easy to use - Cost effective - Dynamic customization

    Cons : - Customer services sucks - Might cripple your company operations with no solution - You will eventually need to leave Zoho if your company continues to grow - Can't use Javascript or customize themes (use Zurmo instead)

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