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Postbox is an email application made for Mac and Windows desktops. The Inbox is where all the action happens; where you communicate, keep track of things to do, store files and information, and everything in-between.

Postbox was designed to make you better at what you do, by offering customizable and efficient workspaces, tools to get more work done quicker and with less effort, views that support your immediate work needs, and also powerful search tool that lets you find what you need.

All of Postbox's features work together to support all your work needs.

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Canada,  United States
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  • Web Based
  • Desktop Windows
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Domain Authority 55
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  • Unified Folders and Account Groups
  • Focus Pane
  • Automagic Tagging
  • Summarized Replies
  • Awesome Features for Gmail
  • Document and Image Views
  • Quick Move
  • Quick Reply
  • To-Do Tagging
  • Socially Connected
  • Canned Responses
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Critic Reviews

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  • If you miss using a desktop email client, Postbox offers slick convenience that rivals that of Gmail's Web-based interface.


    - Works well with Gmail.
    - Interface is modular and collapsible.
    - Supports threaded conversations.


    - Doesn't support right-to-left languages.
    - The unread email marker is small and inconspicuous.

  • Postbox is my new email app of choice – and I highly recommend you head over to the company’s website to grab yourself a copy today. Your inbox will thank you.

  • The Postbox team has done a fabulous job and I could just go on and on. They have polished the app to perfection and have added a whole lot more productive features. I found it surprising that features like canned responses and date detection were introduced only in this release. But after going through the laundry list of new and improved features in 3.0, I guess it’s all in there!

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