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  • Quick and easy...

    I'm not a web developer, but I do work with customers to work out what sort of stuff they want on a page of a web application. Using Balsamiq enabled me to make sure I was capturing the data items they wanted in a logical order, and (after checking with the customer) I had a clear outline to pass it to the web development team for implementation and usability suggestions. Didn't use customer service but there isn't a "not applicable" option.

    Pros : Widgets for most things - drop-down lists, calendars, radio buttons and so on. Easy drag-and-drop into place.

    Cons : Nothing springs to mind...

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    Brilliant tool for sketching prototypes. Especially like the look and feel (or lack of it) - the seppstefano guy seems to think this is a drawback rather than a deliberate decision by the tool maker. Who buys a tool without even researching what it does? Anyway. We DID research it, and it's been brilliant.

    Pros : It's very quick; the output is impressive to nontechnical users; it doesn't focus the conversation on the look and feel when we're still in the "what should be on the screen" phase; it's very well supported and nice and easy to extend.

    Cons : It's slightly fiddly sometimes, until you get into it. Only real gripe for me is I can't set a wireframe as a background to another one, to show what a popup would look like. Have to copy the whole thing into a new diagram. Not a deal breaker at all.

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    Not a help, at all.

    Sadly me and my team had been using this tool for a couple of months. We had to use it to mimic a rather complex website, with lot of drag and drop and animations. At least for such an application, this tool was a harm more than a help. We had to spend a lot of time, patience and effort. We got way graphically better results by adopting standard animations/transitions with slides. And with a small fraction of the time needed to work with balsamiq.

    Pros : None, sadly.

    Cons : Counter-intuitive. Hard to understand, learn and work with. A nightmare for efficiency. Low efficacy due to poor, really poor graphics.

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  • What do you like best?

    When designers need to create wireframes, Balsamiq is one of the top tools they turn to. I've used this tool to mockup webpage designs, and other in my organization use it to for mobile app mockups for clients. Great tool that provides everything you need in a user-friendly interface.

    What do you dislike?

    Slight learning curve if you've never used it, but not too bad. Have heard from others that Mybalsamiq.com is unstable, but I've never experienced any issues.

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    What do you like best?

    I really like how fast the software is. I've only used the desktop version, and it's very quick. I also really like the library of objects. They sketch version of the objects look really nice, and are clear enough for customers to 'get' without explanation. I also love the 1 time price. It allows me to access my docs whenever I want, unlike cloud versions where I'm stuck paying monthly for my mockups to stay alive.

    What do you dislike?

    Because it was the desktop version I was using, the biggest thing I disliked was the inability to share with customers online and no collaboration with peers.

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    What do you like best?

    It has all of the objects needed for software mockups pre-built. It's all drag and drop with enough options to be flexible but not too many that it's overbearing. Almost zero learning curve, anybody can jump on it and produce decent mockups.

    What do you dislike?

    Mostly geared toward mobile

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