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  • Terrible User Interface

    I initially really liked phone.com for it's flexibility in creating phone tree queues and custom messages. However, their customer "dashboard" is terrible. When I log in (after getting an error message every time) I finally get to the main website sales page - uh, why doesn't it direct me to my dashboard if I'm already a customer? To send a fax or do anything with the system is NOT clear in the least. The first options displayed should be big buttons to 1.Check messages 2.Send a Fax. But instead the big buttons are to view your bill or make a payment. It's not clear where to go to send a fax which the other main reason I got this account. I am a webdesigner and understand User Interface Design. The system sends an email to tell you if and when the fax goes through which is nice. If it fails for some reason you click the button to resend the fax in the email, however, again, another error message about a redirect loop. And after chatting with customer support they said if the resend button doesn't work I have to start over again from scratch. There is no way to log into the account and see the saved fax and resend it. Strange, especially when the email says it will save the fax for 7 days. So I'm not happy at all with the user interface. Too bad because these issues are so unbelievably simple to fix. Oh well, I'll find something better.

    Pros : Good custom message creation and phone queue.

    Cons : Terrible user interface No way to resend a fax through the dashboard Lots of error messages when user their preferred browser (Chrome) 50/50 failure rate on faxes so most have to be sent at least a second time.

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    Very Happy Customer

    I've been a VoIP customer for the last 10 years and can't image using anything else. I've used 8x8 and Ooma in the past, but 8x8 is expensive and Ooma isn't really business VoiP. Phone.com was the best choice for my lastest company. They have great prices, excellent support and all the features that I need for my business.

    Pros : Price, Support, Features, No Extra Charges for Toll-Free, Unlimited Extensions.

    Cons : Signup was a bit confusing

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  • Phone.com is a good business VoIP service with simple but feature-rich plans. While it charges extra for reporting and for the softphone, it does provide some nice options for international calling, a fully redundant network and good customer service.

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  • Phone.com has simplified their pricing and plans considerably. This now allows any professional or business to customize a plan to meet their specific needs, without it costing them the bank to do so. You will get great cutting edge features, unlimited extensions, unlimited minutes, and the potential for multiple phone lines per plan. Create a plan that suites your business rather than fitting your business into a plan!

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  • Phone.com provides both residential and business-based VoIP phone service. With award-winning VoIP technology and 24/7 customer support, Phone.com is a strong competitor in the VoIP industry.

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